Kortos Supozituvar

Kortos Supozituvar, an emblem of relief from anorectal afflictions, takes the stage as a Turkish medicine meticulously crafted to address a spectrum of concerns. This versatile remedy shines its light on hemorrhoids, anal fissures, radiation-induced proctitis, anal eczema, and anal pruritus.

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Generic Name (Ingredient)

For 1 Suppository: Hydrocortisone Acetate 5 Mg Polidocanol 27 Mg

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In the heart of Kortos Supozituvar rests a precise concoction, a blend engineered to spark healing. Each suppository harbors the potency of 5 mg of hydrocortisone acetate and 27 mg of polidocanol1. These active agents form a harmonious symphony, a promise to alleviate distress.

Elegantly cloaked in white, these torpedo-shaped suppositories stand as beacons of hope, each a repository of relief1.

Dosage and Administration

The path to optimal results with Kortos Supozituvar is illuminated by dosage wisdom. This beacon calls for 1 or 2 suppositories daily, as the need arises. As a guiding principle, the physician weaves the thread of treatment duration, drawing from the patient’s response to the medicine.

A gentle reminder echoes—long-term, high-dose usage unfurls the curtain to the realm of systemic corticosteroid effects, a territory to tread cautiously. The horizon of 7 days stands as the boundary, a gentle reminder to navigate with care.


For rectal use alone, the application of Kortos Supozituvar unveils itself as an intimate ritual, a canvas for relief. A gentle touch follows defecation, as the suppository takes its place. A whisper of cotton blankets the region, a nod to tenderness.

As the patient reclines, a moment of stillness embraces the suppository’s journey. The tapestry unfolds, and if the need arises, a mild laxative steps in, accompanied by a mindful diet.


In the symphony of caution, the realm of contraindications unfurls its pages, a tapestry of safety measures. Kortos Supozituvar, a warrior for relief, extends its hand to those free of hypersensitivity to its ingredients. Yet, the door stands closed for those tethered to tuberculosis of the rectum and anal area, infectious diseases, live virus fungal vaccines, peptic ulcers, osteoporosis, psychosis, severe psychoneurosis, diabetes, congestive heart failure, chronic renal failure, and the embrace of old age.

However, a reassuring touch follows—hydrocortisone acetate’s modest presence and its gentle absorption rate through the rectum offer solace.


A proctological expedition unfurls before indulging in the Kortos Supozituvar experience, a testament to thoroughness and care. Should irritation knock on the door, the application finds its pause. In the presence of infection, an antifungal or antibacterial guardian steps in.

The tapestry of caution weaves a fabric of wisdom—should immediate effect remain elusive, the curtain falls on corticosteroid use, awaiting the moment of infection’s defeat.

Therapy’s Custodianship

As the melody of long-term corticosteroid therapy plays, guardianship finds its spotlight—a vigilant watch over hypertension, glycosuria, hypokalemia, gastric discomfort, and the spectrum of mental changes.

The lore of storage weaves its narrative—the embrace of cool spaces, avoidance of direct sunlight’s touch, and a gentle reminder that refrigeration finds no place in the tapestry. With scissors in hand, the protective cover finds its cut, unveiling the path to preservation.


At the heart of Kortos Supozituvar’s efficacy rests a dual essence—a fusion of hydrocortisone acetate and polidocanol1. Hydrocortisone acetate, a cornerstone, embraces its role as a corticosteroid—a soothing balm for inflammation, itching, and swelling.

Its journey unfolds with a binding to the cytosolic glucocorticoid receptor, culminating in the nucleus’s embrace. Here, a dance of binding to glucocorticoid response elements (GRE) commences, orchestrating the genes’ transformation.

In parallel, polidocanol unfurls as a sclerosing agent, an alchemist of vessel endothelium transformation. Through orchestrated endothelial damage, the stage is set for platelets’ congregation, their connection with the venous wall weaving a tapestry of occlusion—platelets, cellular remnants, and fibrin—the elements of a closing chapter.

In unity, these ingredients stand—an ensemble of relief for hemorrhoids and other anorectal travails.

Maternity and Nurturing

In the realm of maternity and nurturing, Kortos Supozituvar emerges as an enigma. My search, alas, does not unveil the tapestry of its role during pregnancy or breastfeeding. A canvas of wisdom stands—consultation with a healthcare custodian, a lighthouse to understand the potential embrace of risks and benefits.


In the symphony of anorectal relief, Kortos Supozituvar takes its place—an emblem of alleviation, a guide for those in pursuit of solace. The pages of caution, the paths of application, and the tapestry of ingredients unite—a narrative of prudence, a dance of science. As the curtain falls, it whispers the refrain—the quest for relief, a journey painted by science and guided by care.


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