Refcon Double Action Oral Suspension

In the realm of gastrointestinal health, effective solutions for managing discomfort arising from excessive stomach acid are paramount. Refcon Double Action Oral Suspension stands as a dependable ally in this pursuit, offering relief from distressing symptoms such as acid regurgitation, stomach or chest burning sensations, and gastroesophageal reflux. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the composition, mechanism of action, proper usage, and necessary precautions surrounding Refcon Double Action, shedding light on its role in promoting digestive well-being.

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Each 1 Ml Suspension Contains 50, 00 Mg Sodium Alginate, 21, 30 Mg Sodium Bicarbonate And 32, 50 Mg Calcium Carbonate.

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Key Ingredients

At the core of Refcon Double Action Oral Suspension lies a precise blend of active ingredients. Each 1 ml of this suspension comprises 50 mg of sodium alginate, 21.3 mg of sodium bicarbonate, and 32.5 mg of calcium carbonate.

These components work in harmony to address acid-related discomfort effectively. Moreover, Refcon Double Action is thoughtfully formulated with additional excipients, including carbomer 974 P, sodium saccharin, methyl paraben (E218), propyl paraben (E216), peppermint oil, sodium hydroxide, and purified water, ensuring the suspension’s stability and palatability.

Mechanism of Action

Refcon Double Action Oral Suspension employs a novel approach to counteract the effects of excessive stomach acid. Its mechanism of action is primarily physical, avoiding the use of chemical processes.

Upon ingestion, this suspension interacts dynamically with stomach acid. This interaction triggers the formation of a neutral pH gel within the stomach. This gel acts as a mobile barrier, reducing the frequency of acidic stomach contents escaping into the esophagus, a phenomenon known as gastroesophageal reflux. In more severe cases, the protective gel may even pass into the esophagus, effectively insulating the esophageal mucosa from irritation and facilitating the healing process.


Refcon Double Action Oral Suspension is designed for oral consumption, ensuring ease of use for individuals seeking relief from acid-related discomfort. It is conveniently available in 200 ml glass bottles, accompanied by a 15 ml measuring spoon, simplifying precise dosage administration. As with any medication, thorough familiarity with the instructions for use is paramount. Patients are encouraged to peruse these guidelines diligently to maximize the suspension’s benefits. In cases of ambiguity or queries, consulting a healthcare professional, be it a doctor or pharmacist, is advisable.


Ensuring the safe and effective utilization of Refcon Double Action Oral Suspension necessitates adherence to specific precautions. Hypersensitivity to any of the suspension’s ingredients warrants the avoidance of its use.

Additionally, individuals with particular medical conditions require close monitoring and regulation of their treatment. These conditions encompass being on a salt-restricted diet, a history of kidney or heart disease (as certain salts may influence these conditions), an exceptionally low stomach acid level (which may diminish the drug’s efficacy), severe kidney failure, low blood phosphate levels (hypophosphatemia), or a lack of symptomatic improvement after seven days of use.


In conclusion, Refcon Double Action Oral Suspension emerges as a valuable resource in the domain of gastrointestinal health. Its well-balanced composition, physical mechanism of action, and user-friendly administration make it a compelling option for those grappling with acid-related discomfort.

By adhering to the prescribed precautions and guidance, individuals can harness the potential of Refcon Double Action to alleviate symptoms and enhance their digestive well-being. In the pursuit of gastric equilibrium, Refcon Double Action Oral Suspension stands as a steadfast companion, dedicated to promoting comfort and health in the face of acid-related challenges.


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