Tenoviral Film Tablet

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Tenoviral Film Tablet is a pharmaceutical formulation containing tenofovir disoproxil, a prodrug of tenofovir. Classified under the category of nucleotide analogue reverse transcriptase inhibitors (nRTIs), this medication is developed and marketed by Gilead Sciences under the brand name Viread. Its primary therapeutic applications encompass the management of HIV-1 infection and chronic hepatitis B.

Dosage form

Pack size


245 Mg



Generic Name (Ingredient)

Each Film Contains Ten Mg Of Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate, Equivalent To 245 Mg Tenofovir Disoproxil.

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How does Tenoviral Film Tablet work?

Tenofovir disoproxil exerts its therapeutic effects by inhibiting the enzymes crucial for viral replication in both HIV-1 and hepatitis B infections. Through the blockade of reverse transcriptase, it impedes the elongation of viral DNA chains, thereby leading to a reduction in viral load.


Treatment of HIV-1 Infection

Tenoviral Film Tablet is typically prescribed in combination with other antiretroviral agents for the management of HIV-1 infection. It is indicated for use in adults and pediatric patients aged 2 years and older.

Management of Chronic Hepatitis B

In the context of chronic hepatitis B, Tenoviral Film Tablet serves as a vital therapeutic option. It is suitable for adults and pediatric patients aged 12 years and older, particularly those exhibiting compensated liver disease and evidence of immune-active disease.

Dosage and Administration

The recommended dosage of Tenoviral Film Tablet varies depending on the specific condition being treated. However, it is essential to note that safety and effectiveness in pediatric patients younger than 2 years of age have not been firmly established. Therefore, cautious consideration is warranted in this patient population.

Interaction with Other Medications

Tenoviral Film Tablet has the potential to interact with various other medications. Hence, it is imperative for healthcare professionals to provide personalized guidance and recommendations to mitigate any potential drug interactions.

Safety and Precautions

Pediatric Use

While the safety of Tenoviral Film Tablet has been demonstrated in pediatric patients aged 2 years and older, further investigations are required to ascertain its efficacy in younger children.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Given the critical importance of maternal and fetal health, it is advisable to consult a healthcare provider before initiating Tenoviral therapy during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

Adverse Effects

Common side effects associated with Tenoviral Film Tablet encompass gastrointestinal disturbances, fatigue, and headache.

Mechanism of Action

Inhibition of Reverse Transcriptase

Tenofovir disoproxil exerts its pharmacological effects by blocking reverse transcriptase, an enzyme crucial for viral production in HIV-infected individuals.

Viral DNA Chain Elongation

By inhibiting viral DNA chain elongation, the active form of tenofovir contributes to the suppression of viral replication, thereby mitigating disease progression.

Storage and Trade Name

Proper Storage Conditions

Tenoviral Film Tablet should be stored in accordance with the instructions provided in the packaging.

Brand Name

Tenoviral Film Tablet is the registered trade name for this pharmaceutical formulation.


In conclusion, Tenoviral Film Tablet represents a cornerstone in the therapeutic armamentarium for the management of both HIV-1 infection and chronic hepatitis B. Adhering to the recommendations of healthcare providers is paramount to ensuring the safe and effective use of this medication. Should any concerns arise regarding its administration or potential adverse effects, patients are encouraged to seek guidance from their healthcare professionals promptly.

Summary of Tenoviral Film Tablet

Attribute Description
Composition Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate
Drug Class Nucleotide analogue reverse transcriptase inhibitor
Indications HIV-1 infection, Chronic hepatitis B
Manufacturer Gilead Sciences
Trade Name Viread
Primary Uses Management of HIV-1 infection and Chronic hepatitis B
Dosage Variable, depending on specific condition
Pediatric Safety Established in patients aged 2 years and older
Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Consult healthcare provider
Common Side Effects Gastrointestinal disturbances, fatigue, headache
Mechanism of Action Inhibition of reverse transcriptase, viral DNA chain elongation
Storage Instructions Follow packaging instructions

This comprehensive guide aims to provide a detailed understanding of Tenoviral Film Tablet, enabling informed decision-making regarding its therapeutic use.

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