Ketoral Shampoo

Ketoral shampoo is not like other shampoos available in the markets, it is only available in pharmacies. In other words, it is a medical product, usually prescribed by dermatologists. There are many articles about this shampoo and its effects are proven. Since it has very effective properties, it should be used correctly.

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Each Ml Contains 20 Mg Of Ketoconazole.

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If you are asking a question about what is Ketoral shampoo, let’s explain the answer clearly. It is a product with very effective content created for fungal diseases. It is a medical shampoo used for dandruff, genetically caused hair loss, seborrheic, itching, eczema, fungal infections, oily scalp.

It is offered for sale in a slightly elongated container in red and white color. It was provided on the market by Bilim Pharmaceuticals Industry and has been used safely for years. The pH value has a value of around 6, which is the same as the value of the scalp. It is also very important and beneficial that these pH values ​​are the same. It is available in two variants, 60 ml and 100 ml.


Ketoral shampoo


What are Ingredients and Excipients?

Ketoral shampoo content is very curious. The biggest reason to wonder is what is the difference from other normal shampoos. It is a product that is applied to the hair and skin. It is not used on the face or other body parts. The active ingredient is ketoconazole. On average, each ml contains an average of 20 mg.

Ketoconazole is a substance that functions and heals diseases. Its effect has been proven by many scientific articles. Its auxiliary substances are sodium chloride, purified water, coconut oil acid, viking essence, hydrochloric acid, erythrosine dye, sodium lauryl ether sulfate.

Where (For Which Diseases) Is Ketoral Shampoo Used?

The points where it is used are important. You will see significant benefits when you use it at the points listed below. If you think about where these are, let’s explain right away.

  • In hair problems caused by fungal infections
  • Fungal infections in the hair
  • Inhibiting the proliferation of fungi on the skin
  • Treatment of excessively oily scalp
  • In the treatment of ringworm
  • For dandruff problem
  • In the crusting of the scalp
  • In the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis
  • In the treatment of genetically caused hair loss
  • In the problem of thinning hair strands (genetic)
  • As a DHT inhibitor that causes hair loss in men
  • In reducing the hormone activity in the hair
  • Drying of acne on the scalp
  • As a preventive treatment in people who have had hair transplantation

Is Ketoral Shampoo Used for Hair Loss?

This question is asked a lot, so we wanted to answer it in detail. It is especially used for hair loss caused by genetics and it also gives very good results. The cause of genetic loss is the DHT substance formed in the scalp. This shampoo significantly reduces this substance and contributes to the problem of shedding. In many scientific journals, it has been proven that Ketoral Shampoo has a minoxidil effect and reduces DHT hormone.

Many dermatologists state that it will be difficult to overcome the problem of hair loss without using Ketoral Shampoo. Here it is recommended for use. It also produces good results in fungal hair loss. If there are genetic spills in women and men, start using it immediately. In addition, it prevents hair loss as a result of fungal problems.

How Should It Be Used?

If it has been prescribed to you by the dermatologist, use it exactly as instructed. If he did not say anything about its use, it would be enough to apply it as follows.

  • Not recommended for use in infants and children. Pregnant and lactating women should use it according to the doctor’s recommendation.
  • First, we shake the box well, then we apply it by making a light foam on the scalp, and we wait for 5 minutes and rinse.
  • Usage will be as in the previous premise, but you will wash it first with your own shampoo and then with ketoral shampoo.
  • If you are using it according to the doctor’s recommendation, do not use more than your doctor recommends.
  • You should use it twice in the first week.
  • After two weeks, you should use it every 3 days.
  • After getting the results, it will be enough to apply once a week.

Important Details to Know

  1. If you have an allergy to the active or auxiliary substances in its content, you should not use it.
  2. This product prevents fungal growth and fungal problems on the scalp.
  3. While washing your hair, you should not touch your eyes as much as possible. If it is noticeable, you should rinse with plenty of water.
  4. Do not use it for a very different skin problem, consult a dermatologist.
  5. Pregnant and lactating mothers should not start using it without consulting a doctor. They can use it according to the doctor’s recommendation.
  6. If you realize that you are pregnant while using it, stop the use immediately, consult a doctor.
  7. It causes your hair dye to lose its properties quickly, and it can also lighten the main hair color.
  8. Do not wash again after the application, but if you are going to do it, it should wait for at least three hours.


