Norodol Dekanoat I.M. Injection Icin Solution 150 Mg

“Norodol Dekanoat I.M. Injection Icin Solution 150 Mg” is a therapeutic solution housing the potent Haloperidol Decanoate as its active ingredient. Delving into the specifics, each 3 ml of this medication contains 211.56 mg of Haloperidol Decanoate, amounting to an equivalent of 150 mg of Haloperidol.

Dosage form

Pack size


150 Mg/3Ml



Generic Name (Ingredient)

Haloperidol Decanoate 211.56 Mg / 3 Ml (Equivalent To 150 Mg Haloperidole)

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Active Ingredient: Haloperidol Decanoate

Haloperidol Decanoate, an ester of butyrophenone, HALDOL (haloperidol), manifests an extended duration of effect. Formulated in sesame oil for intramuscular (IM) injection, it serves as a typical antipsychotic agent.

Norodol Dekanoat Structure

The structural formula reveals the intricate composition of haloperidol decanoate: 4-(4-chlorophenyl)-1-[4-(4-fluorophenyl)-4-oxobutyl]-4 piperidinyl decanoate.


Haloperidol decanoate exhibits almost insolubility in water (0.01 mg/mL) but showcases solubility in various organic solvents.


Primarily prescribed under the brand name Haldol Decanoate, this typical antipsychotic finds its application in treating schizophrenia. Administered through IM injection, the recommended dose ranges from 100 to 200 mg once every 4 weeks.


A crucial cautionary note pertains to the elevated mortality risk in elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis, emphasizing that HALDOL decanoate is not sanctioned for this patient demographic.

Side Effects

Haloperidol Decanoate, the dynamic component of Norodol Dekanoat I.M. Injection Icin Solution 150 Mg, may induce various side effects, spanning both common and severe manifestations.

Common Side Effects

  1. Sleepiness
  2. Orthostatic hypotension
  3. Dryness in the mouth
  4. Abnormality of voluntary movements
  5. Weight gain
  6. Increased prolactin levels in the blood
  7. Urinary retention
  8. Constipation
  9. Muscle stiffness
  10. Tremor
  11. Difficulty with speaking or swallowing
  12. Inability to move the eyes
  13. Loss of balance control
  14. Mask-like face
  15. Muscle spasms, especially of the neck and back
  16. Restlessness or the need to keep moving (severe)
  17. Shuffling walk
  18. Stiffness of the arms and legs
  19. Trembling and shaking of the fingers and hands
  20. Twisting movements of the body
  21. Weakness of the arms and legs
  22. Decreased thirst
  23. Difficulty in urination
  24. Dizziness, lightheadedness, or fainting
  25. Hallucinations
  26. Lip smacking or puckering
  27. Puffing of the cheeks
  28. Rapid or worm-like movements of the tongue
  29. Skin rash
  30. Uncontrolled chewing movements
  31. Uncontrolled movements of the arms and legs

Serious Side Effects

  1. Cardiovascular problems (e.g., heart failure, sudden death)
  2. Infectious problems (e.g., pneumonia)
  3. Neuroleptic malignant syndrome
  4. Severe allergic reactions
  5. Blood clots

This list, while extensive, may not capture all potential side effects. Immediate medical attention is imperative upon experiencing any of these manifestations. Always consult with healthcare professionals before initiating new medications.


Purpose: Primarily designed for addressing specific mental and mood disorders, particularly schizophrenia.

Active Ingredient: Haloperidol Decanoate, an antipsychotic aiding in symptom reduction, including hallucinations, delusions, and thought disorders.

Comprehensive Treatment: While contributing to symptom management, it’s vital to recognize that Norodol Dekanoat is not a cure for schizophrenia. Typically integrated into a holistic treatment plan involving other medications, psychotherapy, and social support.

Dosage Guidelines

Determining the dosage for “Norodol Dekanoat I.M. Injection Icin Solution 150 Mg” necessitates professional evaluation, factoring in variables such as age, medical history, physical condition, and response to prior antipsychotic therapy.

