Fuzo Plus Liquid Gel

Fuzo plus liquid gel lower back pain (lumbago), lower back pain (lumbago), joint calcification (osteoarthritis), inflammation of the soft tissue surrounding the joint (periarthritis), muscle beam inflammation (tendinitis), muscle, It is an effective drug used for traumatic, degenerative and rheumatic diseases of soft tissues and joints, where there is inflammation of the beam part (tenosinovit),…

Dosage form

Pack size


%1 30G



Generic Name (Ingredient)

Nimesulide %One Lidocaine 5%

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What is Fuzo Plus Liquid Gel?

Painful ostearthritis (arthritis and devastation in the joints), bursitis (inflammation of the sacs around the joint), tenosinovit (inflammation of the muscle beam), tendinitis (muscle, Soft tissue rheumatic diseases such as beam inflammation), periarthritis (inflammation of soft tissue around the joint), lower back pain, back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, low back pain, accidental and sports injuries are the skin product that improves conditions such as pain, swelling, redness, injury, sprain.

It is applied by rubbing on the skin and there is no other method of use. This drug is in the form of liquid gel. It will be a good choice for those who do not want to take pills. It has a white blue box. There is no cortisone in the content of this drug. It is in a group of drugs called non-streoid anti-inflammatory preparations.

Fuzo Plus Liquid Gel Content

It has an extremely successful content. In addition, being in gel form provides ease of use. It has effective active ingredients. There’s a formula for reliability. It does not contain cortisone.

Active ingredients: NimesulidLidocaine

Fuzo Plus Liquid Gel Indications

It is an anti-inflammatory and pain relief drug that reduces biological factors that cause inflammation and pain in the body. It is used in cases such as muscle beam inflammation, inflammation of the joint circumference, arthritis in the joints, rheumatic diseases, low back pain, back pain, shoulder pain, shoulder retention, neck pain. It is used to pass sprains, injuries, crushes, redness, swelling situations caused by accidents and sports injuries. This gel also has muscle relaxation. It also dries out inflammation of the muscle and joint system for a short time.

What Does Fuzo Plus Liquid Gel Do?

We listed their usage areas below. Using skin products at the right time and in the right place will give good results in the point of passing diseases.

  • It is used in the treatment of lower back pain, back pain, shoulder pain manifested by muscle tension.
  • It is good for neck pain and neck retention.
  • It acts as a muscle relaxant by allowing the muscles to relax.
  • It provides the elimination of inflammation and pain that occurs in diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
  • It treats inflammation, swelling and pain caused by sprains, injuries, crushes due to accidents and sports injuries.
  • It is used to treat painful ostearthritis (arthritis and destruction of the joints).
  • Bursitis (inflammation of the sacs around the joint) is used in the treatment of tenosinovit (inflammation of the muscle beam).
  • It is used to treat soft tissue rheumatic diseases such as tendinitis (muscle beam inflammation), periarthritis (inflammation of soft tissue around the joint).


Fuzo Plus Liquid Gel Benefits

It protects the health of the skeletal and muscular system. It prevents serious diseases by eliminating the pains and inflammations that will occur in the skeletal and muscular system. Relieves the person by passing pain and inflammation. Protects the person from permanent damage as a result of sports and accidents. It quickly adapts the person to life by passing on the pain. Preserves skin color. It will give good results when used in problems in the joint area.

How to Use Fuzo Liquid Gel?

  1. Your doctor prescribed this cream and use it in the same way or consider the following recommendations for use.
  2. Apply in a thin layer by lightly massaging the problem area and its surroundings. It is extremely important that you feed this gel to the skin.
  3. Do not cover the area where you are taking the drug.
  4. It should be used 3 or 4 times a day.


Information on use in children and infants

It can be used for people 12 years and older. Babies don’t use this drug.

Information on use in the elderly

There is no limit to the use of the elderly and people over the age of 65.

Information on use in pregnant women and lactants

It should not be used in pregnant and lactating mothers without the recommendation of a doctor. This gel passes into breast milk.

Information on use in those with kidney and liver failure

It should not be used on large skin surfaces in patients with kidney and liver failure. It will be useful to use it with the recommendation of a doctor in these two patient groups.

Information on use with other drugs

It does not have any interaction with other drugs that can be used in contraced.

Vehicle and machine usage information

It is not a drug that affects the use of tools and machines. After use of this drug, you can use tools and machinery.

If used more than the amount of use

Overuse does not pose a risk of side effects. Overuse may increase the likelihood of side effects. And if you swallow it by digging, you should go to a hospital for a check-up and be examined.

If you forget the dose of use

It should continue to be used in normal routine without trying to balance the forgotten amount.

Information on use with food and drink

There is no food and beverage restriction, so it can be used with all food and beverages.

Things to Know About Fuzo Plus Liquid Gel

  1. Do not use this gel if you are allergic to the active or auxiliary substance in it.
  2. There is an age limit for use of this drug should not be used in minors under 12 years of age.
  3. It should not be used in the eye if it accidentally comes into contact with the eye, wash it with plenty of water.
  4.  It is not used in pregnant and lactating people and can be used with the recommendation of a doctor if it is very necessary.
  5. Do not use this gel in open wounds, unintended consequences may occur.
  6. The possibility of side effects may occur when used in high doses. Therefore, overuse does not accelerate recovery.
  7. It is switched to breast milk should be used carefully in breastfeeding mothers with the recommendation of a doctor.
  8. When you end treatment, no adverse conditions occur.
  9. It should not be applied on very large skin surfaces. It should be used on skin surfaces as narrow as possible.
  10. Haricen is used and there are no other uses.


Who Should Not Use Fuzo Plus Liquid Gel?

