Nibulen Tirnak Cilasi Seti

Nibulen Tırnak Cilası Seti is a specialized medication tailored to combat the stubborn and often unsightly nail fungus. This comprehensive guide unveils the effectiveness and nuances of this treatment.

Dosage form

Pack size


80 Mg/G 3G



Generic Name (Ingredient)

Ciclopirox 80 Mg

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Nibulen Tırnak Cilası Seti is not your typical nail care product. It’s a meticulous kit designed to address the intricate issue of nail fungus. This set comprises essential components to facilitate a structured healing process:

1. Nail Polish Solution

At the core of this kit lies a 3-gram nail polish solution. This potent formula contains a key ingredient, ciclopirox, which plays a pivotal role in combating nail fungus.

2. Alcohol Wipes

With 30 alcohol wipes included, Nibulen Tırnak Cilası Seti ensures that the application process is hygienic and free from contamination.

3. Nail Files

Fourteen nail files are provided to aid in the careful and precise management of the affected nails.

4. Reminder Labels

These labels serve as helpful reminders to ensure consistent and timely application.

5. Patient Instruction Manual

A patient instruction manual is also included, guiding users through the treatment process for optimal results.

How to Use Nibulen Tırnak Cilası Seti

The application of Nibulen Tırnak Cilası Seti is straightforward but requires diligence. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Frequency: Apply the solution once or twice a week to the affected nails. Continue this regimen until the nail undergoes complete renewal, and the affected areas have fully healed.
  2. Consistency: It’s essential to maintain uninterrupted treatment to achieve the desired outcome.

The Healing Journey

The effectiveness of Nibulen Tırnak Cilası Seti is closely linked to the natural growth rate of the nail. Fingernails typically take about 8-10 months to renew, while toenails can undergo a more extended healing process of up to 18 months. By consistently and patiently using Nibulen Tırnak Cilası Seti, you can protect the healthy part of the nail while systematically cutting away and discarding the diseased nail tips. This process ultimately leads to the complete healing of the nail.

The Unique Advantage

Nail fungus often accompanies conditions such as athlete’s foot (tinea pedis). The challenge in treating nail fungus lies in the fact that nails lack blood vessels, making it difficult for oral medications to reach the infection site.

Topical creams and ointments face similar limitations due to the hard nail tissue. Nibulen Tırnak Cilası Seti, however, offers a unique advantage. When applied, it forms an occlusive coating on the nail as the carrier solution evaporates. This coating enhances the diffusion and effectiveness of the medication, making it an effective choice for treating nail fungus.

Side Effects

Nibulen Tırnak Cilası Seti boasts an excellent safety record, with minimal reported side effects. However, it’s crucial to be aware of potential reactions. Some individuals may experience allergic contact dermatitis near the nail. If any side effects occur, consulting a healthcare professional is advisable.


Nibulen Tırnak Cilası Seti is not suitable for individuals allergic to any of its ingredients, including ciclopirox. It’s also contraindicated for children, pregnant, or breastfeeding women. For those seeking alternatives, several treatments are available, including oral antifungal drugs, medicated nail polish, medicated nail cream, and, in some cases, surgery.


In conclusion, Nibulen Tırnak Cilası Seti is a valuable tool in the battle against nail fungus. Its comprehensive kit, combined with the efficacy of ciclopirox, offers a structured and effective approach to nail fungus treatment. For those on the journey to healthier nails, Nibulen Tırnak Cilası Seti is a reliable companion


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