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In this comprehensive overview, we delve into the world of Relactaz Drop, a dietary supplement designed to support infant digestion, especially in cases of lactose intolerance. Produced by Assos, this product has gained attention in Turkey and beyond for its potential to aid in the digestion of lactose-containing foods. Let’s explore its product details, usage,…

Dosage form

Pack size


.9 15Ml



Generic Name (Ingredient)

Lactase 1.82 Ml

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Product Details

Relactaz Drop, available in a convenient 15 ml bottle, is a creation of Assos. This product is easily accessible through various online platforms, with Amazon being one of the notable sources.

Table 1: Key Information about Relactaz Drop

Product Name Relactaz Drop
Manufacturer Assos
Packaging 15 ml bottle
Availability Online platforms, including Amazon

Power of Lactase Enzyme

At the heart of Relactaz Drop lies the crucial enzyme, lactase. This natural enzyme plays a pivotal role in facilitating the digestion of lactose, a sugar found in milk and dairy products. Lactase’s function is to break down lactose into its component sugars, namely D-galactose and D-glucose, which can then be absorbed through the intestinal walls into the bloodstream.

Relactaz Drop boasts a significant quantity of lactase, with 64 drops containing 1.82 ml, equivalent to 12,480 International Units (UI) of this enzyme. It’s important to note that lactase is vital for individuals with lactose intolerance, as it enables them to enjoy dairy products without discomfort.

Table 2: The Role of Lactase Enzyme in Relactaz Drop

Active Ingredient Lactase
Function Aids in lactose digestion
Lactase Quantity 1.82 ml in 64 drops (12,480 UI)
Source Natural enzyme essential for breaking down lactose

Relactaz Drop Usage and Dosage

Relactaz Drop is designed to be user-friendly, with a recommended usage of 8 drops before each feeding. For breastfeeding, simply add the drops to a spoonful of breast milk and administer to the infant. In the case of formula-feeding, mix the drops into lukewarm formula. This straightforward approach ensures that infants can comfortably receive the benefits of lactase supplementation.

Table 3: Usage and Dosage Guidelines

Recommended Usage 8 drops before each feeding
Compatibility Breastfeeding or formula-feeding


While specific precautions related to Relactaz Drop are not readily available, it’s essential to prioritize safety when introducing any new medication or supplement to infants. Always consult with a healthcare provider before starting the use of this drop, especially if your child has specific health conditions or is taking other medications. Healthcare professionals can provide personalized guidance and monitor for potential side effects, ensuring the well-being of your infant.


Relactaz Drop appears to be readily available in Turkey and can be conveniently purchased through online platforms. However, its international availability may vary, and it’s advisable to check with local sources or online retailers for shipping options.


In conclusion, Relactaz Drop presents itself as a valuable tool for parents seeking to alleviate lactose intolerance-related issues in their infants. This dietary supplement, enriched with the vital lactase enzyme, holds the potential to enhance digestion and improve the overall comfort of young ones.

It’s important to note that while this article provides essential insights, it’s always best to consult with healthcare professionals for precise information and guidance regarding the use of this drop. Prioritizing the safety and well-being of your child is paramount, and healthcare providers can offer tailored recommendations based on individual health factors.

It serves as a testament to the advancements in dietary supplementation, providing a practical solution for infants and parents alike.


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