Kreval Forte Syrup

Kreval Forte emerges as a reassuring remedy, housing the active ingredient butamirate citrate. Join us on a journey through this comprehensive article to explore the nuances of this cough suppressant syrup, from its uses to precautions and potential side effects.

Dosage form

Pack size


15 Mg/5Ml 100Ml



Generic Name (Ingredient)

Every 5 Ml: Butamyrate Citrate 15, 00 Mg

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As the curtains of dosing unveil, age emerges as a guiding star in the realm of Kreval Forte Syrup. For children aged 3-6 years, the script suggests a recommended dose of 5 ml, three times a day. For their older counterparts, aged 6-12 years, a dosage of 10 ml, thrice daily, is prescribed.

Adolescents and adults, traversing a distinct phase of life, find their rhythm in a dose of 15 ml, to be taken three to four times daily. This carefully orchestrated symphony of dosages caters to the nuances of age, a testament to personalized care.


Venturing into the realm of Kreval Forte Syrup, an overture of precautions beckons. A crucial stanza advises perusal of instructions, partnered with consultations with physicians or pharmacists to quell the flames of uncertainty. An injunction arises for those ensnared by allergies to butamirate or any of the syrup’s constituents—a signal to steer clear.

Those treading the path of expectorant medications tread with caution, as the combination may weave unforeseen interactions. The clock ticks, and if a cough persists for more than seven days, a call to the doctor or pharmacist becomes a refrain in the narrative of well-being.

Kreval Forte Syrup Usage

The stage of pregnancy casts its profound shadow upon the journey of Kreval Forte Syrup. The first trimester stands as a barrier, barring the entry of the syrup. As the sands of time flow, the subsequent acts unfold with cautious steps.

Indicated by a physician, the syrup’s embrace is permitted, though with vigilance, a nod to the delicate realm of maternal well-being. A juncture arrives, where breastfeeding poses its queries—a balance between the benefits of syrup and the risks it might pose is artfully weighed. The scales tip, favoring a meticulous consideration of the unknown terrain.

Side Effects

Diving into the mosaic of effects, the stage is shared with a potent cast—Kreval Forte Syrup and its active ingredient butamirate citrate. Coughs, echoing from diverse origins, find their hush within this ensemble. Yet, as with any voyage, the landscape of side effects emerges.

Not all traversing this path encounter them, but the spectrum is diverse. A journey within, sometimes marked by the emergence of rash, nausea, diarrhea, and vertigo—each a fleeting note in the symphony. The refrain is familiar, the symptoms often dissipate with dose modulation or the cessation of treatment. A caveat beckons, a reminder to heed the body’s whispers and consult with the guardian of well-being, the doctor or pharmacist.

Driving with Caution

The realm of roadways and machinery emerges, casting its shadow on the experience with Kreval Forte Syrup. A rarely trodden path, it hints at the possibility of somnolence, a dance of drowsiness induced by the syrup.

Amid this realm of influence, caution is embraced, urging the vigilant traverser to heed the rhythm of alertness. While steering wheels spin and gears shift, the echoes of vigilance ring in harmony with caution.

A Pathway to Understanding

As the journey unfurls, a tapestry of prudence is woven, guiding the footsteps of those who seek solace within Kreval Forte Syrup. The dosages stand as an ode to the whispers of age, a harmonious cadence in the symphony of healing.

Precautions unfurl their wings, shielding against unforeseen winds, as the embrace of allergies and expectorants finds counsel. The journey of pregnancy finds its footsteps, treading delicately with the syrup’s touch. The mosaic of side effects paints a canvas of possibilities, each note an invitation to consult. The realm of machinery and driving navigates with the compass of caution, a tribute to alertness.


In the symphony of cough relief, Kreval Forte Syrup stands as a resonant chorus. Its orchestration, guided by butamirate citrate, carries whispers of relief for diverse coughs. The journey of dosage, precautions, and side effects finds its rhythm, each note harmonizing with the chorus of well-being.

The counsel of prudence guides the voyage, ensuring the harmony of health and relief finds its resounding echo within the realm of Kreval Forte Syrup.


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