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Perge Capsule 75 Mg emerges as a pharmaceutical powerhouse, offering therapeutic solutions enriched with Pregabalin. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricate details of this medication, from its active ingredient and availability to recommended dosages, benefits, and precautions.

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Pregabalin 75 Mg

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The Active Alchemist

Pregabalin, the driving force behind Perge Capsule 75 Mg, is a versatile medication renowned for its effectiveness in treating epilepsy, neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia, and generalized anxiety disorder. In the realm of epilepsy management, it serves as an invaluable add-on therapy for partial seizures in adults.

Active Ingredient
– Pregabalin

Accessing Perge Capsule 75 Mg

As of the present, Perge Capsule 75 Mg appears to be readily accessible in Turkey. However, for those seeking immediate acquisition under exigent circumstances, the Urgent Quotation page stands as a valuable resource.

Seek Expert Guidance

For individuals harboring any lingering pharmaceutical inquiries concerning Perge Capsule 75 Mg, the wisest course of action is to engage a healthcare professional or a knowledgeable pharmacist. While this guide furnishes vital insights, personalized information is best procured through direct consultation.

Side Effects

The side effects associated with Perge Capsule 75 Mg primarily align with the active ingredient, Pregabalin. Here, we outline both common and serious side effects:

Common Side Effects

  • Dizziness
  • Sleepiness
  • Trouble Concentrating
  • Blurry Vision
  • Dry Mouth
  • Weight Gain
  • Edema (Swelling)

Serious Side Effects

  • Irregular, Fast, or Slow Breathing
  • Loss of Consciousness
  • Nausea
  • Severe Constipation
  • Stomach Cramps or Pain
  • Vomiting

It’s crucial to bear in mind that this catalog is not exhaustive, and individual responses may exhibit variations. In cases of severe or persistent side effects, immediate medical attention is strongly advised.


The recommended dosage for Perge Capsule 75 Mg, boasting Pregabalin as its active ingredient, is contingent on the specific condition being addressed. We delineate the distinct dosage guidelines:

Diabetic Neuropathy

Immediate-release: Initiate with 50 mg orally three times a day. This dose may be elevated to 100 mg orally three times a day within one week, based on effectiveness and tolerability, culminating in a maximum daily dose of 300 mg.

Extended-release: Commence with 165 mg orally once a day following the evening meal. This dose can be heightened to 330 mg orally once a day within one week, contingent on effectiveness and tolerability, with a maximum daily dose of 330 mg.

Postherpetic Neuralgia

Immediate-release: Commence with 150 to 300 mg orally per day in two or three divided doses. This dosage may be augmented to 300 per day in two or three divided doses within one week, based on effectiveness and tolerability.

Extended-release: Initiate with 165 mg orally once a day following the evening meal. This dose can be elevated to 330 mg orally once a day within one week, contingent on effectiveness and tolerability.


Initial Dose: Embark with 150 mg orally per day in two or three divided doses.

Maintenance Dose: Enhance the dose to 150 mg orally twice a day within one week, based on effectiveness and tolerability. For those who experience insufficient pain relief after two to three weeks, the dose may be increased to 300 mg orally twice a day, as tolerated.


For fibromyalgia, the recommended dose ranges from 300 to 450 mg per day. Initiate with 75 mg two times a day (150 mg per day) and consider elevation to 150 mg two times a day (300 mg per day) within one week, based on effectiveness and tolerability.

Onset of Cction

The speed of Pregabalin’s action within Perge Capsule 75 Mg is a crucial facet of its pharmacology. Upon administration on an empty stomach, Pregabalin undergoes rapid absorption, culminating in peak plasma concentrations within a span of 1 to 1.5 hours. The onset of action, spanning from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, heralds the commencement of Pregabalin’s therapeutic influence. Notably, the full effects of Pregabalin typically manifest after one week of sustained use.

Perge Capsule 75 Mg Benefits

Pregabalin, the formidable active ingredient within Perge Capsule 75 Mg, bestows a spectrum of benefits, encompassing diverse medical domains.

Epilepsy Treatment

Pregabalin emerges as an anticonvulsant with the capability to impede the impulses in the brain that trigger seizures. Employed in conjunction with other medications, it exhibits exceptional efficacy in managing partial-onset seizures, which commence in a specific brain region.

Pain Relief

Pregabalin finds application in mitigating various forms of neuropathic pain. This type of pain, arising from nerve damage linked to diabetes, shingles, spinal cord injuries, or fibromyalgia, succumbs to the therapeutic embrace of Pregabalin.

Anxiety Disorder Treatment

The utility of Pregabalin extends to the realm of generalized anxiety disorder, characterized by persistent apprehension about everyday concerns. Pregabalin’s intervention lies in inhibiting the brain’s release of anxiety-inducing chemicals.


For those considering Perge Capsule 75 Mg, it is pivotal to acquaint themselves with the associated precautions, hinging on Pregabalin.

Allergic Reactions

Pregabalin carries a risk of inducing severe allergic reactions, marked by manifestations such as hives or blisters on the skin, respiratory distress, or facial and throat swelling. In cases of such reactions, immediate medical assistance is imperative.

Mood Changes

Pregabalin consumption has been associated with thoughts of suicide in some individuals. Vigilance toward mood alterations and symptoms is essential, with the prompt reporting of new or exacerbated symptoms to a healthcare provider.

Alcohol and Other Drugs

The concomitant use of alcohol and other substances that slow actions should be carefully scrutinized. It is advisable to abstain from alcohol while on this medication, and consultation with a healthcare provider is prudent before engaging with other drugs or natural products that influence motor functions.

Driving and Operating Machinery

Pregabalin’s potential side effects encompass blurred vision, double vision, unsteadiness, drowsiness, and impaired cognitive function. Activities demanding alertness, including driving or operating machinery, should be approached with caution until the individual’s response to the medication is ascertained.


For expectant mothers, the importance of seizure control during pregnancy is paramount. The initiation or discontinuation of Pregabalin should only transpire under the guidance of a healthcare provider, with immediate reporting of pregnancy. Pregabalin usage during pregnancy should be reserved for cases of absolute necessity, where the benefits outweigh the potential risks. In such instances, the minimal effective dose is recommended.


In conclusion, Perge Capsule 75 Mg, fortified with Pregabalin, stands as a significant player in the pharmaceutical landscape. Its versatility in addressing epilepsy, neuropathic pain, and generalized anxiety disorder offers a ray of hope for patients battling these conditions. While the benefits of Pregabalin are evident, the importance of meticulous adherence to precautions and dosage guidelines cannot be overstated.

In the journey toward improved health and well-being, the partnership with a healthcare provider remains an invaluable compass, ensuring a course tailored to individual needs.


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