Bronkolin Retard Tablet 200 Mg

Within the realm of medical marvels, Bronkolin Retard Tablet 200 Mg stands as a beacon of hope, casting its light upon the intricate web of respiratory diseases. Rooted in the Turkish terrain, this medication emerges from the esteemed house of Adeka İlaç ve Kimyasal Ürünler San. Ve Tic. A.Ş, ushering relief to those grappling with…

Dosage form

Pack size


200 Mg



Generic Name (Ingredient)

1 Tablet Contains 200 Mg Of Theophylline

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Active Ingredient and Composition

At the heart of Bronkolin Retard Tablet 200 Mg lies the active ingredient, a pivotal player known as theophylline. Each tablet weaves a symphony of healing, encapsulating 200 mg of theophylline within its core. This intricate blend sets the stage for the medication’s efficacy.

Harnessing the Power of Xanthines

Within the realm of pharmaceutical interventions, Bronkolin Retard Tablet 200 Mg gracefully steps onto the stage, finding its place amidst the class of xanthines. This group of drugs, steeped in the realm of respiratory therapy, stands as a testament to their efficacy in combating respiratory diseases.

Among its roles, Bronkolin Retard Tablet 200 Mg assumes the mantle of asthma prevention and treatment, taming the narrowing of airways known as bronchospasm, and extending its relief to long-term shortness of breath birthed by respiratory afflictions.

Dosage and Administration

The journey towards wellness commences with a path delineated by dosage and administration. In the case of Bronkolin Retard Tablet 200 Mg, this voyage involves oral consumption, with each package unveiling 30 tablets.

The tablets, akin to keys to wellness, are to be embraced with a glass of water, their potency to be unleashed without the ritual of chewing, and on the canvas of an empty stomach. However, the compass of dosage and administration should be entrusted to the discerning hands of a healthcare provider, a custodian of individual well-being.


Before the embrace of Bronkolin Retard Tablet 200 Mg, a ritual of guardianship unfolds. This journey into medicinal engagement beckons patients to unveil their medical tapestry to healthcare providers, ensuring a holistic understanding of individual well-being. Pregnancy adds a layer of nuance, with the first three months standing as a sanctuary where theophylline should not tread.

However, the subsequent trimesters become a canvas, upon which theophylline’s presence may be etched, but only under the discerning guidance of a healthcare provider. The dance of wellness extends to breastfeeding, for theophylline journeys into breast milk. In this realm, a delicate balance is sought, embracing its consumption only under the mandate of necessity and the counsel of a healthcare provider.

Side Effects

As with any endeavor traversing the realm of medicine, a symphony of effects emerges. The notes of Bronkolin Retard Tablet 200 Mg resonate with the potential to induce side effects. In this intricate dance, the guidance of a healthcare provider becomes the North Star, steering individuals towards consultation if the symphony veers towards discord.


In the tapestry of respiratory well-being, Bronkolin Retard Tablet 200 Mg emerges as a beacon of hope. A testament to its prowess in alleviating respiratory ailments, it draws strength from theophylline. This symphony of relief is navigated through oral consumption, unfurling its potential amidst the tapestry of 30 tablets. The compass of dosage and administration becomes an art entrusted to healthcare providers, as guardians of wellness.

Embracing it demands the unveiling of medical nuances, fortified by the wisdom of healthcare providers. As this narrative concludes, the realm of side effects is illuminated, beckoning consultation if the symphony of well-being encounters discord. Through Bronkolin Retard Tablet 200 Mg, the canvas of respiratory wellness finds a brush, gently coloring its narrative with relief


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