How to Get Rid of Back Pain

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Get Rid of Back Pain

How to Get Rid of Back Pain

For us humans, living life practically comes with the guarantee of back pain. If you’re one of the lucky ones, back pain isn’t much more than a rarity or minor nuisance.

For others, it can be a consistent burden, which is why it comes as no surprise to find that some people may opt to use alternative products like high potency CBD cream, to help relieve the pains. Some people might even have experienced back pain through no fault of their own.

When that happens, the next step would be to get yourself a lawyer from a Personal Injury Law Firm, there are loads that you could pick from. However, getting compensation for your back pain won’t make it go away. No matter where you fall on that spectrum, back pain, in general, is extraordinarily common.

A Common reason people visit the doctor

Numerous studies say that back pain is the second most common reason people visit the doctor, only trailing behind upper-respiratory issues (e.g., common cold, the flu, etc.). With that level of regularity, we should really equip ourselves with the best defenses available – so I’ve created a diverse list of remedies, with that goal in mind.

There’s no one correct answer for how to get rid of back pain. Similarly, not everyone has the same approach to health care. In hopes of satisfying these discrepancies I’ve broken up the list into three categories:

  1. Quick Fixes
  2. Long Term Solutions
  3. Natural & Alternative Remedies

Time to get down to business…

How To Get Rid of Back Pain: Quick Fixes

Here’s a list of the quickest and easiest ways to get some relief when your back starts flaring up.

PostureTake a 5-Minute WalkIce & Heat
Epsom Salt in a Hot BathOver-the-Counter Pain Relief (NSAIDs)
Back Pain Quick Fixes


By adjusting yourself to proper posture, you’ll immediately begin relieving muscular imbalances that cause pain and stiffness.

Sit upright, stop slouching, and don’t allow your shoulders to roll forward.

Sit as you would in a moment of pride: hold your chin up high, and in a relaxed fashion, bring your shoulders back so they’re in line with your chest. With your shoulders back it will look, and feel like you’re puffing out your chest… which means you’re doing it right.

 Get Rid of Back Pain
Get Rid of Back Pain – Posture

You could even take a look at using someone like CK Physiotherapy to help you improve your posture.

Take a 5-Minute Walk

First of all, a person’s walking posture is often much better than their posture while sitting. Therefore, walking naturally aligns your spine while simultaneously engaging the muscles used to stabilize and maintain proper posture.

Walking also activates circulation, which is crucial to muscle and soft tissue health. It warms up your muscles, feeds them important nutrients, and flushes out toxins.

Even at a relaxed pace, walking is a form of stretching that helps improve flexibility.

Walking’s combination of benefits will produce healthier, more flexible muscles in and around your back – ultimately reducing your risk of future back issues.

Ice & Heat

This is perfect for the sufferer with episodes of back pain that come and go. But remember, the icing should be limited to 24 hours from the first sign of pain.

The moment your back begins to feel sore, it’s time to bust out an ice pack. Ice helps reduce swelling in the problematic area.

Get Rid of Back Pain
Get Rid of Back Pain – Ice & Heat

Limiting the swelling it will immediately reduce pain and shorten the time your body needs to heal.

Always use ice in approximately 20-minute intervals. Leaving it on too long can actually extend your healing time.

After the first 24 hours, a heating pad or hot compress is ideal for alleviating pain, increasing your muscles’ range of motion, and improving circulation to the area, which promotes healing.

Epsom Salt in a Hot Bath

Epsom salt is a combination of Magnesium and sulfate.

Without going down a scientific rabbit hole, Magnesium helps reduce inflammation, improve the efficiency of muscle and nerve function, as well as promote strong circulation and healthier arteries.

Magnesium even produces serotonin, which relaxes you, reduces stress, combats adrenal fatigue, and can give you more energy and stamina.

Plus, sulfate is great at removing toxins from your body and aiding the absorption of nutrients.

Best of all…magnesium and sulfate are easily absorbed through the skin! This makes a hot Epsom salt bath a fantastic way to get rid of back pain.

Over-the-Counter Pain Relief (NSAIDs)

Finally, there are always NSAIDs like aspirin and ibuprofen.

Aspirin and ibuprofen can provide pain relief and (in larger doses) some minor anti-inflammatory effects. They’re also great because they are not steroids, which means they’re not addictive, unlike so many other painkillers.

Some people will use a stronger drug that has various benefits including, lower blood pressure, stress, and so forth, I bought these kratom capsules which seem to be highly reviewed online.

How To Get Rid of Back Pain: Long Term Solutions

Over time, these simple lifestyle changes can reap serious benefits in the fight against back pain.

