Buslera I.V Infusion Icin Konsantre Solution Iceren Vial

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Buslera 60mg/10ml, a concentrated intravenous infusion solution, boasts busulfan as its active ingredient. This pharmaceutical marvel is primarily employed to prepare the bone marrow before the commencement of bone marrow transplants. In the realm of medications, Buslera belongs to the prestigious class known as “alkylating agents.”

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60 Mg/10Ml



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One Ml Of Concentrated Solution Contains 6 Mg Of Busulfan (60 Mg In 10 Ml). After Dilution: 1 Ml Of Solution Contains 0.5 Mg Of Busulfan.

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Buslera Dosage and Administration

To ensure precise administration, it’s essential to comprehend the dosage and administration of Buslera 60mg/10ml. Each milliliter of this potent solution houses 6 milligrams of busulfan. The formulation is enriched with dimethyleacetamide and polyethylene glycol 400. Remarkably, Buslera finds its utility across diverse age groups, from adults to newborn infants, children, and adolescents. However, the companion medication differs depending on the age bracket.

For adults, it is combined with cyclophosphamide, while newborn infants, children, and adolescents may receive it in conjunction with either cyclophosphamide or melphalan.

Precautions with Precision

As with any pharmaceutical, caution is of utmost importance. Buslera should not be administered to individuals with hypersensitivity to busulfan or any components within Buslera. Pregnant women, or those who suspect they might be pregnant, are also advised to abstain from its usage. Further considerations revolve around patients with liver, renal, heart, or lung disorders, those with a history of seizures, and individuals concurrently taking other medications.

Patients falling into these categories should diligently inform their healthcare provider before embarking on Buslera treatment.

Side Effects

Buslera, being a potent cytostatic medication, induces a profound reduction in blood cell counts when administered at recommended doses. This reduction is indeed the desired effect, meticulously monitored to ensure precision. However, it’s noteworthy that the use of Buslera may elevate the risk of future malignancies. Additionally, individuals may face challenges achieving pregnancy post-busulfan treatment, potentially leading to infertility. Notably, Buslera may induce symptoms akin to menopause and even hinder the onset of puberty in pre-adolescent girls.

Exploring Beyond Bone Marrow Transplants

While Buslera‘s primary role lies in bone marrow transplant preparations, its potential extends beyond this sphere. It stands tall among the esteemed group of alkylating agents. Yet, comprehensive information regarding alternative applications is scarce in my available sources. For deeper insights into these alternative uses, patients are encouraged to engage their healthcare providers.

Seeking Alternatives in Bone Marrow Transplants

Bone marrow transplants, often necessitating stem cell transplantation, cater to a diverse range of patients. Notably, these procedures are crucial for leukemia patients and individuals exposed to high-dose chemotherapy or total body irradiation, which obliterate their bone marrow stem cells. Pediatric cases involving severe combined immunodeficiency, congenital neutropenia, or conditions like thalassemia major, sickle cell disease, and aplastic anemia, also warrant bone marrow transplants.

Various medications play pivotal roles during and after these transplants. Examples include fluconazole, filgrastim, and immune globulin intravenous, which all contribute to the transplant process. In specific cases, anti-thymocyte globulin (ATG) may be employed to manage aplastic anemia or prevent bone marrow transplant rejection.

In Conclusion

In the pharmaceutical realm, Buslera 60mg/10ml emerges as an invaluable asset for the meticulous preparation of bone marrow prior to transplants. The stringent adherence to recommended dosages and precautions, coupled with a vigilant eye on potential side effects, ensures its safe utilization. However, for further inquiries or insights into alternative applications, individuals are strongly encouraged to engage their healthcare professionals.

Amid the realm of bone marrow transplants, numerous medications shine as beacons of hope, illuminating the path toward improved health and vitality.

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