Biofleks %0.9 Izotonik Sodyum Klorur Solution

In the realm of healthcare solutions, Biofleks %0.9 Isotonic Sodium Chloride Solution emerges as a fundamental resource. This sterile solution, composed of sodium and chloride ions, forms the cornerstone of intravenous interventions. Let’s delve into its essential characteristics, applications, and precautions.

Dosage form

Pack size


%0.9 50Ml



Generic Name (Ingredient)

Every 100 Ml: Sodium Chloride 0.9 G Injectable Water K. M.

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Biofleks %0.9 Isotonic Sodium Chloride Solution constitutes a sterile concoction that encapsulates sodium and chloride ions, two elemental components vital to the human body’s function. This solution is exclusively administered intravenously, underscoring its precision and effectiveness in replenishing critical bodily elements.

The Multifaceted Utility

This versatile solution serves a tri-fold purpose. Primarily, it functions as a hydrating agent, adeptly replenishing lost fluids within the body. Simultaneously, it rebalances essential salt levels, a pivotal aspect in preventing dehydration. Beyond these roles, Biofleks %0.9 Isotonic Sodium Chloride Solution lends its versatility to the realm of medication administration, often serving as a diluent for intravenous drugs, ensuring their safe and effective delivery.


The administration of Biofleks %0.9 Isotonic Sodium Chloride Solution demands precision. It is exclusively delivered through an intravenous route, facilitated by a compatible plastic tube or set. This delivery method ensures the solution’s direct and controlled introduction into the bloodstream. Packaging options cater to diverse needs, offering flexible bags (Biofleks) in capacities of 50, 100, 150, 250, 500, 1000, and 3000 ml.


Biofleks %0.9 Isotonic Sodium Chloride Solution derives its potency from its elemental composition. Each liter of this solution encompasses a crucial 9 grams of sodium chloride, making it a reliable source of this elemental cornerstone.


As with any medical intervention, a prudent approach to Biofleks %0.9 Isotonic Sodium Chloride Solution is pivotal. Individuals with a history of allergic reactions to this solution or any medication featuring its active or auxiliary ingredients should abstain from its use. If uncertainty shrouds your potential allergies, consulting with your healthcare provider is advised.

Side Effects

Biofleks %0.9 Isotonic Sodium Chloride Solution, often harnessed to restore water and salt balance, is generally considered safe for many patients. However, its administration warrants caution in specific cases. Individuals with underlying conditions such as cardiac, renal, hepatic, or pulmonary disorders, diabetes, or sodium-related swelling should seek comprehensive guidance from healthcare professionals before its use. Consulting a healthcare professional is paramount in these scenarios to evaluate the solution’s compatibility with the individual’s health status.

Appropriate Dosage

The recommended dosage of Biofleks %0.9 Isotonic Sodium Chloride Solution remains contingent on the patient’s clinical condition and the intended purpose. For precise guidance on dosage, consulting with a healthcare professional is indispensable. Their expertise ensures that the solution is administered in a manner aligned with the patient’s unique needs.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Considerations

When contemplating the use of isotonic sodium chloride solution during pregnancy or while breastfeeding, discerning insights emerge. The experiences and studies pertaining to its utilization in pregnant women are limited, rendering its effects on pregnancy, embryonic/fetal development, and postnatal growth uncertain. In this context, the counsel of a healthcare professional becomes invaluable, offering a nuanced perspective on the solution’s safety and appropriateness during these critical phases.

Distinguishing Biofleks %0.9 Isotonic Sodium Chloride Solution

In a landscape of saline solutions, Biofleks %0.9 Isotonic Sodium Chloride Solution occupies a unique niche. Defined by its isotonic nature, with 0.9% sodium chloride concentration, it stands as a stalwart resource in maintaining the body’s water and salt equilibrium. This distinguishes it from other saline solutions, each defined by its distinct salt concentration, such as half-normal saline (0.45% sodium chloride) or hypertonic saline (3% or higher sodium chloride).

In Conclusion

Biofleks %0.9 Isotonic Sodium Chloride Solution’s role in healthcare is unequivocal. Its precision in balancing fluids and essential salts, alongside its versatility in medication administration, underscores its significance. However, the judicious approach to its use, in alignment with precautions, potential side effects, and appropriate dosages, ensures that it remains a safe and effective resource. The consultative guidance of healthcare professionals proves invaluable in navigating its nuanced application within the realm of patient care.


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