Become a Swimmer or CyclerCalcium + Vitamins D & KVitamin D
Vitamin KExercise!
Back Pain Long-Term Solutions

Become a Swimmer or Cycler

Swimming is the ideal form of exercise for those with recurring back pain. The buoyancy of the water does wonders for your spine, joints, and muscles. It eases the constant compression your spine experiences while sitting or standing.

Cycling, like swimming, is great for strengthening your core. By strengthening core muscles throughout your abs, back, and hips, you are improving the main muscles in charge of supporting your spine.

Calcium + Vitamins D & K

As we know, calcium is the foundation of bone health and strength. But what lots of people don’t realize is that calcium by itself is only part of the equation.

Vitamin D and vitamin K are both crucial to maximizing the bone-building benefits of calcium. They allow your body to properly absorb and store calcium in bones.

Vitamin D

The main conduit for calcium absorption. Without vitamin D the body will not efficiently absorb calcium, which triggers your body to pull calcium from its stockpile in the skeleton. Ultimately this weakens bones and hinders your ability to form new, strong bones.

Vitamin K

This works with calcium in a different but also crucial way. It takes calcium and actually integrates it into the bone. Plus, it also acts as a gatekeeper by preventing calcium from being deposited into your blood vessels. Without vitamin K the calcium in blood vessels can calcify, hampering blood flow, and resulting in a greater chance for heart attacks.

Get Rid of Back Pain
Get Rid of Back Pain – Vitamin K

So now we know that a combination of calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin K will help optimize the health of your bones (and arteries).

The best dietary sources of Vitamin D and vitamin K? Leafy greens. (Kale, broccoli, chard, etc.)


This is one of medicine’s counterintuitive facts. Your bones take a pounding during most forms of exercise. However, unlike most things (e.g., wood) that are put through repeated stress, compression, and torque – bones actually become stronger because of it. And since your back is integral in essentially all forms of exercise, one of the first payoffs you’ll feel is a stronger back with less pain.

If you can muster the willpower to exercise regularly, then that stress on your bones and body may leave you sore in the short term, but it will do wonders for the prevention of future back pain.

Get Rid of Back Pain
Get Rid of Back Pain – Exercise!

How To Get Rid of Back Pain: Natural & Alternative Remedies

Treating back pain, in the natural way.

Ginger RootCapsaicin Cream/Patches
Valerian RootYoga
Back Pain Natural & Alternative Remedies

Ginger Root

Ginger may be a new wave in pain relief for the United States, but it’s been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine for its natural pain-killing effects. Plus it’s been shown to be very effective against pain in both muscles and joints, which is ideal for combating back pain.

Ginger functions similarly to NSAIDs. However, ginger has another trick that aspirin and ibuprofen don’t. It has antioxidants that work on your joints by reducing the acidity and inflammation that builds up when your joints are sore.

Get Rid of Back Pain
Get Rid of Back Pain – Ginger Root

Ginger tea is the perfect way to enjoy this herbal remedy. You can also grate up the ginger, wrap it in cheesecloth (or something similar) and apply it as a compress directly on your sore back.

Valerian Root

This is another great herb for pain relief, and once again, all you need is a cup of valerian tea to start soothing away that soreness.

It works by regulating your nervous system, specifically by controlling the pain sensitivity of nerves. It’s been in use for centuries around the world. It’s even earned the nickname, “nature’s tranquilizer”.

Get Rid of Back Pain
Get Rid of Back Pain – Valerian Root

Capsaicin Cream / Patches

Capsaicin is an active chemical in chile peppers. It’s another fantastic way to get some natural pain relief. In layman’s terms, it works by reducing your body’s number of pain messengers (as well as their effectiveness). Although it does take a couple of days for this effect to fully kick in.

But once capsaicin’s effects kick in, the pain and soreness in your back will remain diminished for 3 to 5 weeks while your nerves/pain messengers try to get back to their regular levels.

Capsaicin cream and capsaicin patches can be found at many natural food stores, natural medicine stores, and even many big-name pharmacies.


Finally, there’s yoga. In general, people either absolutely love yoga or don’t know anything about it. I’m not here to convert anyone to yoga-ism so I’ll make this brief.

It’s a great alternative form of exercise and/or stretching. As we’ve learned, all exercise strengthens your muscles and your bones, and yoga is no different.

In addition to becoming stronger, yoga is a smart strategy for alleviating both short-term back pain as well as lowering your chances for future back issues. For long-term back health, yoga preaches and teaches the importance of how to be more conscious, aware, and in control of how we move our bodies. Less damaging movements mean less pain and injury down the line.

Get Rid of Back Pain
Get Rid of Back Pain – Yoga


Now you’re armed with more back pain defenses than you’ll hopefully ever need. From quick fixes to long-term solutions, take the time to test out the different options, and before you know it you’ll find the combination of treatments that work best for you. Then you’ll finally know for sure – THAT is how to get rid of back pain.

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