Oxofen Syrup

Embark on a journey into the nuanced realm of Oxofen Syrup, a medicinal powerhouse meticulously formulated to address a spectrum of inflammatory conditions affecting the ear, nose, throat, and respiratory tract.

Dosage form

Pack size


2 Mg/Ml (5Ml) 150Ml



Generic Name (Ingredient)

In Each Scale (5 Ml); Contains 10 Mg Of Fenspiride Hydrochloride (2 Mg / Ml).

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Oxofen Syrup boasts Fenspirid as its active ingredient, with each 5 ml delivering 10 mg of Fenspirid Hydrochloride. The concoction includes a medley of auxiliary substances, from sucrose to sorbitol, creating a comprehensive therapeutic blend.


Presented in 150 ml amber type III glass bottles, sealed with a white PE cap12. The box also includes a transparent measuring cup marked at 5, 10, and 15 ml12.

Usage Guidelines

Oxofen Syrup, administered orally, emerges as a stalwart against acute and chronic inflammatory disorders spanning the ear, nose, throat, and respiratory tract12. It extends its healing touch to allergies, both seasonal and perennial, making it a versatile ally in healthcare. Furthermore, its role extends to mitigating respiratory challenges stemming from measles, flu, and whooping cough12.


While Oxofen Syrup stands as a beacon of relief, caution is warranted. Contraindicated in individuals hypersensitive to Fenspirid or any auxiliary components, it beckons careful consideration in patients under the age of 2. Those with kidney dysfunction, liver disorders, or specific intolerances should approach its usage with prudence.

Dosage Guidelines

Tailoring treatment to individual needs, the dosage of Oxofen Syrup hinges on factors such as age, overall health, and response to therapy. A cardinal rule prevails: adherence to the physician’s guidance or packaging instructions. In cases of uncertainty, a consultation with a healthcare professional is the wisest course.

Note: Information provided here serves as a general guide and should not replace personalized medical advice from a qualified healthcare provider.

Side Effect

Though specific side effects remain undisclosed, the intricate composition introduces variables. Auxiliary components like sunset yellow SE 110, methyl paraben, propyl paraben, and trisodium citrate contribute to the syrup’s complexity. Individuals on controlled sodium diets should consider the sodium content. In cases of unusual symptoms, prompt medical attention is advised.

Note: This overview doesn’t encompass all potential side effects. Consultation with a healthcare professional is paramount.

Pregnancy Considerations

The safety of Oxofen Syrup during pregnancy necessitates careful evaluation, emphasizing avoidance in the first trimester whenever feasible. Individual risk-benefit assessments and cautious use of opioids during pregnancy underscore the need for professional guidance.

Note: This information is general; personalized advice from a healthcare provider is crucial.

Usage Duration

The duration of Oxofen Syrup usage pivots on individual health nuances and medical directives. Striving for optimal outcomes necessitates strict adherence to prescribed timelines, with any uncertainties warranting consultation with a healthcare professional.

Note: This guide does not replace individual medical advice.

Age-specific Considerations

While explicit information about Oxofen Syrup use in the elderly eludes us, acknowledging age-specific dynamics in medication needs is paramount. Caution and supervision in medication use for the elderly underscore the importance of professional consultation.

Note: This overview doesn’t replace personalized medical advice.

Alcohol and Oxofen Syrup

The interplay between Oxofen Syrup and alcohol remains uncharted. However, prudence dictates caution, as mixing alcohol with medications can yield adverse effects. Awareness of alcohol content in medication and consultation with healthcare providers are pivotal for informed decisions.

Note: Individual responses may vary; professional advice is essential.


While specific interactions between Oxofen Syrup and driving remain elusive, the broader reality of medications influencing driving capabilities is acknowledged. Caution prevails, especially with medications inducing drowsiness or impaired coordination. Prudent consultation with healthcare providers is the key.

Note: This overview doesn’t replace personalized medical advice.


In the labyrinth of healthcare decisions, Oxofen Syrup emerges as a multifaceted solution. The delicate balance between its therapeutic prowess and potential considerations underscores the significance of informed choices. Professional counsel remains the lodestar, guiding individuals through the maze of health-related decisions. As we navigate these pharmaceutical intricacies, let informed choices pave the way to optimal well-being.

Table: Oxofen Syrup Overview

Aspect Details
Active Ingredient Fenspirid Hydrochloride
Dosage Form Oral Syrup
Packaging 150 ml amber glass bottle with a white PE cap, includes measuring cup
Usage Acute and chronic inflammatory diseases, respiratory challenges from measles, flu, and whooping cough
Precautions Contraindicated in hypersensitivity, caution in pediatric use, kidney dysfunction, liver disorders, and specific intolerances
Dosage Guidelines Individualized based on age, health, and therapy response
Side Effects Varied, caution on sunset yellow SE 110, methyl paraben, propyl paraben, and sodium content
Pregnancy Considerations Evaluate risks, avoid in the first trimester, opioid caution
Usage Duration Follow medical directives, consult professionals for uncertainties
Elderly Considerations Caution and supervision recommended
Alcohol Interaction Uncharted, caution advised, consult healthcare providers
Driving Dynamics Caution with potential drowsiness or impaired coordination


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