Ateroz Film Tablet 10 Mg

Ateroz Tablet, a highly effective film-coated tablet, contains 10 mg of atorvastatin calcium trihydrate as its active ingredient. Belonging to the renowned group of lipid-lowering medications known as statins, Ateroz plays a crucial role in lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood.

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Each Film-Coated Tablet Contains Atorvastatin Calcium Equivalent To 10 Mg Atorvastatine And Titanium Dioxide As A Dye.

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Ateroz Tablet is primarily used when a low-fat diet and lifestyle changes alone are insufficient to bring cholesterol and triglyceride levels within the desired range. Even if your cholesterol levels appear normal, if you have an increased risk of heart disease, it can be an invaluable tool in minimizing this risk.

Throughout the treatment period, it is essential to maintain a standard cholesterol-lowering diet, which complements the benefits of Ateroz Tablet.


To achieve optimal results, it is crucial to adhere to the recommended dosage of Ateroz. The starting dose typically ranges from 10 to 20 mg once daily. In cases where a significant reduction in LDL-C (low-density lipoprotein cholesterol) levels, also known as “bad” cholesterol, is required (more than 45%), a higher dose of 40 mg once daily may be prescribed.

The dosage of Ateroz Tablet can range from 10 to 80 mg once daily, and it can be taken at any time of the day, with or without food. The precise dosage, both at the initiation of treatment and during maintenance, should be tailored to individual patient characteristics and their therapeutic goals.

It is recommended to analyze lipid levels within 2 to 4 weeks of starting or adjusting the dosage of Ateroz Tablet to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved.

Important Interactions

Certain interactions need to be taken into consideration when prescribing Ateroz Tablet. If you are currently taking cyclosporine or HIV protease inhibitors (tipranavir plus ritonavir) or the hepatitis C protease inhibitor (telaprevir), therapy with Ateroz should be avoided. In the case of patients with HIV taking lopinavir plus ritonavir, caution should be exercised, and the lowest necessary dose of Ateroz should be employed.

Similarly, if you are taking clarithromycin, itraconazole, or a combination of saquinavir plus ritonavir, darunavir plus ritonavir, fosamprenavir, or fosamprenavir plus ritonavir, therapy with Ateroz should be limited to 20 mg, and appropriate clinical assessment is recommended to determine the lowest necessary dose. For patients taking HIV protease inhibitor nelfinavir or the hepatitis C protease inhibitor boceprevir, therapy with Ateroz should be limited to 40 mg, and clinical assessment should be conducted to ensure the lowest necessary dose is administered.

Ateroz Tablet 10 Mg Side Effects

As with any medication, Ateroz Tablet may be associated with certain side effects. Commonly reported side effects include headaches, hoarseness, lower back or side pain, pain or tenderness around the eyes and cheekbones, painful or difficult urination, and a stuffy or runny nose. However, it is important to note that not everyone experiences these side effects, and their severity may vary. It is recommended to consult with your doctor if you encounter any side effects while taking Ateroz.

In addition to the aforementioned side effects, there are a few others that have been reported. These include urinary tract infections, insomnia, limb pain, muscle spasms, musculoskeletal pain, myalgia, and nausea. While it is crucial to be aware of these potential side effects, it is important to remember that they may not occur in every individual.

Your Health Comes First

If you have any concerns or questions regarding the use of Ateroz Tablet , it is always advisable to consult with your doctor. They can provide personalized guidance and address any specific concerns you may have. Your doctor’s expertise will ensure that you receive the most appropriate care and guidance throughout your treatment journey.

Remember, taking care of your cholesterol levels and cardiovascular health is a vital step in maintaining overall well-being. Ateroz, coupled with healthy lifestyle choices, can significantly contribute to a healthier and happier life. Take charge of your health, consult with your doctor, and discover how Ateroz can help you achieve optimal cholesterol levels and reduce the risks associated with heart disease.


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