Gynoferon Depo Dragee

Gynoferon Depo Dragee stands as a stalwart medication engineered to combat anemia—a condition characterized by a dearth of healthy red blood cells to efficiently transport vital oxygen to the body’s intricate tissues. This pharmaceutical entity is meticulously curated in the form of coated tablets, each encompassing a robust composition of 80 mg of elemental iron,…

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Each Warehouse Dragee: Iron Ii Sulphate 270 Mg (Equivalent To 80 Mg Of Elemental Iron) Folic Acid 0.35 Mg

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Gynoferon Depo Dragee emerges as a pivotal player in the realm of healthcare, wielding its efficacy to circumvent and remedy anemia stemming from the dearth of iron and folic acid. Its applicability stretches across diverse scenarios, manifesting its potency as a guardian of maternal health during the course of pregnancy when dietary sustenance falls short of meeting requisites.

This medication further extends its protective aegis to encompass non-pregnant individuals plagued by the throes of anemia driven by iron and folic acid insufficiency. Beyond its conventional role, the application of Gynoferon Depo Dragee unfurls its nurturing aura to address hidden iron deficiency, iron deficiency anemia, and iron deficiency anemia coupled with concurrent folic acid scarcity during pivotal stages encompassing pregnancy, postpartum, and lactation.


The orchestration of Gynoferon Depo Dragee mandates meticulous adherence to prescribed dosages and administration guidelines. The landscape of adult oral consumption serves as the canvas for this medication’s consumption. In the context of iron deficiency anemia and veiled iron scarcity, the recommended dosage gravitates towards a solitary coated tablet, consummated preferably before the commencement of the day’s repast.

The more intricate terrain of severe iron deficiency anemia beckons the intake of two coated tablets per diem, adorning the junctures of breakfast and dinner. The chronology of treatment stands as the purview of the medical practitioner, their clinical acumen dictating the temporal trajectory.

A Singular Directive: Amplifying Prudent Practices

The essence of reinvigorating iron stores to a state of equilibrium epitomizes the essence of Gynoferon Depo Dragee’s mandate. As hemoglobin levels are restored to the realms of normalcy, the trajectory of treatment perseveres in the form of a single coated tablet daily, to be consumed on an empty stomach for a span of 1-3 months.

The realm of consumption bestows the directive to ingest the coated tablets whole, void of mastication, dissolution, or prolonged oral habitation. The landscape of gastrointestinal compatibility steers the consumption narrative, with the choice of ingesting the tablets with or without sustenance.

Contraindications and Precautions

In the tableau of pharmaceutical engagement, the veneration of contraindications and precautions serves as a vanguard. Gynoferon Depo Dragee resolutely steers clear of utilization in individuals harboring allergies to its compositional constituents. The sphere of non-iron deficiency anemia, iron overload conditions, hemochromatosis or hemosiderosis, and individuals tethered to a regimen of repetitive blood transfusions erects a barrier to the application of this medication.

The canvas extends to exclude children under 12 years of age due to the elevation of iron content and instances of intestinal obstruction attributed to the presence of hydrogenated castor oil within its formulation. Precautionary vestiges unfurl in individuals embracing gastrointestinal disorders or conditions that impinge upon iron absorption and metabolism.

In cases of severe renal affliction with concomitant erythropoietin deficiency, the administration of Gynoferon Depo Dragee is ensconced within the embrace of erythropoietin. It is imperative to underline the unsuitability of this medication for children under the age of 12 years.

Active Ingredients

Gynoferon Depo Dragee harnesses its therapeutic dynamism from the potent synergy of elemental iron and folic acid. Within each coated tablet, the amalgamation of 80 mg of elemental iron—equivalent to 270 mg of ferrous sulfate—and 0.35 mg of folic acid forges the foundation of efficacy.

This tandem works in symphony to deter and redress anemia resultant from the confluence of iron and folic acid scarcity during gestational phases bereft of sufficient nutritional sustenance. Moreover, this compositional duo extends its beneficent influence to non-pregnant individuals ensnared by the clutches of analogous deficiency scenarios.

Pioneering Wellness

As the discourse on Gynoferon Depo Dragee reaches its denouement, a harmonious melody resonates—an ode to medical profundity entwined with the imperative of vigilance and prudence. In this symphony, the refrain reverberates with the call for informed choices fortified by the guidance of medical practitioners—a luminous path towards fortified health and holistic wellness.

In Summation

Gynoferon Depo Dragee emerges as a vanguard of wellness, traversing the landscape of anemia with deftness and precision. It serves as a sentinel of vitality, resonating with the essence of informed decisions, judicious counsel, and a commitment to nurturing one’s well-being—an odyssey towards the zenith of health and balance


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