Colpotrophine %1 Vaginal Cream

In the realm of women’s healthcare, Colpotrophine %1 Vaginal Cream emerges as a vital tool in addressing the discomfort of vaginal atrophy. This comprehensive guide navigates the nuances of this medication, delving into its composition, applications, potential side effects, contraindications, and proper usage.

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%1 30G



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In Each 30G Tube; 0.300 G Of Promestriene (Inn) Is Found As Active Ingredient.

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Colpotrophine %1 Vaginal Cream serves as a beacon of relief for women grappling with vaginal atrophy. At its core lies the active ingredient Promestriene, a synthetic estrogen renowned for its therapeutic prowess.


Promestriene, the driving force behind Colpotrophine, is a synthetic estrogen harnessed in a 1% cream formulation to combat vaginal atrophy. While it bears the moniker estradiol 3-propyl 17β-methyl diether, its distinguishing feature lies in its minimal systemic absorption, resulting in a negligible systemic estrogenic effect.

Applications of Colpotrophine

Colpotrophine is a versatile treatment option, finding utility in addressing a spectrum of issues, including:

1. Vaginal Atrophy

The primary purpose of Colpotrophine is the alleviation of vaginal atrophy, a condition marked by vaginal dryness and discomfort often accompanying menopause.

2. Vulvar Discomfort

It extends its efficacy to combat vulvar itching and dryness, offering much-needed relief.

3. Vulvar Kraurosis

For those dealing with vulvar kraurosis, Colpotrophine emerges as a valuable ally, addressing the associated discomfort.

4. Postpartum Vaginal Healing

Colpotrophine may also play a role in expediting vaginal healing following childbirth.

Global Availability

Colpotrophine isn’t confined to one corner of the globe; it extends its reach across several countries, including Argentina, China, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Latvia, Lebanon, Mexico, Monaco, Peru, Portugal, and Turkey.

Side Effects

While Colpotrophine serves as a beacon of relief, it’s crucial to be aware of potential side effects, albeit rare. These may encompass:

1. Breast Symptoms

In some instances, users may experience breast pain or notice breast enlargement.

2. Genital Symptoms

Occasionally, itching of the vagina or genitals may occur, warranting vigilance.

3. General Symptoms

Headache, nausea, and stinging or redness of the genital area are potential side effects. A thick white vaginal discharge, often odorless or with a mild odor, may also manifest.

Contraindications to Consider

Before embarking on Colpotrophine therapy, it’s prudent to understand potential contraindications:

1. Thromboembolic Diseases

Individuals with a history of thromboembolic diseases should exercise caution.

2. Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding

Undiagnosed abnormal vaginal bleeding necessitates evaluation before Colpotrophine usage.

3. Estrogen-Dependent Tumors

Patients with estrogen-dependent tumors should avoid Colpotrophine.

Usage Guidelines

To harness the full potential of Colpotrophine, adherence to proper usage guidelines is paramount:

1. Follow Instructions

Patient directions accompany most vaginal estrogen products. Adhering to these guidelines ensures safe and effective usage.

2. Hand Hygiene

Before and after applying Colpotrophine, thorough hand washing is essential to maintain hygiene.

3. Eye Avoidance

Vigilance is required to prevent contact with the eyes. In case of accidental eye contact, immediate, gentle rinsing with tap water is advised.

4. Precise Dosage

Colpotrophine should be used strictly as directed, with no deviation from the prescribed dosage.

5. Patience

The full therapeutic effect of estrogens may take up to 4 months to manifest. Consultation with a healthcare provider may lead to dosage adjustments during the initial phases and at intervals thereafter.


In the realm of women’s health, Colpotrophine %1 Vaginal Cream shines as a valuable resource. While its potential benefits are substantial, users must approach it with a keen awareness of potential side effects and contraindications. Prudent usage, adherence to guidelines, and healthcare provider consultation ensure not only the effectiveness of Colpotrophine but also the safety and well-being of those it aims to assist.


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