General Dosage Guidelines for Haloperidol Decanoate

  1. The initial dose can range from 10 to 20 times the previous daily dose in oral Haloperidol equivalents.
  2. For those previously on low antipsychotic doses (up to the equivalent of 10 mg/day oral Haloperidol), the initial Haloperidol Decanoate dose is recommended to be 10–15 times the prior daily dose in oral Haloperidol equivalents.
  3. Administration typically occurs monthly or every 4 weeks, with potential adjustments based on individual patient response.

These are general benchmarks, and healthcare professionals should tailor dosages based on individual patient needs.


Interactions can occur when “Norodol Dekanoat I.M. Injection Icin Solution 150 Mg” interfaces with other medications. The extensive list includes both drug and disease interactions.

Drug Interactions

  • Number of Drugs: 678 known interactions
  • Major Interactions: 234
  • Moderate Interactions: 433
  • Minor Interactions: 11

Selected Medications with Potential Interaction:

  • Amlodipine
  • Gabapentin
  • Lisinopril
  • Clotrimazole
  • Fluconazole
  • Itraconazole
  • Levodopa

Disease Interactions

  • Dementia
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Parkinsonism
  • CNS depression/coma related psychosis
  • Previous neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS)
  • Seizure disorders
  • Acute alcohol intoxication
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Renal/liver disease
  • Hyperprolactinemia/breast cancer
  • Neutropenia
  • Dehydration
  • Tardive dyskinesia

Alcohol/Food Interactions

  • Known alcohol/food interaction: 1

This comprehensive overview highlights potential interactions, but healthcare professionals should be consulted for personalized advice.

Norodol Dekanoat I.M. Injection Icin Solution 150 Mg Precautions

Haloperidol Decanoate, the cornerstone of “Norodol Dekanoat I.M. Injection Icin Solution 150 Mg,” warrants specific precautions during use.

General Precautions

  1. Alertness: Avoid activities requiring alertness until understanding the impact.
  2. Alcohol Consumption: Refrain from alcohol consumption during Haloperidol Decanoate use.
  3. Concomitant Medications: Consult with healthcare professionals before combining with other drugs and natural products affecting actions.


  1. Cardiac Disorders: Contraindicated in patients with cardiac disorders.
  2. Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease: Avoid in patients with dementia (e.g., Alzheimer’s disease), Parkinson’s disease, and a history of neuroleptic malignant syndrome.

Special Precautions

  • Administer with caution and monitor usage in elderly patients, those with hypokalaemia, hypotension, hyperthyroidism, renal or hepatic impairment, history of seizures.

This overview, while comprehensive, may not encompass all necessary precautions, emphasizing the importance of professional consultation before commencing any new medication.


In conclusion, “Norodol Dekanoat I.M. Injection Icin Solution 150 Mg” emerges as a crucial tool in managing mental and mood disorders, particularly schizophrenia. While Haloperidol Decanoate offers therapeutic benefits, careful consideration of potential side effects, dosage nuances, interactions, and precautions is indispensable. Consulting healthcare professionals remains paramount for tailored guidance, ensuring a judicious balance between therapeutic efficacy and patient well-being.

Overview of “Norodol Dekanoat I.M. Injection Icin Solution 150 Mg”

Aspect Information
Active Ingredient Haloperidol Decanoate
Chemical Structure 4-(4-chlorophenyl)-1-[4-(4-fluorophenyl)-4-oxobutyl]-4 piperidinyl decanoate
Solubility Almost insoluble in water (0.01 mg/mL), soluble in most organic solvents
Usage Treatment of schizophrenia through intramuscular injection
Warning Increased mortality risk in elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis
Common Side Effects Sleepiness, orthostatic hypotension, dry mouth, abnormal voluntary movements, weight gain, and more
Serious Side Effects Cardiovascular problems, infectious issues, neuroleptic malignant syndrome, severe allergic reactions, blood clots
Benefits Management of schizophrenia symptoms; part of a comprehensive treatment plan
Dosage Guidelines Determined by healthcare professionals based on individual factors; administered monthly or every 4 weeks
Interactions 678 known drug interactions, 21 disease interactions, 1 alcohol/food interaction
Precautions General precautions, contraindications for specific conditions, special precautions for certain populations

This detailed exploration serves as a valuable resource for both healthcare professionals and individuals seeking informed insights into the therapeutic landscape of “Norodol Dekanoat I.M. Injection Icin Solution 150 Mg.”


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