Exetu Film Coated Tablet

Exetu stands as a pivotal pharmaceutical formulation, encapsulating 25 mg of Exemestane. This agent, belonging to the third-generation aromatase inhibitors, delineates a critical intervention in the management of hormone-responsive breast cancers amidst postmenopausal women.

Dosage form

Pack size


25 Mg



Generic Name (Ingredient)

Exemestane 25 Mg

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Mechanism of Action

Exemestane exerts its therapeutic prowess through the inhibition of the enzyme aromatase, pivotal in the conversion of androgenic precursors into estrogen. In the postmenopausal milieu, the principal source of estrogen stems from the conversion of adrenal and ovarian androgens, facilitated by aromatase. By irreversibly binding to and deactivating aromatase, Exemestane orchestrates a cessation of estrogen synthesis, curtailing the growth stimuli imperative for breast cancer cells.

Therapeutic Applications

The clinical utility of Exemestane extends to diverse arenas within breast cancer management, including:

  1. Early Breast Cancer: Applicable in cases necessitating estrogen for proliferation, subsequent to prior treatment modalities.
  2. Advanced Breast Cancer: Following ineffective or ceased tamoxifen therapy, Exemestane serves as a formidable adjunct in thwarting disease progression.

Exetu Tablet Side Effects

Adverse effects associated with Exetu consumption encompass a spectrum of manifestations, notably:

  • Insomnia: Perturbation in sleep patterns.
  • Headache: A common sequelae across varied therapeutic interventions.
  • Nausea: Occurrence of queasiness or emetic episodes.
  • Increased Sweating: Augmented perspiration dynamics.
  • Musculoskeletal Pain: Incidence of discomfort within bone, muscle, or joint domains.
  • Fatigue: Manifestation of heightened weariness or asthenia.

Precautionary Measures

Contraindications to Exetu entail hypersensitivity reactions to Exemestane or its constituents. Prior medical history, encompassing menstrual status, bone health, and hepatic or renal function, mandates meticulous scrutiny to optimize therapeutic outcomes.

Dosage Regimen

Adherence to prescribed dosage parameters mandates oral administration of one 25 mg tablet postprandially, delineating a daily regimen. In instances of missed doses, prompt supplementation within 12 hours mitigates therapeutic lacunae.

Commencement of Therapeutic Action

Exetu’s pharmacodynamic efficacy manifests promptly upon systemic absorption, with an approximate half-life of 24 hours. However, the tangible clinical response may vary, contingent upon diverse patient-centric variables, warranting personalized therapeutic tailoring.

Duration of Therapy

The temporal continuum of Exetu administration underscores its protracted nature, spanning five to ten years in primary breast cancer management. Variability may ensue contingent upon therapeutic nuances and disease trajectory, necessitating judicious clinician oversight.

Alcohol Consumption Caution

While nominal alcohol intake conveys negligible repercussions, concomitant administration with Exemestane incurs potential side effects, ranging from mild to severe sequelae. Prudence dictates abstinence from alcohol or judicious moderation to obviate untoward interactions.


Exetu, heralding the therapeutic prowess of Exemestane, epitomizes a cornerstone in the armamentarium against hormone-responsive breast cancers. Empowered by a nuanced understanding of its pharmacological underpinnings and clinical intricacies, Exetu underscores a paradigmatic shift towards optimized patient-centric care paradigms. Embracing a holistic approach, informed by evidence-based guidelines, ensures the judicious utilization of Exetu, fostering a continuum of therapeutic efficacy and patient well-being.

Composition of Exetu Film Coated Tablet

Attribute Description
Active Ingredient Exemestane
Dosage Strength 25 mg
Drug Class Aromatase Inhibitor
Therapeutic Application Breast Cancer Management
Route of Administration Oral


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