Strattera Capsule 60 Mg

Strattera Capsule 60 Mg serves as a pivotal medication in the treatment landscape of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This article elucidates its therapeutic applications, optimal dosage regimens, potential adverse reactions, and indispensable precautions.

Dosage form

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60 Mg



Generic Name (Ingredient)

Each Capsule Contains Atomoxetine Hydrochloride Equivalent To 60 Mg Of Atomoxetine.

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Understanding Strattera Capsule 60 Mg

1. What is Strattera?

  • Generic Name: Atomoxetine
  • Drug Class: Adrenergic uptake inhibitors for ADHD
  • Mechanism of Action: Modulates brain and nerve chemicals for ADHD symptom management.

2. Uses and Indications

  • Primary Use: Management of ADHD symptoms
  • Additional Uses: May be prescribed for unlisted conditions.

3. Warnings and Precautions

  • Contraindications: Avoid Strattera in narrow-angle glaucoma, adrenal gland tumor, heart disease, or severe hypertension cases.
  • MAO Inhibitors: Abstain from Strattera if recent MAO inhibitor usage within 14 days.
  • Psychosis Risk: Potential for new or exacerbated psychosis, particularly in predisposed individuals.
  • Cardiovascular Risks: Linked to stroke, heart attack, and sudden death in certain populations.
  • Suicidal Thoughts: Monitor for suicidal ideation, especially in young patients initiating treatment.

4. Dosage Guidelines

  • Initial Dose: Commence with 60 mg once daily, ideally in the morning, with or without food.
  • Individualized Approach: Consider split dosing for enhanced tolerability.

5. Side Effects

  • Common: Nausea, dry mouth, insomnia, decreased appetite.
  • Serious: Chest pain, shortness of breath, fainting, severe allergic reactions.

6. Interactions

  • Avoid concurrent use with MAO inhibitors.
  • Notify healthcare provider of all medications.

7. Frequently Asked Questions

  • Pregnancy Safety: Uncertain; consult healthcare provider if pregnant.
  • Breastfeeding Considerations: Discuss with healthcare provider before breastfeeding.

It is imperative to consult healthcare providers before initiating or modifying medication regimens. The variability of Strattera’s effects necessitates individualized care and vigilant monitoring.

Please note that this article offers general information and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Always defer to healthcare providers for personalized guidance.

Alternatives to Strattera for ADHD Treatment

When considering alternatives to Strattera Capsule 60 Mg for ADHD management, several medications warrant exploration:

  1. Adderall (Amphetamine / Dextroamphetamine)
    • Class: CNS stimulant
    • Primary Use: ADHD symptom mitigation.
    • Rating: Positive user feedback¹.
  2. Vyvanse (Lisdexamfetamine)
    • Class: CNS stimulant
    • Primary Use: ADHD symptom alleviation.
    • Rating: Positive user feedback¹.
  3. Qelbree (Viloxazine Hydrochloride)
    • Class: Non-stimulant
    • Primary Use: ADHD treatment in pediatric patients.
    • Interaction Warning: Avoid concomitant use with MAO inhibitors³.
  4. Guanfacine (Intuniv)
    • Class: Alpha-2 adrenergic agonist
    • Primary Use: Mono- or adjunctive therapy for ADHD.
    • Rating: Positive user feedback⁴.

Individual responses vary; consult healthcare providers for tailored recommendations and monitoring.

Can I take Strattera and Vyvanse together?

Combining Strattera (atomoxetine) and Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine) mandates caution due to potential interactions:

  • Risk: Increased risk of irregular heart rhythms.
  • Vulnerable Groups: Those with cardiac conditions or conduction abnormalities.
  • Symptoms: Dizziness, fainting, palpitations warrant immediate attention¹.

Exercise prudence, adhere to medical guidance, and prioritize safety.

Duration of ADHD Medication Efficacy

Timeframes for ADHD medication efficacy hinge on drug type:

  1. Stimulants: Onset within 30 minutes to 2 hours, duration of 3 to 6 hours.
  2. Non-Stimulants: Full effect may require 3 to 4 weeks, duration up to 24 hours¹².

Individualization and medical oversight are paramount for treatment optimization.

Consult healthcare providers for personalized recommendations and vigilance.


In the realm of ADHD management, Strattera Capsule 60 Mg stands as a pivotal therapeutic option, offering relief from the burdensome symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. With its unique mechanism of action and individualized dosing regimens, Strattera exemplifies a cornerstone in the multifaceted approach to ADHD treatment.

 Key Information about Strattera Capsule 60 Mg

Attribute Details
Generic Name Atomoxetine
Drug Class Adrenergic uptake inhibitors for ADHD
Mechanism of Action Modulates brain and nerve chemicals for ADHD symptom management


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