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Explore the realm of joint care innovation with Syaloset Plus, a groundbreaking medical device boasting remarkable viscoelastic attributes. Formulated with precision, this sterile solution encapsulates the prowess of highly purified Hyaluronic Acid sodium salt, obtained through meticulous bacterial fermentation. In this comprehensive narrative, we unravel the essence of Syaloset Plus, deciphering its composition, applications, precautions,…

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At the core of Syaloset Plus resides its distinct composition, meticulously designed to offer unparalleled efficacy. This medical device features a viscoelastic solution comprising 4 ml of a sterile, pyrogenic, and isotonic formulation. The key ingredient is the highly purified Hyaluronic Acid sodium salt, extracted through meticulous bacterial fermentation from a fraction characterized by its high molecular weight (> 2000 kDa).

The synergy of these elements establishes it as a remarkable substitute for synovial fluid, presenting a beacon of hope for patients grappling with degenerative or mechanical arthropathy.

Syaloset Plus: A Glimpse into its Essence

Dive into the world of Syaloset Plus, where innovative science converges with therapeutic prowess. This sterile, apyrogenic, and viscoelastic solution emerges as a resolute response to the challenges posed by traumatic and degenerative joint ailments. The Hyaluronic Acid present within the solution assumes a pivotal role in preserving joint health. It is not uncommon for the quality of Hyaluronic Acid to dwindle in the face of joint trauma and degeneration, leading to a decline in synovial fluid viscosity.

This, in turn, impairs joint function and bestows the individual with distressing symptoms. The intra-articular administration of Hyaluronic Acid through Syaloset Plus addresses this concern, reinstating the viscoelastic characteristics of synovial fluid. The outcome is twofold – relief from pain and an enhancement in joint mobility.


Syaloset Plus orchestrates a seamless user experience through its pre-filled syringe packaging. However, it’s crucial to highlight that the administration of this medical marvel must be conducted exclusively by skilled medical professionals. Before introducing it, any existing joint effusion should be aspirated, ensuring the ideal environment for its efficacy. An essential aspect to note is that it follows a ONE-SHOT therapy approach.

While the initial application forms the cornerstone, the subsequent treatment plans are subject to medical advice. The healthcare provider, attuned to the patient’s unique needs, will tailor the treatment regimen for sustained benefits.


When it comes to Syaloset Plus, a mindful approach to safety reigns supreme. The product must be shielded from freezing temperatures to maintain its integrity. While preclinical studies on laboratory animals have yielded promising results regarding reproductive and developmental toxicity, the product’s use on pregnant women remains untested.

Each Syaloset Plus unit is designated for single use, and after its purpose is fulfilled, its disposal must adhere to prevailing regulations. A critical facet pertains to safeguarding Syaloset Plus from the grasp of children, ensuring their well-being remains paramount.


The crux of Syaloset Plus’s efficacy hinges on its proper storage. To safeguard its potency, the product must be kept away from freezing temperatures. However, beyond the technicalities, a crucial reminder surfaces – consulting with a healthcare professional is a prudent step before integrating any medication or medical device into your healthcare routine. This approach ensures a seamless and secure journey towards enhanced joint well-being.


In the symphony of joint care, Syaloset Plus emerges as a harmonious composition of science and healing. Its viscoelastic attributes and Hyaluronic Acid prowess redefine joint health, illuminating a path toward pain relief and enhanced mobility. As the curtain draws on this exploration, Syaloset Plus stands as a testament to innovation, offering solace and restoration to those seeking respite from joint afflictions


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