Dikloron Enterik Film Tablet 25 Mg

When pain and inflammation grip your daily life, Dikloron steps in as a trusted ally. This non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) is a beacon of hope for those battling discomfort. Let’s delve into its world and uncover its many facets.

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25 Mg



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Diclofenac Sodium 25 Mg

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At its core, Dikloron is a medication designed to combat pain and inflammation. The dynamic agent orchestrating its magic is diclofenac sodium. This compound operates by curbing the production of chemicals that trigger inflammation and pain within the body.

Dikloron’s efficacy extends to a spectrum of conditions, including rheumatic diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, and osteoarthritis. It’s equally adept at addressing muscle and joint pain, as well as the discomfort associated with menstrual cycles. What’s more, it’s available in various forms, from tablets and ampoules to gel and suppositories, ensuring accessibility for all.

A Specialized Variant

Within the Dikloron universe, a noteworthy contender is the Dikloron Enterik Film Tablet 25 Mg. Each tablet boasts 25 mg of diclofenac sodium, carefully packaged in sets of 30. The convenience it offers comes at a retail price of 54.16 TL, making pain relief a tangible reality.

Utilizing Dikloron: A Precise Endeavor

To harness the full potential of Dikloron, precision in usage is paramount. Your doctor’s prescription should be your guiding star. If your chosen form is tablets, pair them with a glass of water before meals. Crucially, never attempt to chew or crush these tablets, as it may compromise their efficacy. It’s noteworthy that it can induce side effects like vision disturbances, dizziness, or drowsiness in certain individuals. In such cases, steer clear of activities requiring heightened alertness, such as driving or operating machinery.

When Does Dikloron Kick In?

When you’re seeking relief, time is of the essence. Dikloron typically commences its action within a week of usage. However, in more severe scenarios, it may necessitate up to two weeks or even longer for you to experience discernible improvements. It’s crucial to remain patient, as the full spectrum of its benefits may only unfurl after several weeks. Whether taken with or without food, it offers flexibility, ensuring ease of integration into your daily routine.

Drug Interactions

The world of pharmaceuticals is complex, with potential interactions lurking at every turn. Dikloron, like its NSAID counterparts, can engage in interactions with other medications. Transparency is key – your doctor should be informed of all the medications you’re taking, encompassing over-the-counter drugs and dietary supplements. Some noteworthy interactions include:

  1. Avoiding Painkillers: Aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen should be handled with caution, as they heighten the risk of side effects when combined with Dikloron.
  2. Blood-Thinning Medications: If you’re on blood-thinning drugs alongside NSAIDs like Dikloron, your risk of dangerous bleeding events may increase. Consult your doctor for alternative pain relief options tailored to your specific needs.
  3. Steering Clear of Alcohol: Dikloron and alcohol are a combination best avoided. Their interaction can lead to side effects such as nausea, dizziness, and severe indigestion.

Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, and Elderly Considerations

For expecting or nursing mothers, the decision to use Dikloron should be approached with caution. Diclofenac, a key component, may pose risks to unborn babies if used during the final trimester of pregnancy. Its impact on breastfeeding infants is yet to be fully understood. To navigate these critical stages, consult your doctor for up-to-date insights into the safety.

Elderly individuals, too, should exercise caution when engaging with Dikloron. The risk of kidney and liver impairment rises with age, prompting doctors to initiate treatment with lower doses. Close monitoring of kidney and liver function becomes crucial in this demographic.


In conclusion, Dikloron emerges as a versatile ally in the battle against pain and inflammation. Its efficacy is matched only by the importance of precise usage and vigilance against potential interactions. When considering it during pregnancy, breastfeeding, or in your golden years, expert medical counsel is indispensable. As you embark on your journey to pain relief, remember that the guidance of healthcare professionals ensures a smoother, safer ride.


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