Cineset Film Tablet 30 Mg

In this comprehensive guide, we navigate the intricate landscape of “Cineset Film Tablet 30 Mg,” a pharmaceutical gem encapsulated in a 30mg film tablet. This medication, manufactured by the esteemed Nobel pharmaceutical company, holds paramount significance in the realm of parathyroid gland-related diseases.

Dosage form

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30 Mg



Generic Name (Ingredient)

Each Tablet Contains 33.06 Mg Of Cinacalcet Hcl Equivalent To 30 Mg Of Cinacallet.

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Cineset emerges as a pharmaceutical beacon, offered in the form of a 30mg film tablet, carefully crafted to address specific medical needs. The custodian of this pharmaceutical masterpiece is Nobel, a reputable name in the world of healthcare. Each box generously houses 28 of these tablets, ensuring an ample supply for patients in need.

Active Ingredient

At the core of Cineset’s efficacy lies its active ingredient, Cinacalcet Hydrochloride. Each tablet boasts the presence of 33.06 mg of Cinacalcet HCl, which harmoniously translates to 30 mg of Cinacalcet. This potent component serves as the driving force behind Cineset’s therapeutic prowess.


Cineset orchestrates its medicinal symphony in the realm of parathyroid glands. Its primary modus operandi involves regulating the levels of parathyroid hormone (PTH), calcium, and phosphorus within the human body. These vital functions occur within the parathyroid glands, four diminutive structures nestled adjacent to the thyroid gland in the neck, dedicated to the production of PTH.

Cineset finds its calling in the following medical domains:

  1. Treatment of Secondary Hyperparathyroidism in Severe Kidney Patients: This noble medication extends its healing touch to individuals requiring dialysis for the elimination of waste products from their bloodstream. Secondary hyperparathyroidism often accompanies severe kidney conditions, and Cineset plays a pivotal role in its management.
  2. Reduction of High Calcium Levels in Parathyroid Cancer Patients: Parathyroid cancer presents a formidable challenge, often resulting in elevated calcium levels within the body. Cineset steps in as a guardian, striving to restore equilibrium by curbing hypercalcemia.
  3. Combatting Hypercalcemia in Primary Hyperparathyroidism: In cases where the removal of the parathyroid gland is not feasible or fails to rectify elevated calcium levels, Cineset emerges as a beacon of hope. Its efficacy in reducing hypercalcemia, a hallmark of primary hyperparathyroidism, shines through.

Primary and secondary hyperparathyroidism share a common thread in the overproduction of PTH. “Primary” signifies that the condition arises independently, devoid of external causative factors, while “secondary” denotes an origin linked to other underlying conditions, such as kidney disease. Both variants of hyperparathyroidism can usher in a slew of complications, including calcium loss from bones, culminating in bone pain, fractures, vascular and cardiac issues, kidney stones, mental health perturbations, and even coma.

Additional Ingredients

In tandem with the active ingredient, Cineset also houses several auxiliary substances. These include:

  • Pre-Gelatinized Starch
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose PH 102
  • L-Hydroxypropyl Cellulose-LH 11
  • Crospovidone (Polyplasdone XL 10)
  • Colloidal Silicon Dioxide
  • Magnesium Stearate

The tablet’s protective coating encompasses:

  • Opadry II Green 32F210000: Comprising Hypromellose, lactose monohydrate, titanium dioxide, macrogol/PEG, indigo carmine, tartrazine (E102), and sunset yellow (E110).
  • Opadry Clear 03F190003: Comprising hypromellose and macrogol/PEG.


Cineset’s journey to medicinal efficacy is embarked upon orally. It is imperative for individuals considering this medication to peruse the usage instructions meticulously and, where doubt persists, seek guidance from a medical practitioner or pharmacist.

Alternatives to Cineset

While Cineset’s active ingredient, Cinacalcet Hydrochloride, is a prominent player in the pharmaceutical arena, alternatives do exist. One such counterpart is “Sensipar,” harnessing the same active ingredient. Sensipar presents itself in the form of oral tablets, available in dosages of 30 mg, 60 mg, and 90 mg.

Medication Active Ingredient Dosage Forms
Cineset Cinacalcet Hydrochloride 30mg film tablet
Sensipar Cinacalcet Hydrochloride Oral tablets (30 mg, 60 mg, 90 mg)

However, it is crucial to recognize that while these medications share a common active ingredient, their formulation, dosage, potential side effects, and cost may differ. A prudent course of action necessitates consultation with a healthcare professional before transitioning between medications or commencing a new one. The expertise of a healthcare provider is invaluable, as it facilitates the most precise and personalized guidance, tailored to an individual’s medical history and current health status. It is paramount to acknowledge that this informational overview is no substitute for professional medical advice.


Concerning the storage of pharmaceuticals, the rule of thumb involves maintaining them at room temperature, shielded from excessive heat and direct exposure to light. Freezing should only occur if expressly stipulated by the packaging or accompanying storage directives. Additionally, all medications should be diligently safeguarded away from the reach of children and pets.

For individuals harboring any reservations or seeking more specific insights into the proper storage of this medication, it is strongly advised to engage in a dialogue with a healthcare professional. These experts are uniquely equipped to offer precise and personalized counsel, taking into account an individual’s health history and current circumstances. It is essential to underscore that this information serves as a supplementary resource and should not supplant the counsel of a qualified medical practitioner.

In Conclusion

In the realm of pharmaceutical solutions, “Cineset Film Tablet 30 Mg” shines as a beacon of hope for those grappling with parathyroid gland-related ailments. Its potency, driven by Cinacalcet Hydrochloride, lends itself to a diverse range of medical conditions. However, in the intricate landscape of pharmaceuticals, alternatives exist, with “Sensipar” emerging as a noteworthy contender.

The efficacy, safety, and appropriateness of these medications hinge upon personalized medical evaluation and guidance. When navigating the complex terrain of pharmaceutical choices, the wise course of action involves.


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