How to Get Rid of Eczema Naturally

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Those suffering from eczema know it can be just as hard on your confidence as it is on your skin. And how hard it can be to find a good fast-acting eczema treatment. Luckily though, there are numerous different ways to put those eczema hardships behind you. Better still, so many of the best eczema treatments are simple home remedies.

Home remedies

Ultimately a vast, a vast majority of people will be able to eliminate their eczema symptoms using just straightforward home remedies. Prescription medications are available but, in my opinion, considering the effectiveness of at-home options, prescription drugs should more or less be treated as a last resort.

How to Get Rid of Eczema Naturally
How to get rid of Eczema naturally

Finally, before we jump into the treatments, let’s review some basic facts about eczema:

  • It’s a recurring skin disorder that causes dry, itchy, scaly skin that is easily irritated and can become inflamed.
  • Eczema can appear anywhere on your body, but is most common in areas like your neck, hands, elbows, arms, etc.
  • The dryness is a result of your skin’s inability to retain water/moisture.
  • Common eczema triggers:
    • Cold, dry, and windy weather are all major aggravators
    • Harsh soaps with chemicals and/or fragrances
    • Incorrect washing, rough towel drying, and not using enough moisturizer.

Now it’s time to let the healing begin – by the end of this article you’ll know exactly how to get rid of eczema.

Tip #1: Master the Bath & Moisturizer Combo

  • Often times our first instinct when treating dry, chapped skin is to use water. But not all water treatments are the same when it comes to eczema. So here’s the correct way to use water, and a couple things to avoid.
  • Bathing once a day in lukewarm water, for approximately 5-15 minutes, with only all-natural moisturizing soaps.
    • Do NOT take hot baths! They over dry your skin and can actually make matters worse.
  • Apply moisturizer within 2-3 minutes, while your skin is still damp, immediately after your shower or bath. Your skin will absorb moisture more readily right after washing. As well as applying your moisturiser, why not add a few oils into your routine too! If you are not someone who has time for a 12 step routine, doing the basics is what you should stick to. But just because moisturising is a simple step, doesn’t mean that you can’t mix it up a little. Maybe, adding a few drops of tea tree oil into your moisturiser could be a good move to make, especially as this is such a versatile product. If you are someone who doesn’t have products like these in your home, it is never too late. Maybe it would be worth looking into something like Tea tree by Rouh Essentials to help start the process of managing your eczema effectively.
How to Get Rid of Eczema Naturally
How to get rid of Eczema naturally

Tip #2: Get Products & Moisturizers that Treat without Causing Irritating

  • All-natural soaps and hair products. Ideally ones with moisturizer, and those specifically made for dry, sensitive skin. Speaking of natural products, it is said that cannabidiol seems to help improve your skin. For anyone who deals with acne or eczema, this may be something worth trying. You never know, you might finally find a solution.
  • Vitamin E oil
    • A great source of natural hydration for your skin. Plus it also has antioxidants that help heal and saturate the skin. It can provide powerful relief by rubbing a small amount into your dry skin multiple times a day, or as needed.
  • Petroleum jelly
    • This is an extremely effective moisturizer, and it’s an ideal option for kids and those with very sensitive skin. With no fragrance and no chemical additives, it’s a great choice as an after-bath moisturizer.
  • Vitamin B12
    • Effective and available as both a skin cream and an oral supplement
    • B12 works differently than typical moisturizers. It helps by oxygenating the skin while also repairing your skin tissue from the inside out. B12 also triggers the regeneration and growth of new, healthy skin cells.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)
    • Surprisingly, apple cider vinegar has been found to have numerous benefits for eczema and overall skin health. As you’d expect, it can be applied directly to your skin. But to most people’s surprise it also works very well when you drink it – count me as surprised.
    • The acids in apple cider vinegar (specifically lactic, acetic and malic acid) have excellent anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal abilities. They fight skin irritation and infection, plus reduce inflammation, which relieves the itching and dryness as well.
    • ACV has beta-carotene in it, which is a fantastic antioxidant that promotes the rejuvenation and growth of healthy skin tissue.
    • ACV also helps by balancing the pH levels in your skin.
    • Combining
    • Best ways to use apple cider vinegar to get rid of eczema:
      • Add about 1-2 tablespoons of ACV to eight ounces of water or juice. Drink it 3 or more times a day. (For a better taste, a little honey or maple syrup can be added to the mixture)
      • Add about 2 cups of ACV to your lukewarm bath water. This is a good option for more widespread eczema. Unlike regular baths, you can soak for 30+ minutes in this vinegar mixture without over drying your skin. (FYI: white vinegar also works with this method)
      • Dilute ACV in water at about a 40/60 ratio; 40% ACV, 60% water. Then you can use a cotton ball or sanitary wash cloth to apply the mixture directly to your eczema affected areas. Don’t be surprised if you feel a slight stinging sensation when first trying this method. The stinging as well as the eczema rash should disappear after a few days.
    • CBD oil cream
      • CBD oil creams contain cannabinoids, vitamins, and minerals that will provide your skin with the best nutrients possible. These nutrients can help to provide relief from pain, treat skin conditions, and improve your general skin health. It is important to note that CBD oil creams are non-psychoactive. Visit canna cbd if you would like to have a look at some of their range of CBD oil creams and balms.As you can see, the items you need to fight off your next eczema flare up are likely sitting in a cupboard at your house. What isn’t immediately available at home can be found at any grocery store for just a few bucks. By using the techniques above you should start seeing great results almost immediately. To ensure the best results possible, remember that everyone has different sensitivities, so be aware of what irritates your skin most; tight clothing, synthetic materials, fragrances, weather, and even your diet can cause your eczema to flare up. Being conscious of your eczema triggers is half the battle. Caring for your skin regularly and avoiding your irritants really is the winning combo, that’s all it takes to get rid of eczema symptoms for good.

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