WikiKenko does not sell any medicine, drug, or supplements. However, we do provide services to help you decide which medicine to use. This site provides information on more than 26,000 types of drugs that can compare the price range of prescription drugs with the price range of generic drugs. Thus, it can be used with expensive brand name prescriptions and similar generics available at much lower prices.

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Who can use WikiKenko?

Wikikenko is available to those who are looking for the latest and high-quality information about drugs & supplements.

  • Medical professionals, such as pharmacists, doctors, and nurses, use Wikikenko to keep up-to-date on drugs and help them safely prescribe medicines.
  • Patients and their caregivers may check for information about their medications.
  • The general people may find information about the drug they are considering using.


Wikikenko’s mission is to present reliable, understandable, high-quality, and relevant health and wellness information in both English and Japanese languages. Anytime, anywhere, on both mobile and computer devices.


A database where all people find their answers for health ambiguities and well-being throughout their lifetime. We strive to be trusted by our users, our valued partners in our communities, and the creators of positive change.


In pursuing Wikikenko’s vision, the actions of leadership, and other staff are guided by the following values:

Respect | Compassion | Innovation | Stewardship | Efficiency | Diversity


Archive Mistake

Team WikiKenko tries all its efforts to make correct and up-to-date information, but for many reasons such as Human reliability, there are some errors in our database.

Report any defects to our team. Obviously, your knowledge will guide us to provide a better Wiki.