Primucol Cuha Cicegi Koku Ve Kekik Ekstreli Bitkisel Liquid

The product known as Primucol Cuha Cicegi Koku Ve Kekik Ekstreli Bitkisel Liquid appears to be a blend of extracts from two plants: Çuha Çiçeği (Primula) and Kekik Çiçeği (Thyme Flower). These plants have deep roots in traditional medicine, especially in Turkey. While the specific product might not be readily found under this name, we…

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Standardized Primrose Root Extract, Standardized Thyme Extract (Thymus Vulgaris L.), Aroma Enhancer (Cherry Juice), Preservative (Potassium Sorbate), Distilled Water, Sorbitol

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Note: Please note that this page provides limited information, focusing solely on the ingredients utilized in the Primucol Cuha Cicegi Koku Ve Kekik Ekstreli Bitkisel Liquid.

Primucol Introduction

The product known as Primucol Cuha Cicegi Koku Ve Kekik Ekstreli Bitkisel Liquid appears to be a blend of extracts from two plants: Çuha Çiçeği (Primula) and Kekik Çiçeği (Thyme Flower). These plants have deep roots in traditional medicine, especially in Turkey. While the specific product might not be readily found under this name, we will delve into the individual components to shed light on their potential health benefits.

Çuha Çiçeği (Primula)

Çuha Çiçeği, also recognized as Primula, belongs to the Primulaceae family. Beyond its ornamental value, this perennial plant offers a range of health advantages:

  • Boosting Immunity: It is rich in vitamins and minerals, fortifying the immune system.
  • Menstrual Health: Known for alleviating menstrual cramps and regulating menstrual cycles.
  • Menopause Support: It can help reduce the symptoms associated with menopause.
  • Stress Reduction: Exhibits calming effects, aiding in stress reduction and improving sleep quality.
  • Blood Sugar Regulation: It contributes to regulating blood sugar levels, particularly beneficial for those with diabetes.
  • Migraine Relief: Effective in alleviating migraines and headaches.
  • Herbal Tea: Dried roots and leaves are used to prepare herbal tea.

Kekik Çiçeği (Thyme Flower)

Kekik Çiçeği, or Thyme Flower, hails from the Mediterranean region. Often celebrated for its culinary uses, it also boasts several health benefits:

  • Appetite Stimulation: Known to stimulate appetite and aid in digestion.
  • Gas Relief: Possesses carminative properties, relieving gas-related discomfort.
  • Diuretic Action: Exhibits diuretic properties, promoting fluid balance.
  • Respiratory Health: Effective in alleviating symptoms of colds and acting as an expectorant.
  • Throat and Cough Relief: Beneficial for throat pain and dry coughs.
  • Respiratory Disorders: Used in the treatment of bronchitis, asthma, and whooping cough.
  • Blood Pressure Control: Contributes to the lowering of high blood pressure.
  • Cancer Prevention: Known to reduce the risk of breast cancer.
  • Hair Strengthening: Helps strengthen hair strands.


Both Çuha Çiçeği and Kekik Çiçeği offer a multitude of health benefits:

  • Çuha Çiçeği: Immune support, menstrual health, menopause symptom reduction, stress relief, blood sugar regulation, migraine relief, and herbal tea preparation.
  • Kekik Çiçeği: Appetite stimulation, gas relief, diuretic action, respiratory health, throat and cough relief, treatment of respiratory disorders, blood pressure control, cancer prevention, and hair strengthening.


It is advisable to store the product in a cool, dry place with the lid securely closed, and keep it out of the reach of children. For individuals in pregnancy, breastfeeding, or those with underlying medical conditions or on medication, consulting a healthcare professional is recommended.


The Çuha Çiçeği (Primula) and Kekik Çiçeği (Thyme Flower) extracts hold remarkable potential in promoting well-being. While deeply rooted in traditional medicine, it’s essential to acknowledge that further scientific research is necessary to comprehensively understand their effects. As with any supplement or herbal remedy, consulting with a healthcare professional before initiating any new treatment is a prudent step.

Table: Health Benefits of Çuha Çiçeği and Kekik Çiçeği Extracts

Health Benefit Çuha Çiçeği (Primula) Kekik Çiçeği (Thyme Flower)
Immunity Boost
Menstrual Health
Menopause Support
Stress Reduction
Blood Sugar Regulation
Migraine Relief
Appetite Stimulation
Gas Relief
Diuretic Action
Respiratory Health
Throat and Cough Relief
Respiratory Disorder Treatment
Blood Pressure Control
Cancer Prevention
Hair Strengthening

Please note that the information provided is for educational purposes, and individual responses may vary. Always consult with a healthcare professional for personalized advice


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