Virenal Gel Capsule

Virenal Gel Capsule stands as a pharmaceutical marvel, incorporating a synergistic blend of active components within its gelatinous confines. In this comprehensive guide, we unravel the intricacies of this medicinal product, providing insight into its composition, usage, active ingredients, and precautions.

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Generic Name (Ingredient)

Each Capsule Pinen (Alpha + Beta) 31 Mg Kamfen 15 Mg Sineol 3 Mg Fenkon 4 Mg Borneol 10 Mg Anetol 4 Mg

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Virenal Gel Capsule Composition

Delving into the heart of Virenal Gel Capsule, one discovers a meticulous fusion of therapeutic agents that work in tandem to achieve its intended effects. Each capsule embodies the following constituents:

Active Ingredient Quantity Characteristics
Pinen (Alpha + Beta) 31 mg Bicyclic monoterpenoid with a pine-like scent
Kamfen (Camphor) 15 mg Waxy, flammable compound with a cooling sensation
Sineol (Eucalyptol) 3 mg Natural organic compound with aromatic properties
Fenkon (Fenchone) 4 mg Monoterpene ketone used in flavorings and perfumes
Borneol 10 mg Bicyclic organic compound with a camphor-like odor
Anetol (Anethole) 4 mg Aromatic compound with a sweet, aromatic taste

Pinen (Alpha + Beta): 31 mg

Pinen, existing in two isomeric forms, alpha-pinene and beta-pinene, is a bicyclic monoterpenoid. These isomers, known for their robust pine-like aroma, find applications in the realm of medicine, cleaning products, and perfumery.

Kamfen (Camphor): 15 mg

Camphor, a waxy and flammable compound, boasts versatility in its utility, from ointments to insect repellents. Its distinct odor and the ability to induce a cooling sensation upon skin contact underscore its significance.

Sineol (Eucalyptol): 3 mg

Eucalyptol, or cineole, a naturally occurring organic compound, finds its niche in both medicine and perfumery. Abundantly present in eucalyptus oil, bay leaves, and various aromatic plant foliage, it contributes to the unique aromatic profile of Virenal Gel Capsule.

Fenkon (Fenchone): 4 mg

Fenchone, classified as a monoterpene and a ketone, adds its aromatic essence to the capsule’s bouquet. Its presence enhances the overall flavor and fragrance profile of the product.

Borneol: 10 mg

Borneol, an organic bicyclic compound and a terpene derivative, finds its roots in traditional Chinese medicine. Its camphor-like fragrance imparts a distinctive character to Virenal Gel Capsule.

Anetol (Anethole): 4 mg

Anethole, an aromatic compound commonly sourced from anise and fennel plants, lends its sweet and aromatic taste to the capsule, enriching the sensory experience.

Usage and Dosage

Virenal Gel Capsule, a therapeutic marvel, is designed for adult consumption. Unless otherwise advised by a healthcare practitioner, it is recommended to ingest the capsule thrice daily, prior to meals, and accompanied by an ample quantity of water. Notably, the capsules should not be chewed to preserve their efficacy.


In alignment with prudent medical practice, exercising caution and adhering to precautions is paramount when considering the use of Virenal Gel Capsule. As with any medication, it is imperative to seek the guidance of a healthcare professional. Strict adherence to the recommended dosage is crucial. In the event of experiencing adverse effects, immediate consultation with a physician is advised.

In Closing

Virenal Gel Capsule emerges as a promising amalgamation of active ingredients, offering a potential avenue for therapeutic intervention. However, it is imperative to acknowledge that further research may be warranted to unlock the full spectrum of its benefits and potential side effects. Prior to embarking on any new medication journey, it is prudent to engage in a dialogue with a healthcare professional. This ensures that a tailored and informed approach is adopted, prioritizing your well-being and health.

Disclaimer: This article serves as an informative resource and should not be construed as medical advice. For personalized guidance and the latest information, consult with a qualified healthcare provider


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