Oroheks Plus Mouthwash

Oroheks Plus Mouthwash, a stalwart in oral care, emerges as a mint-flavored, transparent liquid encased in brown bottles of 120 ml and 200 ml. Within its unassuming facade lies a potent amalgamation of active ingredients, poised to combat a spectrum of oral maladies.

Dosage form

Pack size





Generic Name (Ingredient)

Chlorhexidine Gluconate 240 Mg (0.12%) Benzidamine Hydrochloride 300 Mg (0.15%)

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Diving into the heart of Oroheks Plus, the key components within a 200 ml solution include:

Active Ingredients Quantity
Chlorhexidine Gluconate 240 mg (0.12%)
Benzidamine Hydrochloride 300 mg (0.15%)

These mighty actives orchestrate Oroheks Plus’s therapeutic symphony. Supplementing their prowess are auxiliary substances, harmonizing the formula:

Auxiliary Substances Quantity
Sodium Saccharin 50 mg
Glycerin 10,000 mg
Ethanol (96%) 77,200 mg


Oroheks Plus stands as a beacon for oral well-being, extending its healing touch to address:

  • Inflammatory conditions in the oral and throat mucosa, spanning gingivitis, stomatitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, and aphthous lesions.
  • Mouth and throat antisepsis, orchestrating a symphony of relief for gum discomfort and enhancing the patient’s swallowing comfort.
  • Pre and post-periodontal procedures, offering vital support in the journey to oral health.
  • Mucositis, whether ignited by radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or alternative origins.
  • The sentinel of dental hygiene, guarding against the encroachment of dental plaques.

Dosage and Administration

For adults seeking the soothing embrace of Oroheks Plus, the prescribed dose amounts to 15 ml. This elixir of oral care is to be employed throughout the day, with intervals ranging from 1.5 to 3 hours. Oroheks Plus unveils its true potential through the art of mouth rinsing or gargling. It is meant to be administered undiluted, cradling the oral cavity for no less than 30 seconds before being released.

For individuals aged 12 and beyond, a similar regimen prevails. Gargling with 5-15 ml of Oroheks Plus every 1.5-3 hours is the ritual. Yet, a word of caution echoes: do not extend this practice beyond 7 days. Should an unwelcome burning or stinging sensation intrude, dilution with water stands as a remedy.

Contraindications and Special Precautions

The sanctity of Oroheks Plus should remain untouched by individuals bearing the mark of hypersensitivity to benzidamine, chlorhexidine, or any other components entwined within its formulation. This solemn restriction extends to the realms of pregnancy and breastfeeding, where Oroheks Plus should find no use.

Addressing Common Queries

Can Oroheks Plus Be Ingested?

No, Oroheks Plus must not tread the path of ingestion. Its purpose is singular: to grace the oral domain. Swallowing is strictly off-limits.

Pregnant Women and Oroheks Plus

Expectant mothers should veer away from Oroheks Plus. The counsel of a healthcare professional should etch the path before engaging with any medication during pregnancy.

Results: The Timely Impact of Oroheks Plus

The cryptic question of time unfurls when it comes to reaping the benefits of Oroheks Plus. The essence of this mouthwash lies in its immediate effect, orchestrating the alleviation of oral discomfort and championing oral hygiene. Yet, for complex conditions like gingivitis or stomatitis, patience becomes the virtuous ally. Days of dedicated use often precede substantial relief. Uphold the directives of your healthcare provider or adhere to the instructions bestowed with the product. If persistence or deterioration stains your journey, the wisdom of a healthcare professional awaits your call.

Distinguishing Oroheks Plus from Its Brethren

In the vast expanse of mouthwashes, each contender carves a niche. Oroheks Plus strides forth with its distinctive qualities:

Active Ingredients

Oroheks Plus forges its identity with a dynamic duo: Chlorhexidine Gluconate and Benzidamine Hydrochloride. This alliance champions antiseptic virtues and holds the banner of relief high.

In contrast, alternate mouthwashes may bear different arms. Among them, you may encounter cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC), sodium chloride, menthol, eucalyptol, hydrogen peroxide, and fluoride. These components march with their antiseptic virtues, each tailored to a unique oral health mission.

Intended Purpose

Oroheks Plus earmarks its role for the local treatment of oral realms. It extends its guardianship to embrace gingivitis, stomatitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, aphthous lesions, and the tribulations sown by radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Conversely, fellow mouthwashes may harbor diverse intents. Some bestow the gift of fresh breath, others stand sentinel against cavities, while a few aspire to illuminate smiles.

Alcohol Content

Oroheks Plus preserves sobriety by refraining from alcohol’s inclusion. For those who find the embrace of alcohol-based mouthwashes too stringent, this virtue shines as a guiding light. Yet, the mouthwash realm harbors alternatives bedecked with alcohol’s presence.

Flavor Profile

Mint serenades the essence of Oroheks Plus, painting its gustatory canvas. Fellow mouthwashes parade in an array of flavors, from the zest of citrus to the intrigue of grape.

In conclusion, the diversity within the realm of mouthwashes weaves a tapestry of choice. Choose wisely, guided by your oral health needs.

The Side Effects of Mouthwash

Mouthwashes, despite their noble intent, carry the potential for side effects. Here, we cast light upon these potential adversaries:

Taste Disturbance

Mouthwash can leave an enduring imprint on taste, casting a metallic, bitter, or spicy shadow on food.

Oral Irritation

The oral mucous membranes may kindle under the touch of mouthwash, igniting a fiery sensation within. A tingling akin to burning pain may manifest, albeit occasionally.

Dry Mouth

Mouthwashes adorned with alcohol may amplify dry mouth and its dreaded companion, halitosis, as they usher in parched landscapes. For those with a parched palate, alcohol-free alternatives beckon.

Canker Sores

The presence of sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) in select toothpaste and oral rinses fuels foaming. If canker sores often grace your oral terrain, SLS may serve as their reluctant ally.

Elevated Blood Pressure

A curious revelation emerges from a study’s depths: chlorhexidine-laden mouthwash, when embraced twice daily for a week, unveiled a “significant” uptick in systolic blood pressure.

Overdose Symptoms

A cautionary note for the wary: a copious intake of mouthwash can summon dizziness or drowsiness. In dire circumstances, even breathing struggles or convulsions may unfurl.

It bears repeating; these adversities are not destined to visit all travelers of the mouthwash realm. Preferences and sensitivities weave the fabric of individual experiences. Let the guidance of the product packaging’s directives be your lodestar, and the counsel of a healthcare professional your steadfast ally.

A Final Note

In our voyage through the intricate terrain of oral wellness, we have unearthed Oroheks Plus Mouthwash as a sentinel, guarding the gates of oral health. Yet, no journey in healthcare stands alone. Healthcare professionals, with their wisdom and expertise, illuminate the path to well-being. Seek their counsel, for in their guidance, you shall find answers and care, unlocking the door to a healthier, brighter smile


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