Santafer Ampul

Santafer Ampul emerges as a medicinal beacon, housing the remarkable Iron III Hydroxide Polymaltose Complex as its core. This comprehensive article delves into the depths of Santafer Ampul, encapsulating its essence, uses, dosage, contraindications, precautions, and more.

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100 Mg/2Ml 5X2Ml



Generic Name (Ingredient)

Each 2 Ml Ampoule Contains 322.58 Mg Of Iron Iii Hydroxide Polymorphose Complex Equivalent To 100 Mg Of Elementary Iron.

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At its heart, Santafer Ampul embodies the prowess of Iron III Hydroxide Polymaltose Complex, an active ingredient that ushers in a new era of anemia treatment.


  • Composition: The crux of Santafer Ampul lies in the potent Iron III Hydroxide Polymaltose Complex.
  • Form: Available in sets of 5 ampoules, each containing 2 ml of the medication, Santafer Ampul comes as a packaged remedy.

Anemia Treatment

Santafer Ampul stands as a therapeutic ally, combating anemia spawned by various factors:

  • Impaired Iron Absorption: For cases where iron absorption from the gastrointestinal tract falters.
  • Severe Bleeding: In instances of substantial gastrointestinal bleeding leading to iron deficiency.
  • Post-Stomach Removal: After total or partial stomach removal, addressing iron deficiency and anemia.
  • Oral Iron Tolerance: For individuals unable to tolerate oral iron supplements.
  • Oral Iron Ineffectiveness: When oral iron supplementation proves inadequate.
  • Swift Iron Replenishment: As directed by medical professionals, rapidly restoring iron stores.
  • Erythropoietin (EPO) Therapy: In patients undergoing EPO therapy for chronic kidney failure, irrespective of dialysis dependency.

Dosage and Administration

antafer Ampul is guided by meticulous dosage and administration:

  • Intramuscular Injection: Administered via deep intramuscular injection.
  • Dosage Variability: Tailored to the patient’s age, weight, and medical condition.
  • Childhood Dosages: Children’s dosages are modulated according to age and weight.
  • Maximum Daily Doses for Children:
    • Children up to 5 kg: 0.5 ml (25 mg elemental iron)
    • Children between 5 and 10 kg: 1.0 ml (50 mg elemental iron)


Certain scenarios warrant the exclusion of Santafer Ampul usage:

  • Iron Overload: Individuals with iron overload conditions like hemochromatosis and chronic hemolysis.
  • Hypersensitivity to Iron: Those hypersensitive to iron must avoid Santafer Ampul.
  • Iron Utilization Disorders: Conditions like lead anemia, sideroachrestic anemia, and thalassemia.
  • Joint Inflammation: Progressive chronic joint inflammation.
  • Alcohol Addiction: In cases of alcohol addiction.
  • Parathyroid Hormone Elevation: Uncontrolled elevation of parathyroid hormone.
  • Liver or Kidney Disease: Severe liver or kidney disease.
  • Early Pregnancy: The first three months of pregnancy.
  • Bronchial Asthma: In the presence of bronchial asthma.


While leveraging Santafer Ampul, vigilance and precautions hold significance:

  • Allergic Conditions: Patients with bronchial asthma, low iron-binding capacity, and/or folate deficiency should exercise caution due to potential allergic or anaphylactic reactions.

Side Effects

The labyrinth of side effects associated with Santafer Ampul remains elusive, with information scarce. It’s pivotal to remember that all medications may induce side effects, necessitating a dialogue with healthcare professionals. Any deviations from the ordinary while consuming this medication should be discussed with a doctor or pharmacist.


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