Pexola Er Uzatilmis Salimli Tablet 0.75 Mg

Pexola ER Extended-Release Tablet 0.75 Mg is a medicinal powerhouse containing the active ingredient pramipexole. It belongs to the esteemed class of drugs known as dopamine agonists, renowned for their remarkable impact on the brain’s dopamine receptors.

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0.75 Mg



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Each Extended Release Tablet Contains 0.75 Mg Of Pramipexole Dihydrochloride Monohydrate, Equivalent To 0.52 Mg Pramipexole.

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This versatile medication can be harnessed both independently and in conjunction with levodopa, another pivotal player in the battle against Parkinson’s disease.

Dosage and Administration

To optimize its therapeutic potential, adhere to these fundamental principles:

Daily Consistency

Pexola ER Extended-Release Tablet 0.75 Mg should be administered once daily, at a consistent time. The tablet can be taken with or without food. Swallow it whole with water, without chewing, dividing, or crushing.

The Gradual Ascension

Commencing with a daily dose of 0.375 mg of pramipexole during the first week, your healthcare provider will tailor the dosage to achieve symptom control, known as the maintenance dose.

Side Effects

Every medication, including Pexola ER Extended-Release Tablet 0.75 Mg, may unveil side effects. While not universal, it’s imperative to be acquainted with potential manifestations. Common side effects encompass:

Side Effect Description
Abnormal dreams Vivid, unusual dreams
Confusion Mental disorientation
Constipation Difficulty in bowel movements
Delusion False belief or perception
Dizziness Lightheadedness, vertigo
Dyskinesia Involuntary muscle movements
Fatigue Extreme tiredness
Hallucinations Perceiving things that aren’t real
Headache Pain in the head or neck
Hyperkinesia Excessive, abnormal movements
Hypotension Low blood pressure
Increased appetite Heightened hunger
Insomnia Difficulty falling or staying asleep
Libido disorders Changes in sexual desire or function
Nausea Feeling of sickness or queasiness
Peripheral edema Swelling in extremities
Paranoia Irrational distrust or suspicion
Pathological gambling, hypersexuality, and other abnormal behaviors Uncontrolled, compulsive behaviors
Somnolence (sleepiness) Excessive sleepiness

This list is not exhaustive, and individual experiences may vary. If you encounter severe or unusual side effects, promptly consult your healthcare provider.


Dosage Tailoring

The dosage of Pexola ER Extended-Release Tablet 0.75 Mg should be meticulously adjusted based on individual responses. When necessary, your physician may escalate the medication’s dosage.

Missed Doses

In the event of a missed dose, strive to take it within 12 hours of the scheduled time. Beyond this timeframe, forego the missed dose and adhere to your usual schedule.

Graceful Farewell

Abrupt discontinuation of dopaminergic therapy can provoke neuroleptic malignant syndrome. Thus, when discontinuation is warranted, your daily dose of Pexola ER Extended-Release Tablet should be gradually diminished.

Special Considerations

  • Elderly patients may experience a slightly prolonged elimination time for Pexola ER Extended-Release Tablet.
  • If you have kidney disease, your physician may recommend a modified dosing schedule during the initial week.

Impulse Control Vigilance

Patients and caregivers should be well-informed about the potential emergence of impulse control disorders, such as pathological gambling, increased libido, hypersexuality, compulsive spending or shopping, excessive eating, and compulsive eating, associated with dopaminergic therapy, including Pexola.

For comprehensive insights and personalized medical counsel, confer with a healthcare professional.

Pexola Er Benefits

Pexola ER Extended-Release Tablet 0.75 Mg, powered by the active agent pramipexole, thrives in multiple domains:

The Parkinson’s Paladin

In the realm of Parkinson’s disease, it stands as a stalwart defender against its primary symptoms, offered as a standalone remedy or in alliance with levodopa.

Orchestrating Motor Mastery

This medication orchestrates a symphony of dopamine receptor stimulation in the brain, wielding control over body movements.

The Gift of Prolonged Release

Housing an extended-release formulation, it unfurls its medicinal prowess gradually. This bestows the convenience of once-daily dosing upon many patients.

For a deeper understanding and individualized medical counsel, seek the guidance of a healthcare professional.


Your voyage with Pexola ER Extended-Release Tablet 0.75 Mg should align with your physician’s directives:

The Inaugural Act

Commence with a daily dose of 0.375 mg of pramipexole during the first week. Your physician will meticulously orchestrate the dosage escalation until symptom control is attained, known as the maintenance dose.

The Dose Amplification

If deemed necessary, the daily dose can be amplified by 0.75 mg every 5-7 days, with a maximum daily dose of 4.5 mg.

Navigating Missed Beats

A missed dose should be promptly rectified if it has been overlooked for less than 12 hours. Beyond this threshold, it should be forsaken, with the subsequent dose following the usual schedule.

The Farewell Symphony

Should the need for treatment cessation arise, the daily dose of Pexola ER Extended-Release Tablet should be gently diminished.

It’s imperative to acknowledge that these are overarching guidelines. Precise dosages may diverge based on individual patient requirements. As such, always seek the counsel of a healthcare professional for personalized medical guidance.


Pexola ER Extended-Release Tablet 0.75 Mg emerges as a steadfast ally in the battle against Parkinson’s disease. It offers the promise of symptom relief, guided by the watchful eye of healthcare providers and adherence to prescribed dosages and schedules. This narrative underscores the paramount importance of health in the face of Parkinson’s challenges.


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