  • for people under 12 years of age
  • Pregnant women (pregnant women)
  • Breastfeeding mothers
  • In open wounds
  • For those who are allergic to this drug
  • In open wounds
  • In the eye, in-ear, intranasal, lip and oral cavity


Fuzo Plus Liquid Gel Side Effects

This gel has side effects in people whose skin is hypersensitive. It is a drug that is very well tolerated in local applications and mild, temporary side effects appear. If serious side effects occur, you should go to a hospital and be examined.

Mild side effects

  • Redness in the driven area
  • Slight itching in the area driven
  • Irritation in the driven area


Serious side effects

  • Pain in the abdomen
  • Hives (urticaria)
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Swelling on the lips, tongue, throat


Fuzo Plus Liquid Gel Price 2022

The current price of this 50 gram gel is sold in pharmacies from 34.83 TL. It is not sold outside the pharmacy. It is paid by the state when it is taken on prescription. Do not buy from pharmacies that say too much about these prices. Use by expiration date.

Fuzo Liquid Gel Equivalent (Equivalent)

There are other drugs that will show the same effects as this gel. The appreciation that you cannot supply this gel is that you can also take one of the following drugs and start using it.

  • Nimokain gel
  • Dolgit cream
  • Nimes combo gel
  • Sulidin plus lock gel
  • Emulid plus gel
  • Nimesdin plus gel
  • Dolofast plus gel
  • Frenag plus spray
  • Thermo etox cream
  • Thermo sulidine liquid gel
  • Terapix gel
  • Nimes tablet
  • Arthride gel
  • Felden gel


Fuzo Plus Liquid Gel Storage Conditions

It should be stored away from children and in points where they can’t play. Store the unmixed product and package in warm environments at 20 degrees. Do not use this drug after the expiration date. If you notice defects in this gel, dispose of it in medical waste without using it. Shelf life should be disposed of without use even if the mouth has not been opened during this period for 2 years.

Fuzo Plus Liquid Gel Prospectus

We have provided prospectus information, which you can use when it works for you. Knowing all the details about the drug will benefit you.

Questions and Answers About Fuzo Plus.

Question 1: Fuzo Plus Liquid Gel Pregnancy Category?

Answer 1: The pregnancy category is C.

Question 2: Is Fuzo Plus Liquid Gel Used in Pregnancy?

Answer 2: This gel is not used during pregnancy ( pregnancy).

Question 3: Is Fuzo Plus Liquid Gel Taken Over-the-Counter?

Answer 3: It can also be purchased at the pharmacy without a prescription.

Question 4: Does Fuzo Plus Liquid Gel Sleep?

Answer 4: It doesn’t have the ability to sleep.

Question 5: Is Fuzo Plus Liquid Gel Harmful?

Answer 5: There is no harm, only side effects may occur.

Question 6: Fuzo Plus Liquid Gel Cortisone?

Answer 6: It is not a drug containing cortisone.

Question 7: Is Fuzo Plus Liquid Gel Applied to the Face?

Answer 7: This drug can be applied to the face.

Question 8: How Much Is Fuzo Plus Liquid Gel?

Answer 8: The price of this drug is 34.83 TL.

Question 9: Fuzo Plus Liquid Gel Active Ingredient?

Answer 9: They are two substances called Nimesulid and Lidocaine.

Question 10: Is Fuzo Plus Liquid Gel Used in Breastfeeding Mothers?

Answer 10: This drug is also not used in breastfeeding mothers.

Question 11: Does the State Pay fuzo Plus Liquid Gel?

Answer 11: The appreciation it is prescribed is also a drug paid for by the state.

Question 12: Can Fuzo Plus Liquid Gel Be Written by Family Physicians?

Answer 12: Family physicians can prescribe this drug.

Question 13: Does Fuzo Plus Liquid Gel Weaken?

Answer 13: It has no effect on attenuation or weight gain.

Question 14: Does Fuzo Plus Liquid Gel Pay SSI?

Answer 14: It is a drug paid for by SSI when prescribed.

Question 15: Is Fuzo Plus Liquid Gel Used in Infants?

Answer 15: This gel is not used in babies. If used, unintended consequences may occur.

Question 16: Fuzo Plus Liquid Gel Age Limit?

Answer 16: The age limit for this gel is 12. It should not be used in under-12s.

Question 17: Is Fuzo Plus Liquid Gel Used in Genital Area?

Answer 17: This gel is not used in the genital area.

Question 18: Is Fuzo Plus Liquid Gel Applied to Vagina?

Answer 18: This gel is definitely not applied to the vagina.

Question 19: Where to Use Fuzo Plus Liquid Gel?

Answer 19: It is used in the body except the genital area, vagina, hair, mouth, eyes, open wound, lips, mouth areas.

Question 20: What is Fuzo Plus Liquid Gel for?

Answer 20: It is a drug designed to relieve pain and inflammation.

Fuzo Plus Liquid Gel Reviews

Users have told us what happened with this gel. The following information will guide you through this product.

User review: I like it because of the gel structure, it’s definitely a good medicine. I used it for low back pain, it’s fine. immediately relaxes and cools on the first use.

User review: According to many pills, it has no side effects and feels good. I’m glad I’m using this gel instead of taking pills. For those of you who want to use it, I think you should try it once.

User review: I think the sprain caused by sports injuries is perfect for crushing. I’d say it’s an extremely good drug. It’s always in my pharmaceutical warehouse.

User review: I used it, but it didn’t really help. It eased my pain, but it didn’t really go away. There can be differences from person to person.

User review: I’m one of the ones who uses it. It’s one of those drugs we can call good in this field. Try it and I don’t think you’ll regret it. Good health to the producers.

User review: It softens like olive oil, the applied area and it works very well. I like it, and I suggest you.


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