Sedozolam Im/Iv/Rektal Injection Solution Iceren Ampul 5 Mg/5Ml

Sedozolam is a fast-acting benzodiazepine medication belonging to the imidazobenzodiazepine group. It serves a range of crucial medical purposes, including the induction of sleep, calming of patients, alleviating muscle contractions, and reducing spasms. Sedozolam is administered through intravenous injection, infusion with drops, intramuscular injection, or rectal administration.

Dosage form

Pack size


5 Mg/5Ml 5X5Ml



Generic Name (Ingredient)

The 5 Ml Solution Contains 5.0 Mg Of Midazolam. (Equivalent To 5.600 Mg Midazolam Hcl)

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Each ampoule of Sedozolam contains 15.0 mg of midazolam in a 3 ml solution, translating to 5 mg of midazolam per milliliter. In addition to the active ingredient, midazolam, the solution includes disodium EDTA, sodium chloride, hydrochloric acid, and water for injection.


Sedozolam is supplied in sterile ampoules, with each containing a clear and colorless solution of midazolam. The packaging options include boxes with 3 or 5 glass ampoules, each containing 15 mg of midazolam in 3 ml of solution.


Several precautions must be observed when considering the use of Sedozolam:

  • Allergy to Benzodiazepines: Individuals allergic to benzodiazepines or any of the drug’s components should avoid Sedozolam.
  • Respiratory Distress: Sedozolam should not be used in cases of severe respiratory distress or respiratory failure, especially when the patient is in a state of conscious sleep, characterized by drowsiness and calmness.
  • Special Care for Certain Groups: Special care is necessary for individuals over 60 years of age, those with chronic respiratory problems, Myasthenia gravis patients (suffering from muscle weakness), individuals with impaired liver, kidney, or heart function, those with a history of alcohol or drug addiction, and pregnant women or those who might become pregnant during treatment.

Onset of Action

The time it takes for Sedozolam to initiate its sedative effects varies depending on the mode of administration. When administered intramuscularly in adults, the onset of sedation is typically around 15 minutes, with peak sedation occurring between 30 to 60 minutes post-injection. It’s important to note that individual factors such as age, overall health, and concurrent medications can influence the exact timing of onset.


Sedozolam is a versatile medication used for several essential purposes, including:

  1. Inducing or Maintaining Sleep: It is employed to induce or sustain sleep in adults and children during medical treatment.
  2. Pre-medication Before Intervention: Sedozolam is used to sedate patients before medical procedures.
  3. Intensive Care Unit Sedation: It is administered to facilitate sleep for patients in intensive care units.
  4. Anesthesia: Midazolam, the active ingredient in Sedozolam, can be used alone or in combination with other medicines during anesthesia.

It’s crucial to follow healthcare provider recommendations when using Sedozolam or any other medication. If you have questions or concerns about its use, consult a healthcare professional for accurate, personalized guidance based on your specific health condition and history.

Can I Drive After Taking Sedozolam?

In general, it’s advisable to avoid driving or operating heavy machinery after taking medications like Sedozolam. This is because benzodiazepines, including Sedozolam, can lead to drowsiness, dizziness, and reduced alertness and coordination. These side effects may impair your ability to drive or operate machinery safely. However, individual responses to medications can vary, so it’s essential to discuss this with your healthcare provider, who can provide the most accurate advice based on your medical history and current medications.

Recommended Dosage

The recommended dosage for Sedozolam, or midazolam, varies depending on the specific medical context. For sedation of intubated or ventilated patients, the loading dose typically ranges from 10 to 50 mcg/kg (with a dose range of 0.5 to 4 mg), administered as a slow IV injection or infusion over several minutes. This loading dose can be repeated every 5 to 15 minutes as needed. The maintenance dose usually begins with a 20 to 100 mcg/kg/hr infusion and can be adjusted up or down by 25 to 50% based on individual requirements.

It’s important to emphasize that this is a general guideline, and the precise dosage may vary based on factors such as the patient’s age, overall health, and concurrent medications. Always consult with a healthcare provider for the most accurate and tailored dosage information.


In conclusion, Sedozolam Im/Iv/Rektal Injection Solution 5 Mg/5Ml is a vital medication with diverse applications in the medical field. Its use should always be guided by healthcare professionals to ensure safety and effectiveness. If you have questions or concerns regarding Sedozolam, consult your healthcare provider for personalized advice and recommendations based on your unique health circumstances

At a glance

Property Details
Medication Type Benzodiazepine, Imidazobenzodiazepine Group
Active Ingredient Midazolam
Concentration 5 mg of Midazolam per 1 ml
Administration Intravenous (IV), Intramuscular (IM), Rectal
Composition Midazolam, Disodium EDTA, Sodium Chloride, Hydrochloric Acid, Water for Injection
Packaging Sterile Ampoules, 15 mg / 3 ml, 3 or 5 Ampoules per Box
Uses Sleep Induction, Sedation, Muscle Relaxation, Anesthesia
Precautions Allergy to Benzodiazepines, Respiratory Distress, Myasthenia Gravis, Liver/Kidney/Heart Impairment, Alcohol or Drug Addiction, Pregnancy
Onset of Action Approximately 15 minutes (IM), Peak Sedation 30-60 minutes post-injection


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