Opemin Film Tablet 800 Mg

In the realm of cognitive health, Opemin Film Tablet 800 mg emerges as a notable player. This article provides comprehensive insights into Opemin, including its uses, precautions, potential side effects, and more.

Dosage form

Pack size


800 Mg



Generic Name (Ingredient)

Piracetam 800 Mg

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Opemin is a film tablet formulated with an 800 mg dosage. It is typically available in packages containing 30 tablets. For easy identification, Opemin is associated with the barcode 869957809301323.

Nootropic Effects

Opemin belongs to the nootropic group of drugs renowned for their ability to enhance cognitive functions, including learning, memory, attention, and awareness. Unlike some medications, it exerts its cognitive benefits without inducing sedation or stimulation.


In Adults

Opemin is harnessed in the treatment of psycho-organic syndromes affecting adults. These syndromes manifest as memory loss, attention deficits, and compromised driving abilities. Additionally, it finds utility in addressing cortical myoclonus, a condition characterized by abrupt muscle jerks in limbs or the torso. It is also employed for managing dizziness and related balance disorders, excluding those originating from vasomotor or psychological causes.

In Children

For children aged 8 years and above, Opemin assumes a role in treating dyslexia, a condition marked by difficulties in reading and writing. It is used in conjunction with appropriate approaches such as speech therapy to optimize outcomes.

Mechanism of Action and Drug Interactions

The precise mechanism of action underlying Opemin’s cognitive benefits was not elucidated in the search results. Moreover, specific details regarding drug interactions involving Opemin remain unavailable. Healthcare providers are best equipped to offer in-depth insights into these aspects.

Opemin Film Tablet 800 Mg Side Effects

Opemin may induce common side effects, including nervousness, hyperkinesia, somnolence, and increased weight. However, individual responses can vary, and the impact of these side effects may be influenced by factors such as the drug dosage.

Compatibility with Alcohol and Food

The compatibility of Opemin with alcohol and food was not specifically detailed in the search results. In general, it is advisable to exercise caution when combining alcohol with medications due to potential interactions. The administration of it with or without food should align with healthcare provider recommendations or packaging instructions to minimize any risk of stomach upset.

Prescription Requirement

It is important to note that a prescription is generally mandatory for the purchase of medications like Opemin. This requirement serves as a crucial safety measure to ensure that the medication is appropriate and safe for individual use.


Opemin Film Tablet 800 mg offers a promising avenue for enhancing cognitive functions without sedation or stimulation. While the precise mechanism of action, precautions, and side effects warrant further elucidation, healthcare providers remain the most reliable source of information and guidance for individuals considering Opemin use.

Key Information 

Aspect Details
Dosage 800 mg
Package Contents 30 tablets
Barcode 869957809301323
Nootropic Effects Enhances cognitive processes (learning, memory, attention, and awareness) without sedation or stimulation
Usage in Adults Addresses psycho-organic syndromes, cortical myoclonus, dizziness, and balance disorders (excluding vasomotor or psychological origins)
Usage in Children Used in conjunction with speech therapy for dyslexia treatment in children aged 8 years and above
Precautions and Side Effects Specific details not available; consult healthcare provider for personalized guidance
Storage Information not available; follow healthcare provider or packaging instructions
Availability Sold exclusively in pharmacies
Mechanism of Action Specific mechanism not detailed in search results; consult healthcare provider for insights
Drug Interactions Specific details about interactions not available; consult healthcare provider for comprehensive information
Common Side Effects May include nervousness, hyperkinesia, somnolence, and increased weight; individual responses may vary
Recommended Dosage Specific dosage not ascertained in search results; consult healthcare provider for accurate information
Compatibility with Alcohol and Food Information not specified; adhere to healthcare provider guidance or packaging instructions for safe administration
Prescription Requirement Generally requires a prescription for purchase; ensures medication appropriateness and safety for individual use


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