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Korean Ginseng, scientifically known as Panax ginseng or Asian ginseng, has earned a well-deserved reputation as a traditional Asian herb with numerous health benefits. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the advantages associated with Korean Ginseng, particularly as found in the Avicenna Red Korean Ginseng Tablet.

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Ginseng Root Powder 500 Mg

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Avicenna Red Korean Ginseng

Korean Ginseng is celebrated for its potential to boost overall well-being and address various health concerns. It is regarded as an adaptogen, a natural substance that helps the body adapt to stress and resist illness. The Avicenna Red Korean Ginseng Tablet encapsulates the essence of this traditional herb.


Korean Ginseng is recognized for an array of potential benefits that have garnered attention in the realm of herbal medicine. Here are some key advantages associated with this renowned herb:

  1. Boosts Immune System: Korean Ginseng is believed to enhance the immune system, providing the body with additional defenses against infections and diseases.
  2. Regulates Blood Circulation: This herb is thought to play a role in regulating blood circulation, contributing to overall cardiovascular health.
  3. Reduces Blood Sugar: For individuals with diabetes, Korean Ginseng may assist in reducing blood sugar levels, aiding in blood sugar management.
  4. Rich in Antioxidants: Korean Ginseng is a source of antioxidants, which can help combat inflammation and oxidative stress, protecting your cells from damage.
  5. Combats Fatigue: Korean Ginseng is often utilized to combat fatigue, improving energy levels and overall vitality.
  6. Enhances Brain Function: Some studies suggest that ginseng may have a positive impact on cognitive functions, including memory, behavior, and mood.
  7. Improves Erectile Dysfunction: Preliminary research indicates that Korean Ginseng may improve symptoms of erectile dysfunction.
  8. Boosts Immunity and Vitality: For those experiencing weakness and fatigue, Korean Ginseng may offer a remedy to stimulate physical and mental activity.

It’s essential to note that individual responses to Korean Ginseng may vary, and consulting a healthcare provider before incorporating any new supplement into your routine is advisable.

Side Effects

While Korean Ginseng is generally well-tolerated, it may lead to certain side effects. Commonly reported side effects include:

  1. Trouble Sleeping: Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep can occur.
  2. Headaches: Some individuals may experience headaches.
  3. Digestive Problems: Upset stomach and diarrhea have been reported in some cases.
  4. Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Changes: Ginseng may affect blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
  5. Menstrual Changes: Regular use of ginseng may lead to changes in the menstrual cycle for some women.
  6. Rapid Heartbeat: Increased heart rate has been observed in certain individuals.
  7. Skin Reactions: In rare cases, severe skin reactions have been reported.

These side effects are generally mild and may not affect everyone. If you experience any of these side effects or if they persist or worsen, seeking medical attention is recommended.


The appropriate dosage of Korean Ginseng varies depending on the intended use. Here are general guidelines:

  • High Blood Pressure: Studies suggest a daily intake of 4.5 grams of red ginseng.
  • Diabetes Management: For diabetes management, a daily intake of 100 – 200 mg of ginseng is suggested.
  • Men’s Health: For men with mild or mild-to-moderate erectile dysfunction, a daily intake of 1,000 mg Korean red ginseng has shown improvement.
  • Women’s Health: Women, especially those experiencing menopause symptoms and hormonal imbalances, may benefit from a recommended minimum dose of one to two grams of Korean red ginseng taken three or four times per day.
  • Immunity Boost: To stimulate immunity, a dosage of 100 mg of ginseng extract twice a day is suggested.

While these are general recommendations, individual needs may differ. Always seek guidance from a healthcare provider before introducing any new supplement into your regimen.

Patience is Key

The effects of Korean Ginseng are typically noticeable within one to two days of use. The speed of onset can vary based on the dosage, the specific type of ginseng, and individual responsiveness to the herb. A common approach is to take ginseng in 2–3-week cycles with a one- to two-week break in between. This cycling strategy optimizes the herb’s benefits while preventing desensitization.

Differentiating Korean Ginseng and Siberian Ginseng

Korean Ginseng and Siberian Ginseng, despite sharing a common name, diverge significantly in several aspects:

  • Species: Korean Ginseng, scientifically known as Panax ginseng, is a specific ginseng species. In contrast, Siberian Ginseng, or Eleutherococcus senticosus, belongs to a different botanical family and is not considered a “true” ginseng.
  • Active Compounds: Korean Ginseng contains active compounds called ginsenosides, while Siberian Ginseng boasts eleutherosides as its active ingredients.
  • Effects: Both ginsengs have stimulating properties, but Siberian Ginseng is often associated with adaptogenic effects and immune system enhancement. In contrast, Korean Ginseng is more renowned for its energy-boosting and aphrodisiac effects.
  • Origin: Korean Ginseng is native to East Asia and Russia, while Siberian Ginseng’s primary habitat is Russia and parts of China.
  • Flavor: Siberian Ginseng typically carries a stronger flavor compared to Korean Ginseng.
  • Usage: While both ginsengs support the immune system, alleviate stress, and enhance overall mood and well-being, only Korean Ginseng is linked to potential blood sugar reduction, treatment of erectile dysfunction, and a decreased risk of specific cancers.

Before adopting any ginseng-based supplement, it’s essential to consult with a healthcare provider to ensure it aligns with your specific health needs.

In Conclusion

The Avicenna Red Korean Ginseng Tablet represents a gateway to exploring the numerous health benefits associated with Korean Ginseng. While this guide provides valuable insights, it does not encompass the full spectrum of potential applications, precautions, side effects, or drug interactions related to ginseng. Individual responses to this herb can vary, underscoring the importance of consulting a healthcare professional to navigate your unique healthcare journey.

Table: Avicenna Red Korean Ginseng Tablet Overview

Attribute Description
Tablet Potency 500 mg
Package Contents 130 Tablets
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Retail Price (Turkey) 400.00 TL

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