Minoset Tablet

Minoset Tablet, a pharmaceutical protagonist, houses paracetamol as its cardinal constituent. Prized for its dual role as an analgesic and antipyretic, it stands as a stalwart ally in pain management and fever mitigation.

Dosage form

Pack size


500 Mg



Generic Name (Ingredient)

500 Mg Paracetamol

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Minoset manifests in tablet and pediatric syrup incarnations. The conventional Minoset tablet encapsulates 500 mg of paracetamol. In a nuanced variation, Minoset PLUS amalgamates 250 mg of paracetamol, 150 mg of propifenazon, and 50 mg of caffeine. Tailored for younger demographics, the pediatric syrup harbors 150 mg of paracetamol per 5 ml.

Versatile Utilization

Minoset emerges as a versatile combatant, addressing mild to moderate pain and fever on multiple fronts. Its efficacy spans headaches, migraines, toothaches, neuralgia, myalgia, and trauma or burn-induced pain. Notably, it alleviates symptoms without directly tackling the underlying pathology.


Precision governs the dosage terrain of Minoset Tablet, a realm where age, weight, and overall health intricately dance. The choreography unfolds as follows:

  • Adults and Children Over 12 Years: In the quest for swift pain relief, two tablets, accompanied by 100 ml of water, stand as the recommended dose. Administered on an empty stomach for optimal efficacy, this dosage can be repeated no more than every four hours, not exceeding four doses within 24 hours.
  • Children Under 12 Years: The dosage for this demographic remains a nuanced decision, best entrusted to the discernment of a healthcare professional.

Minoset Plus introduces its own symphony, orchestrating 1-2 caplets every 4-6 hours for adults and children over 12 years. A vigilant cap of 8 caplets within 24 hours safeguards against unwarranted repercussions.

It is pivotal to grasp these are guiding constellations, and individual nuances demand the compass of professional healthcare counsel.

Age Group Dosage
Adults & 12+ Years 2 Tablets every 4 hours, up to 4 doses/day
Children Under 12 Consult a healthcare professional

Side Effects

While the therapeutic embrace of Minoset is profound, its companionship may bring forth common cohorts such as headache, drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, abdominal pain, and gas. Prolonged and high-dose sojourns in paracetamol territory may potentially unveil the specter of liver damage.


The ascent with Minoset demands vigilance. Its inclusion of sodium flags caution for those adhering to a controlled sodium diet. Notably, Minoset PLUS harbors formaldehyde, a potential harbinger of nausea and diarrhea.

Tempo of Relief

Engineered for expeditious relief, Minoset urges a minimum intake of two tablets with 100 ml of water on an empty stomach. The four-hour refrain between doses, capped at four doses in a 24-hour orchestration, maps the rhythm. The exact harmony of relief’s arrival, however, waltzes to the individual’s health, metabolism, and symptom severity. Personalized counsel from a healthcare virtuoso paints the most accurate strokes.

Interaction with Other Medications

Minoset’s symphony may harmonize with anticoagulants, sway with anticholinergics, and dance with oral contraceptives. These potential interactions should cue the wise counsel of a healthcare conductor, orchestrating a harmonious ensemble of medications for optimal therapeutic resonance.

Interaction Potential Impact
Anticoagulants Slight to moderate increase in prothrombin time
Anticholinergics Decreased absorption of paracetamol
Oral Contraceptives Accelerated excretion of paracetamol

Pregnancy and Lactation

Paracetamol, the essence within Minoset, crosses the placental threshold. While observed human effects are benign, the FDA’s cautious categorization as a pregnancy category C drug invites nuanced consideration. A judicious weighing of maternal benefits against potential fetal risks becomes the prelude to paracetamol’s inclusion in the pregnancy and lactation score.

Communing with Caution

Minoset’s narrative intertwines with other medications, cueing a vigilant note for those in tandem with anticoagulants, anticholinergics, and oral contraceptives. In this polyphonic interplay, a healthcare maestro’s guidance is the linchpin for harmonious well-being.

Minoset Tablet Benefits

  • Pain Relief: Minoset Tablet emerges as an exemplar in pain alleviation, offering respite from various pain nuances, spanning headaches to burns.
  • Fever Reduction: Beyond pain, Minoset unfurls its antipyretic mantle, orchestrating a symphony of temperature reduction.
  • Safety Credentials: A beacon of safety, Minoset extends its embrace to those intolerant to salicylates and individuals with allergic tendencies.
  • World Health Organization’s Nod: Positioned as the World Health Organization’s (WHO) frontline contender in pain conditions, Minoset’s significance echoes globally.
  • Availability Ensemble: From syrup to tablets, injections to suppositories, Minoset’s repertoire aligns with diverse patient needs, rendering accessibility a key feature.
  • Inflammatory Neutrality: Bucking the trend, Minoset sidesteps anti-inflammatory effects, preserving the delicate balance of tubular uric acid secretion and acid-base equilibrium at recommended doses.

Embracing these benefits unfurls under the vigilant gaze of healthcare stewardship to avert potential complexities.


  • Overdose Vigil: The specter of fatal overdose and liver failure lurks in the realm of incorrect acetaminophen usage. Adherence to national and manufacturer dosing directives becomes the fortress against this peril.
  • Allergic Echoes: While allergic symphonies following acetaminophen are rare, the onset of skin rash, itching, or hives demands an immediate cessation of Minoset, followed by a medical overture.
  • Alcohol’s Lurking Shadow: Chronic active alcoholism casts a looming shadow, elevating the risk of paracetamol-induced liver damage. Prudence beckons regular alcohol consumers to confer with their healthcare provider before taking Minoset.
  • Maternal Deliberation: Pregnancy and breastfeeding junctures pivot on a careful deliberation of maternal benefits versus potential fetal risks. A journey navigated best under the wise counsel of a healthcare guide.
  • Medicinal Duets: Potential interactions with other medications call for a prelude of healthcare consultation. Transparency about current medications unfurls a tapestry of well-informed therapeutic choices.
  • Chewable Etiquette: Chewable tablets counsel thorough mastication before swallowing, while extended-release tablets shun the path of crushing or chewing. A mindful adherence to these nuances safeguards against untoward side effects.

In traversing these cautionary signposts, professional healthcare guidance remains the lodestar for a secure journey.


In the intricate weave of therapeutic options, Minoset Tablet stands as a meticulously crafted thread, intertwining pain relief, fever reduction, and safety. Its orchestration of benefits and cautionary notes creates a symphony that resonates across diverse patient needs. Yet, in this harmonious composition, the guiding baton of healthcare professionals becomes the sine qua non, ensuring a melodic and secure therapeutic journey.


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