Polgyl % 0.5 I.V. Perfuzyon Solution

Polgyl 0.5% I.V. Perfusion Solution stands as a medical beacon, ushering in therapeutic relief against an array of infections. Imbued with the active ingredient metronidazole, its potency resonates through each 100-ml PVC/PP bag, encapsulating 500 mg of metronidazole. Within its pharmacological embrace thrives the potential to address conditions spanning intestinal amebiasis, liver amebiasis, non-specific vaginitis,…

Dosage form

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%0.5 100Ml



Generic Name (Ingredient)

500 Mg Of Metronidazole Per 100 Ml Of Pvc Or Pp Bag.

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Polgyl stands as a bastion against the dominion of infections, fortified by the prowess of metronidazole1. Its therapeutic span extends its essence to ailments encompassing intestinal amebiasis, liver amebiasis, non-specific vaginitis, anaerobic infections, and genital infections forged by trichomonas1. These encompass a diverse spectrum of afflictions, beseeching the potency within Polgyl to extend its relief.

A Prelude to Medicinal Engagement

A discerning realm governs the domain preceding the embrace of Polgyl. The sanctuary of its application is enshrined for those immune to hypersensitivity towards imidazole derivatives or its auxiliary constituents. Vigilance is paramount in instances involving patients bearing liver ailments, treading the path of dialysis therapy due to renal compromise, or entwined within the intricacies of nervous system disorders.

This pilgrimage of health necessitates the abandonment of alcoholic libations during treatment, persisting for a span encompassing 48 hours beyond treatment completion. Genetic anomalies within the blood domain summon cautionary deployment of metronidazole.


The tapestry of Polgyl’s administration unfurls within the landscape of intravenous embrace. This tenet, forged within intravenous corridors, harmoniously accommodates both satiated and vacant stomach states.

The dosage and temporal trajectory of treatment yield to the sway of the medical condition at hand and the recipient’s discerning response1. This voyage threads the needle between efficacy and precision, treading the delicate balance between therapeutic intent and patient response.

Side Effects

Amidst the tide of Polgyl’s therapeutic course, lies the prospect of potential side effects1. This lineage encompasses adverse manifestations that possess the potential to encroach upon cognitive clarity and mechanistic proficiency, exemplified by manifestations like confusion, vertigo, hallucinations, and impaired vision.

These physiological nuances transcend the realm of medical intervention, lending credence to the notion of vigilance during Polgyl’s therapeutic sojourn.

A Saga of Caution

Polgyl’s narrative within the context of maternal health resounds with caution. Within the embryonic stretch of pregnancy’s first trimester, its application remains untenable. Progressing beyond this juncture mandates its deployment only in cases of unswerving necessity during the subsequent trimesters.

The phase of lactation bequeaths a similar counsel, echoing the refrain that metronidazole’s presence within human milk precludes its utilization during this delicate span.

The Chronological Impulse

The chronicle of Polgyl’s therapeutic canvas unfolds amidst a diverse temporal tapestry. The timeline unfurls its script based on the specific ailment at hand and the patient’s reciprocal engagement with the medication.

This narrative thread underscores the physician’s role as the compass, guiding dosage directives and temporal navigation. The beacon of adherence glows prominently, accentuating the need to traverse the entirety of the therapeutic trajectory, even in moments of perceived improvement prior to treatment culmination.


The deployment of Polgyl 0.5% I.V. Perfusion Solution follows the intrinsic course of intravenous embodiment1. This therapeutic pilgrimage weaves through the intricate veins, generally locating its site within the arm or hand.

The embarking dosage and tenure reflect the reverberations of the medical condition’s spectrum and the patient’s interaction with the medication1. Adherence to the physician’s gospel embodies the keystone, fortified by the directive to traverse the course in its entirety, a pledge to therapeutic fulfillment.


Polgyl 0.5% I.V. Perfusion Solution stands resolute, a cornerstone of therapeutic promise against the vista of infections. Its narrative epitomizes an essence of precision, a resonance of efficacy bound by medical stewardship. Within the capsule of this article unfolds the essence of Polgyl’s potency, an epitome of medical wisdom interwoven with the human narrative


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