WikiKenko does not sell any medicine, drug, or supplements. However, we offer services to assist you in selecting the appropriate medication. Our website provides information on over 26,000 drugs and enables you to compare the costs of prescription drugs with those of generic alternatives. This feature allows you to explore less costly options that are comparable to expensive brand name prescriptions.

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Who Can Use WikiKenko?​

If you are seeking the latest and most reliable information about drugs and supplements, WikiKenko is here to provide you with high-quality resources.

  • Pharmacists, doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals use WikiKenko to stay current on drug information and ensure safe medication prescribing practices.
  • Patients and their caregivers can access information about their medications on our website.
  • Individuals can obtain information on drugs they are contemplating using from our website.


Wikikenko’s mission is to present reliable, understandable, high-quality, and relevant health and wellness information in both English and Japanese (coming soon) languages. Anytime, anywhere, on both mobile and computer devices.



A database where all people find their answers for health ambiguities and well-being throughout their lifetime. We strive to be trusted by our users, our valued partners in our communities, and the creators of positive change.



In pursuing Wikikenko’s vision, the actions of leadership, and other staff are guided by the following values:

Respect | Compassion | Innovation | Stewardship | Efficiency | Diversity

WikiKenko Story

WikiKenko.com is an online health encyclopedia that was founded in 2015 by a team of medical professionals and technology experts. The company’s mission was to provide accurate, reliable health information to people around the world. In its early days, WikiKenko.com focused on building a library of pharmaceutical products reviewed by experienced medical professionals covering a wide range of products, from oncology medicine, nutrition, Therapeutic drugs, and more. They ensured that all content was evidence-based and up-to-date with the latest research.

Once the database was complete, the company turned its attention to making it more user-friendly. In 2019, WikiKenko.com began developing an expert search function that would allow users to filter pharmaceutical products based on different metrics. For example, users could filter products by origin, dosage form, pack size, and manufacturer. The development of this function was a complex process that involved working closely with experts in the field of pharmacology. The team at WikiKenko.com wanted to ensure that the Expert Search function was comprehensive, easy to use, and provided users with the information they needed to make informed decisions about their health.


Expert Search

After months of development and testing, the expert search function was finally launched. It was an instant success, with users praising its ease of use and the wealth of information it provided. Today, the expert search function remains one of the most popular features on WikiKenko.com, helping people around the world find the pharmaceutical products they need to stay healthy.

By 2022, WikiKenko.com had become one of the popular health websites around the world, with thousands of visitors each month. The company’s success was due to its commitment to providing accurate, reliable information that helped people make informed decisions about their health.

Today, WikiKenko.com continues to grow and evolve, expanding its content and services to meet the changing needs of its users. The company remains committed to its core values of accuracy, reliability, and innovation, and continues to be one of the most trusted sources of health information on the internet.


Your Personal Pharmacist

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of Wikikenko.com is its team of pharmaceutical professionals. These experts are available around the clock to answer any questions that users may have about their health. Whether it’s a question about a specific drug or a more general inquiry about a particular illness, the team at Wikikenko.com is ready and able to provide accurate and reliable information in a timely manner.

It is important to note that the Medical Guidance Center on Wikikenko is intended for informational and educational purposes only. The information provided in this feature should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. Patients should always consult with a licensed healthcare provider before making any decisions about their health.

While the content on Wikikenko is well-researched and based on the latest scientific evidence, it cannot replace the guidance of a qualified physician who can provide a personalized assessment and diagnosis. Therefore, users should always seek the advice and care of a medical professional regarding any medical condition or concerns they may have.