Solerat Gel

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Solerat Gel, a paramount topical medication, emerges as a steadfast companion in the realm of skincare. This versatile solution is presented in the form of 30-gram aluminum tubes, encapsulating a blend of active ingredients that offer a multidimensional approach to treating various skin conditions.

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It Contains 15 Mg Of Mepiramine Maleate, 15 Mg Of Lidocaine And 50 Mg Of Dekspanthenol.

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At the core of Solerat Gel lies a harmonious symphony of active ingredients, each bringing its unique strength to the composition. The trio of mepyramine maleate, lidocaine, and dexpanthenol joins forces to create a potent elixir that resonates with the skin.


Solerat Gel’s impact on the skin is a revelation—a blend of local antiallergic, anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, and anesthetic effects. When the gel embraces the skin, it brings forth its orchestra of attributes, weaving a tapestry of relief and restoration. Its repertoire extends to sunburns, insect bites, urticaria (hives), itching, and first-degree (mild) burns, a comprehensive spectrum of alleviation.

Application: How to Use?

The journey of Solerat Gel upon the skin is one guided by precision and care. As directed by a medical expert, the gel should be gently massaged onto the affected area until it is fully absorbed. A ritual of hygiene emerges—the imperative to cleanse your hands post-application, unless the intention lies in treating the hands themselves.

Precautions and Insights

In the realm of skincare, caution unfurls its wings as a guardian. The script of prudence dictates the perusal of the manufacturer’s information leaflet—a source of enlightenment encompassing the medication’s nuances and a comprehensive collection of potential side effects. In the presence of questions or concerns, a portal opens—a conversation with your physician or pharmacist, a dialogue that steers the course of informed decisions.

The doctrine of avoidance resonates—steer clear of contact with eyes or any compromised skin areas. Should an accidental encounter occur, a protocol emerges—cleanse with warm water, a gesture of swift correction. Adverse reactions, if encountered, beckon for action—a cessation of use and a summons to your healthcare custodians.


Solerat Gel emerges not only as a skincare solution but also as an embodiment of mepyramine maleate, lidocaine, and dexpanthenol’s prowess. Its portfolio of service spans the gamut, encompassing the treatment of sunburns, insect bites, urticaria (hives), itching, and first-degree (mild) burns.

The fusion of local antiallergic, anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, and anesthetic effects transforms the gel into a versatile ally in skincare. In the query-driven corridors of uncertainty, the counsel of your healthcare guides holds value—a repository of answers, a path to understanding.


In the symphony of application, Solerat Gel invites a cadence of consideration. As per the information found, the gel’s touch can grace the affected area 1-2 times a day. A counsel emerges—the gel’s tenure should not extend beyond 7 days, a boundary drawn by prudence. As a beacon of accuracy and currency, the advice of healthcare professionals assumes prominence—a compass leading to the safe and effective usage of Solerat Gel.

Dexpanthenol Uses

Dexpanthenol, an embodiment of D-pantothenic acid, emerges as a multidimensional marvel, gracing various realms of healthcare. It assumes the form of an alcoholic analogue, acknowledged as vitamin B5, a guardian of the epithelium’s well-being. Dexpanthenol’s narrative extends to the realm of vitamin deficiency prevention, a role it takes on in the context of patients undergoing total parenteral nutrition (TPN). The enzymatic transformation of dexpanthenol into pantothenic acid, an essential Coenzyme A component, occupies a central role in protein metabolism’s choreography within the epithelium.

Dexpanthenol’s journey extends to the realm of topical products—a realm of ointments and lotions tailored for dermatological care. Here, it showcases its prowess as an itch-reliever and a catalyst for healing. The story continues, encompassing attributes of protection, moisturization, and even anti-inflammatory potency.

Beyond the bounds of topical applications, dexpanthenol’s prowess touches the corridors of surgical intervention. Its role as an injection takes center stage, minimizing the specter of paralytic ileus post-major abdominal surgery. A guardian of intestinal motility, it steps forward to address issues like abdominal distention, retention of flatus, and the resurgence of intestinal function postoperatively or postpartum.

In the realm of respiratory health, dexpanthenol’s virtues resonate as an alleviator of symptoms tied to allergies and asthma, a result of its inherent anti-inflammatory effects.


As the curtains descend on this exploration of Solerat Gel and the multidimensional marvel of dexpanthenol, a melody of healing and empowerment lingers. In the tapestry of medical intervention, both Solerat Gel and dexpanthenol emerge as allies, their roles woven with precision and purpose. In the realm of healthcare, it is wisdom that guides, healthcare professionals who illuminate, and solutions that empower.

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