Butamcod Fort Syrup

Butamcod Fort Syrup emerges as a pharmaceutical marvel, orchestrated to alleviate distressing coughs. Central to its composition lies the active ingredient butamirate citrate, a pivotal member of the central antitussive drugs family. Its efficacy spans beyond being just a cough suppressant, embracing the potential to address diverse medical conditions.

Dosage form

Pack size


15 Mg/5Ml 100Ml



Generic Name (Ingredient)

Each 5 Ml Syrup Contains 15 Mg Butamyrate Citrate (3 Mg / Ml)

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Every 5 mL dosage of Butamcod Fort Syrup encapsulates the prowess of 15 mg of butamirate citrate, culminating in a concentration of 3 mg/mL. This dynamic formulation extends its essence further, encapsulating various inactive ingredients such as sorbitol, saccharin sodium, benzoic acid, ethanol, vanillin, sucrose, glycerol, and purified water.


Butamcod Fort Syrup occupies a vanguard role in the realm of cough symptom management, a testament to its position within the “cough suppressants” category. This attribute finds its zenith in the symptomatic treatment of coughs originating from multifarious sources.


The dosage directive of Butamcod Fort Syrup orbits around the patient’s age spectrum, with precision being paramount. The guardian of health is tasked with upholding the instructions dispensed by their medical guardian or pharmacist, meticulously absorbing the wisdom embedded within the package leaflet.


The voyage through Butamcod Fort Syrup is marked by prudent precautions. This voyage sees its cessation in scenarios of allergic reactions to either butamirate or any of the syrup’s auxiliary constituents.

Additionally, it fosters vigilance when considering its application in children below the age of three. The synergy of Butamcod Fort Syrup with other expectorant medicines underscores the need for careful navigation, urging prudence in its amalgamation. Should a cough extend beyond a seven-day tenure, the counsel of a medical expert is paramount1.

Maternal Health

The tale of Butamcod Fort Syrup in the context of maternal health unfurls complexity. During the initial trimester of pregnancy, its utilization finds restraint1. However, traversing the trajectory of the remaining pregnancy journey warrants a consultative juncture with the medical custodian, ensconced in a strategic application that harmonizes necessity with caution.

Similar deliberations manifest during the breastfeeding juncture, stemming from a scarcity of data pertaining to the active substance’s presence within breast milk. This landscape underscores the need for meticulous equilibrium between benefits and potential risks.

Side Effects

Butamcod Fort Syrup dons the cloak of its active ingredient, butamirate citrate, which resonates as a cough suppressant. Just like its peers within the pharmacological realm, Butamcod Fort is no stranger to the universe of side effects, although their occurrence remains circumstantially variant.

These manifestations encapsulate the realm of nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, and allergic reactions, ranging from rashes. These side effects, though infrequent, exhibit a propensity for resolution upon dosage adjustment or medication cessation. Should these effects unfurl or any other unusual symptoms arise during Butamcod Fort Syrup’s tenure, the compass directs towards a conversation with the medical guardian or pharmacist, fortified by a bedrock of meticulous adherence to directive wisdom.

Nutritional Synergy

The symbiosis of Butamcod Fort Syrup with sustenance embraces a flexible narrative. The syrup’s potency unfurls harmoniously in both gastronomic engagements and fasting states1. Ensuring precise dosing becomes the mandate, encompassing the mindful application of the enclosed measuring cup, coupled with conscientious cleansing and drying post-use.


The culmination of this journey bequeaths enlightenment encapsulated within the tapestry of Butamcod Fort Syrup’s therapeutic panorama. It crystallizes into an exploration that transcends medicinal boundaries, emerging as a beacon of knowledge, enlightenment, and prudent health stewardship.


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