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In the sphere of healthcare, precision and clarity are the guiding stars. Oligofer Fol Oral Solution, a vital antianemic preparation, holds the promise of alleviating anemia with its unique blend of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). In this comprehensive exploration, we illuminate the key aspects of Oligofer Fol, from its composition and manufacturer to storage recommendations…

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Each 15 Ml Vial Of Active Substance Was 40 Mg. 0.235 Mg (Equivalent To 0.185 Mg Of Folinic Acid) Which Enters The Solution By Suppressing The Iron Proteins In The Succinate And Reservoir Cap Equivalent To Fe3 + (Trivalent Iron). Calcium Folinate Contains Pentahydrate.

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At the heart of Oligofer Fol lies a carefully crafted combination of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). These include:

  1. Iron Protein Succinylate: A specialized form of iron renowned for its efficacy in treating iron deficiency anemia.
  2. Folic Acid: This is a variant of vitamin B9 essential for addressing folic acid deficiency anemia.

The Craftsmanship of ITF ILAC

The origins of a pharmaceutical product often shed light on its quality and reliability. Oligofer Fol is proudly manufactured by ITF ILAC, hailing from the renowned pharmaceutical landscape of Turkey. This origin underscores the commitment to pharmaceutical excellence embedded in the very fabric of this product.


Oligofer Fol comes meticulously packaged in sets of 10 vials, each containing 15 ml of the oral solution. This thoughtful packaging not only ensures precise dosing but also contributes to the product’s ease of use.


For those seeking clarity on dosage, each 15 ml vial of Oligofer Fol Oral Solution boasts a composition of 40 mg of Iron Protein Succinylate, complemented by 0.235 mg of Folic Acid (equivalent to 0.185 mg of folinic acid). This precise formulation empowers healthcare providers to tailor treatments with precision.


Proper storage is paramount to maintaining the efficacy of Oligofer Fol Oral Solution. It should be housed in a controlled environment, safeguarded from temperature extremes, moisture, and light. Importantly, storing the product in the bathroom is discouraged. Furthermore, it should be stored well out of reach from the curious hands of children and the inquisitive noses of pets.

The Duration Conundrum

The duration of treatment with Oligofer Fol Oral Solution is a multifaceted aspect. It hinges on various factors, including the individual’s overall health, the specific condition being addressed, and the response to the medication. As a beacon of prudence, always consult with a healthcare professional to receive personalized recommendations tailored to your unique circumstances.

Side Effects

Like all medications, Iron Protein Succinylate, a central component of Oligofer Fol Oral Solution, can introduce side effects in some individuals. These may encompass mild and transient issues such as constipation, diarrhea, nausea, stomach pain, or vomiting. However, it’s crucial to remember that these side effects typically subside with time.

Notably, this is not an exhaustive catalog of potential side effects, and individual experiences may vary. If any severe or persistent side effects emerge while taking Iron Protein Succinylate, promptly engage with your healthcare provider. Their expertise will guide you on appropriate courses of action and whether any adjustments to your treatment regimen are warranted.


In the domain of pharmaceuticals, precision and clarity serve as guiding stars. Oligofer Fol Oral Solution, with its meticulous formulation and impeccable origins, represents a significant stride in the management of anemia. By adhering to recommended usage guidelines and closely collaborating with healthcare professionals, individuals can navigate their journey toward improved health with confidence, making Oligofer Fol their trusted companion.

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