Desal I.M./I.V. Ampul

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In the realm of medical therapeutics, Desal I.M./I.V. Ampul emerges as a multifaceted medication, delivering its curative prowess through intramuscular (I.M.) and intravenous (I.V.) administration. This article endeavors to illuminate the various facets of this pharmaceutical marvel.

Dosage form

Pack size


20 Mg/2Ml



Generic Name (Ingredient)

Furosemide 20 Mg

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Desal I.M./I.V. Ampul Ingredient: Furosemide

At the core of Desal I.M./I.V. Ampul lies Furosemide, a pharmacological heavyweight renowned for its diuretic capabilities. Diuresis, the amplified production of urine, is the hallmark of Furosemide’s action.


1. Chronic Heart Failure: This medication plays a pivotal role in mitigating the tumultuous manifestations of chronic heart failure. From tackling respiratory insufficiency to reducing edema and liver enlargement, Desal I.M./I.V. Ampul offers respite.

2. Kidney-Related Fluid Retention: For individuals grappling with excessive fluid retention stemming from chronic kidney failure, Desal I.M./I.V. Ampul steps in as a vital ally in promoting fluid excretion.

3. High Blood Pressure: The efficacy of this medication extends to the management of high blood pressure, ushering relief to those contending with this cardiovascular challenge.

4. Urgent Diuresis: In situations necessitating the rapid elimination of bodily fluids, such as in poisonings, Desal I.M./I.V. Ampul serves as a supportive measure.

Dosage and Packaging

Each Desal I.M./I.V. Ampul is a small but potent vessel containing 20 mg of Furosemide within a 2 ml ampule. The packaging offers versatility, with options of 5 or 100 ampules per pack, ensuring accessibility for various clinical settings.


While Desal I.M./I.V. Ampul holds therapeutic potential, it is not without its precautions. This medication should not be administered if you are allergic to Furosemide or if you exhibit hypersensitivity to sulfonamide group antibiotics and sulfonylurea group drugs used in diabetes treatment. Moreover, caution is advised if you have recently experienced excessive fluid loss due to factors like vomiting, diarrhea, or profuse sweating.


The potency of Desal I.M./I.V. Ampul, driven by Furosemide’s diuretic might, ushers in an array of benefits:

1. Chronic Heart Failure Management: This medication aptly manages the complex milieu of chronic heart failure, from addressing respiratory distress to quelling edema and liver enlargement.

2. Fluid Retention Resolution: For individuals grappled by fluid retention stemming from chronic kidney failure, Desal I.M./I.V. Ampul acts as a fluid excretion facilitator.

3. High Blood Pressure Control: It seamlessly aligns with the arsenal against high blood pressure, providing much-needed relief.

4. Urgent Diuresis Support: In critical situations necessitating the expedited removal of bodily fluids, such as poisonings, this medication is a supportive companion.

In Conclusion

Desal I.M./I.V. Ampul is not just a pharmaceutical entity but a therapeutic linchpin for a spectrum of medical conditions entwined with fluid retention and high blood pressure. However, as with any medicinal intervention, its usage should be judiciously guided by healthcare professionals, ensuring adherence to prescribed dosages. In the domain of medical management, Desal I.M./I.V. Ampul stands as a dependable ally, potentiated by Furosemide’s diuretic prowess.

Key Insights into Desal I.M./I.V. Ampul

Attribute Description
Active Ingredient Furosemide
Mode of Administration Intramuscular (I.M.) and Intravenous (I.V.)
Uses Chronic heart failure, kidney-related fluid retention, high blood pressure, urgent diuresis (e.g., in poisonings)
Dosage Strength 20 mg per 2 ml ampule
Packaging Available in packs of 5 and 100 ampules
Precautions Allergic to Furosemide, sulfonamide group antibiotics, sulfonylurea group drugs, excessive fluid loss (e.g., vomiting, diarrhea, excessive sweating)
Benefits Management of chronic heart failure, fluid retention, high blood pressure, and urgent diuresis

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