Dulcaryl Efervesan Tablet (1/4 Doz)

Dulcaryl Efervesan Tablet (1/4 Doz) offers a practical and delicious solution for individuals who need to sweeten their food without consuming sugar. With its unique blend of synthetic sweeteners and effervescent formulation, it provides a sugar-free alternative that enhances the taste of various dishes. Remember to consult with a healthcare professional if you have any…

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Each Effervescent Tablet; It Contains 3.125 Mg Sodium Saccharin.2H2O And 31.250 Mg Sodium Cyclamate.

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What is it?

Dulcaryl Efervesan Tablet (1/4 Doz) is a specially formulated product that combines the goodness of two synthetic sweeteners, Sodium Cyclamate and Sodium Saccharin. Additionally, it contains sodium bicarbonate, tartaric acid, and sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, which contribute to its unique properties. This tablet is primarily intended for individuals who need to avoid sugar but still desire a sweet taste in their food.

How Is Dulcaryl Efervesan Tablet Sold?

You can purchase Dulcaryl Efervesan Tablet (1/4 Doz) in convenient pack sizes containing 100 tablets. This ample supply ensures that you have an adequate stock of sweetening tablets to meet your needs. The retail price for the 500-tablet package of Dulcaryl Efervesan Tablet 1/4 doz was 30.00 TL as of May 24, 2023. With this cost-effective option, you can enjoy a sugar-free sweetening experience without breaking the bank.

Side Effects

While Dulcaryl Efervesan Tablet (1/4 Doz) offers an alternative to sugar, it’s important to be aware of potential side effects. Some individuals may experience photosensitivity, sensitivity, soft stool, or diarrhea. If you encounter any unwanted effects, it is crucial to report them to the Turkish Pharmacovigilance Center (TÜFAM), which operates under the Ministry of Health. By sharing your experience, you contribute to the ongoing evaluation of this product’s safety.


Dulcaryl Efervesan Tablet (1/4 Doz) presents numerous benefits for individuals who need to eliminate sugar from their diet. By incorporating this product into your daily routine, you can enjoy the following advantages:

Sugar-Free Sweetening: Dulcaryl Efervesan Tablet provides a pleasant sweetness to your food without the addition of sugar. This feature allows individuals with specific dietary requirements, such as diabetics or those aiming for weight management, to enjoy a variety of flavors while keeping their sugar intake in check.

Convenience and Versatility: With its compact and easily portable tablet form, Dulcaryl Efervesan Tablet offers convenience and versatility. You can take it with you wherever you go, ensuring that you can add sweetness to your food and beverages whenever desired.

Improved Dietary Compliance: Following a sugar-restricted diet can be challenging, especially for those who have a sweet tooth. Dulcaryl Efervesan Tablet allows individuals to adhere to their dietary restrictions without feeling deprived. By enabling the consumption of flavorsome food and drinks, it promotes better adherence to dietary guidelines.

Precise Dosage Control: Each tablet contains the optimal dose of synthetic sweeteners, guaranteeing accurate and consistent sweetness levels in your culinary creations. This precise dosage control ensures that your food is perfectly sweetened every time.

In Conclusion

Dulcaryl Efervesan Tablet (1/4 Doz) is a remarkable product designed for individuals who need to sweeten their food without sugar. By harnessing the power of synthetic sweeteners like Sodium Cyclamate and Sodium Saccharin, it offers a sugar-free alternative that doesn’t compromise on taste. With the convenience of 100-tablet pack sizes, precise dosage control, and the ability to avoid potential side effects through vigilant reporting, Dulcaryl Efervesan Tablet stands out as a reliable choice. Add a touch of sweetness to your life while maintaining your dietary goals with Dulcaryl Efervesan Tablet (1/4 Doz)!


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