What are the Side Effects?

We have listed below the situations that can occur very rarely, but the probability of them happening is extremely low. Here are Ketoral shampoo side effects

  • Slight variation in hair color
  • Swelling and peeling of the scalp
  • Increased tear production compared to normal
  • Mild eye irritations
  • Slight redness in contact areas
  • Skin burning condition
  • Dryness and rash on the skin
  • Urticaria (hives)
  • Swelling of the face, tongue, throat
  • Pain in the abdomen


Ketoral shampoo

How Much Is It Sold and Where to Buy?

It is sold in pharmacies as it is a medical product. It is available by prescription. Your insurance covers part of the amount purchased with a prescription. Do not buy the ones that have been torn open the package. Also, be sure to check the expiration date. Do not buy products with a very close expiration date, their features may be lost.

Are There Equivalents (Equivalents) to This Shampoo?

There are many people who ask about Ketoral shampoo equivalents. There are equivalents of this product available. There are skin formulas with the same active ingredient. Their names are as follows;

Storage Conditions

Do not keep in very humid environments. Also, keep Ketoral shampoo out of reach of children. Store at a temperature below thirty degrees. Also, never use anything past its expiration date. Also, stay away from products with damaged packaging.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have answered detailed questions about this subject here one by one. The answers to these questions will guide you. Don’t forget the details.

Question 1: Does it contain cortisone?

Answer 1: It is not a cortisone product. It is in the group of drugs called antimitotics.

Question 2: Can it be used in the genital area; does it cause any problems?

Answer 2: It cannot be used for the genital area. If it is to be used, ketoral cream should be preferred for this area.

Question 3: Is it okay if it is used for the face, should I try it?

Answer 3: It can be used on the face and hair area. Just don’t hit your eyes, it can cause problems.

Question 4: Should this shampoo be used alone?

Answer 4: It should never be used alone. It is recommended to be used with your regular shampoo as it is very effective. For example, if you are going to wash your hair three times a week, the dose should be reduced to once a week after 3 months with ketoral twice a week and once a week with your normal shampoo.

Question 5: I have a fungus on my foot, can I use it for this?

Answer 5: It is not used for athletes’ feet. You can use a cream called Travazol Cream for this.

Question 6: Can it be used on babies?

Answer 6: We say definitely not to use it because it can cause too many side effects.

Question 7: Does Ketoral shampoo cure the fungus in animals such as cats and dogs?

Answer 7: It has been tried by some people but with no results. For this reason, do not use this application for this.

Question 8: Will it be beneficial for acne on the hair?

Answer 8: It is very effective in the problem of acne and gets rid of acne in a short time.

What is the User’s Experience?

Those who used Ketoral shampoo made the following comments. By looking at these comments, you will make a more accurate decision. They are real personal comments taken from various social media, etc. We share them anonymously.

YK tells: I used it for dandruff, it really offers a very effective and fast solution. Many shampoos on the market do not have this effect. I recommend those who suffer from dandruff problems try it. I’ve seen a plus in hair loss, let me add that.

FN tells: The dermatologist I went to for genetic hair loss gave it to me. He explained many details and I really benefited from it. It prevents hair thinning. I just used an extra couple of products for hair loss. It only lightens the hair color slightly, for your information, do not use too much.

K.Ü explains: It should definitely be your first choice for fungal-related problems. It’s a little itchy on the scalp, I don’t like it.

Ç.N tells: I didn’t like it because it lightened the color of my hair dye, but it has very good content. There are laboratory tests with proven effectiveness in many scientific journals.

M.İ tells: I used it for ringworm and I saw it was very useful. This product was written by my doctor, that’s how I knew about it, I recommend it.

SR tells: I tried it for eczema, and it helps, but there is no permanent solution. Still useful for sure.

UK explains: Ketoral shampoo is a product that should be used by those who have a lot of oil in their hair. My doctor gave it, for this reason, there is no lubrication anymore and many hair problems due to lubrication do not occur.

Download Ketoral shampoo Leaflet

Ketoral shampoo Leaflet (Russian)


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