Velorin Od Agizda Dagilan Tablet 15 Mg

In the realm of mental health, Velorin OD emerges as a reliable ally, belonging to the esteemed group of antidepressants. This article aims to provide you with an in-depth understanding, its uses, ingredients, precautions, side effects, recommended dosage, and its expected timeline of effectiveness.

Dosage form

Pack size


15 Mg



Generic Name (Ingredient)

Mirtazapine 15.00 Mg.

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Velorin OD, a round tablet, graces the world of pharmaceuticals as a beacon of hope for those grappling with major depressive disorder, characterized by severe mental depression. This tablet, in its white or near-white hue, bears the code number (MI) on one side, signifying its unique identity.

Usage Guidelines

Before embarking on your journey with Velorin OD, it is imperative to acquaint yourself with the instructions for use. These instructions harbor vital information crucial to your well-being. Keep them close for future reference. Remember, this medication is tailored to your specific needs and should not be shared with others. Whenever you visit your healthcare provider or hospital, disclose your use. The golden rule here is to adhere meticulously to the provided instructions. Neither exceed nor fall short of the recommended dosage.


The cornerstone of Velorin OD is the active ingredient, Mirtazapine, with each tablet containing 15 mg of this potent substance. Accompanying it are several inactive ingredients that contribute to the tablet’s overall composition. These include Mannitol, Aspartame, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Carbonate, Hydroxypropyl Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Crospovidone, Colloidal Anhydrous Silica, L-Methionine, and Orange Flavor.


Velorin OD is a potent ally against major depressive disorder, but certain precautions should be adhered to:

  • Hypersensitivity Warning: If you exhibit hypersensitivity to Mirtazapine or any of Velorin OD’s ingredients, immediate consultation with your healthcare provider is imperative.
  • Beware of MAOIs: Do not use Velorin OD if you are currently using or have recently used monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) within the last two weeks. MAOIs are also employed in the treatment of depression.
  • Special Consideration for the Youth: If you are under 24 years of age, exercise caution when using Velorin OD. Antidepressants can elevate the risk of suicidal thoughts or behaviors in individuals within this age group, especially during the initial phases of treatment, dosage adjustments, or discontinuation. Caregivers and family members should vigilantly monitor for unexpected behavioral changes, such as restlessness, excessive agitation, or suicidal thoughts.


Unfortunately, my sources do not specify the storage conditions for Velorin OD. It is advisable to consult your healthcare provider or refer to the product’s packaging for precise storage instructions.

Side Effects

Velorin OD, like any medication, can induce side effects in some individuals. These commonly reported side effects encompass:

  • Increased appetite
  • Weight gain
  • Edema
  • Drowsiness or sedation
  • Dizziness
  • Headache

It’s essential to recognize that these side effects may impact your cognitive abilities. Caution is advised while engaging in activities such as driving or tasks that require alertness. Moreover, the consumption of alcohol while taking Velorin OD is discouraged, as it may exacerbate drowsiness and dizziness.

Dosage Guidance

For adults, the recommended starting dose of Velorin OD is 15 mg daily. Depending on your clinical response, your healthcare provider may gradually adjust the dosage, with intervals of at least 1-2 weeks between changes. The usual effective dose ranges from 15-45 mg daily, administered as a single dose, preferably at bedtime, or divided into two doses. It’s crucial to note that it’s safety and efficacy in children have not been established. Therefore, always consult your healthcare provider to determine the appropriate dosage tailored to your specific needs.

When Will Velorin OD Work?

According to my sources, Velorin OD, powered by Mirtazapine, may begin exhibiting symptom improvement within a week. However, the full spectrum of its benefits typically unfolds between 4 and 6 weeks of consistent use. It’s crucial to remember that individual responses may vary, making consultation with your healthcare provider vital for crafting your personalized treatment plan.


In general, it is advisable to abstain from alcohol consumption while using antidepressants like Velorin OD, with Mirtazapine as the active ingredient. The interplay between alcohol and it can magnify your symptoms and pose potential dangers. Alcohol may counteract the antidepressant’s efficacy, making symptom management more challenging. Additionally, the combination of alcohol and it can impair judgment, coordination, motor skills, and reaction time more profoundly than alcohol alone. Some combinations may induce drowsiness, compromising your ability to perform tasks that demand focus and attention.

Always seek guidance from your healthcare provider before considering alcohol consumption while using Velorin OD. Their expertise will provide you with valuable insights and strategies to navigate any potential interactions.

In Conclusion

In the tapestry of mental health, Velorin OD, with Mirtazapine at its core, shines as a beacon of hope for those battling major depressive disorder. Its journey towards relief is guided by strict adherence to usage instructions, vigilant monitoring of potential side effects, and the collaborative efforts of healthcare providers and patients. As you embark on your path to emotional well-being with it, remember that safety and efficacy are paramount. With the guidance of your healthcare provider, the promise of relief is well within reach


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