Eyenat Eye Drop, Solution

Eyenat Eye Drop, a remarkable creation from World Medicine, brings soothing relief to dry eyes through its active ingredient, Sodium Hyaluronate. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the wonders of Eyenat Eye Drop, its uses, application methods, and the pharmaceutical prowess of World Medicine.

Dosage form

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%0.15 10Ml



Generic Name (Ingredient)

It Contains 1.50 Mg Sodium Hyaluronate.

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Notice: despite the limited available information, this page provides information about the Eyenat Eye Drop ingredient: Sodium Hyaluronate.

Sodium Hyaluronate

Eyenat Eye Drop’s key component, Sodium Hyaluronate, plays a pivotal role in treating the discomfort of dry eyes. This remarkable substance operates as a lubricant, effectively hydrating the eyes and delivering instant respite from sensations of burning and irritation. While some users may briefly encounter mild vision blurriness, this effect swiftly dissipates.

Diverse Applications of Sodium Hyaluronate

The therapeutic potential of Sodium Hyaluronate extends beyond alleviating dry eye syndrome, also known as keratoconjunctivitis sicca. It serves as a guardian of ocular health, offering protection to the eyes. Furthermore, this versatile substance proves beneficial in addressing corneal dryness resulting from trauma or situations where the eyes cannot close due to nerve paralysis.

How to Use Eyenat Eye Drop

To harness the full benefits of Eyenat Eye Drop and Sodium Hyaluronate, it is imperative to adhere to precise usage instructions:

  1. Precision Matters: Administer Sodium Hyaluronate with meticulous adherence to your healthcare provider’s guidance.
  2. Handle with Care: Avoid any contact between the bottle’s tip and your eye or eyelid.
  3. The Right Technique: With the eyelid gently opened, instill 1-2 drops into the eye. If needed, enlist the assistance of another person for a steady hand.
  4. Time Is of the Essence: To prevent any washout effect, refrain from using any other eye drops or ointments for at least 15 minutes.

World Medicine: Shaping Pharmaceutical Excellence

Eyenat Eye Drop emerges from the meticulous craftsmanship of World Medicine, a distinguished pharmaceutical company dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of the industry. Their unwavering mission revolves around enhancing human health and elevating patients’ quality of life. Throughout their journey, World Medicine remains steadfast in upholding the highest standards of quality, safety, and efficiency.

Consulting Healthcare Professionals

While this guide provides valuable insights into Eyenat Eye Drop and Sodium Hyaluronate, the most accurate information tailored to your unique needs and condition can be obtained through consultation with a healthcare professional. Their expertise ensures that you receive personalized guidance and comprehensive knowledge about “Eyenat Eye Drop.”


In conclusion, Eyenat Eye Drop, enriched with Sodium Hyaluronate, stands as a reliable ally in combating the discomfort of dry eyes. Its versatile applications extend to safeguarding ocular health, making it a valuable addition to your eye care routine. When considering Eyenat Eye Drop or any related eye care matters, the wisdom of healthcare professionals shines as an indispensable resource. Embrace the soothing relief Eyenat Eye Drop provides and embark on a journey to optimal eye comfort.

Table: Key Information

Aspect Details
Active Ingredient Sodium Hyaluronate
Purpose Treatment of Dry Eye Syndrome, Ocular Protection
Application Method Eye Drops
Usage Tips Precision Application, Avoid Contact, Use as Directed, Allow 15-Minute Gap Between Eye Products
Manufacturer World Medicine
Healthcare Guidance Consult with Healthcare Professional for Personalized Advice


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