Videma Eye Irrigation Kit

Videma Eye Irrigation Kit emerges as a distinctive offering within the realm of ocular care, casting its luminous presence within the Turkish landscape. This potent product, encased within a 10 ml bottle of eye irrigation solution, encapsulates the commitment to ocular well-being.

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0 10Ml



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Plastic Bottle Containing 10 Ml Dimethicone 5 Pcs Sterile Eye Pad

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An Overture of Clarity: Unveiling Videma Eye Irrigation Kit

Within the borders of Turkey, the Videma Eye Irrigation Kit beckons, a testament to its dedication to ocular rejuvenation. This 100% solution, contained within a 10 ml vessel, stands as a testament to precision and efficacy. The kit assumes a prominent stance within the tapestry of ocular wellness. Its identity is crystallized through a barcode emblazoned as 86814380612011.

Navigating the Realms of Usage

Guided by a commitment to comprehensive information, the contours of Videma Eye Irrigation Kit come to life. A spotlight is cast upon the evolution of its usage, as it encountered a pause on July 27, 2023, initiated by the hand of All One Kozmetik Sanayi Ve Dış Ticaret A.Ş.

The rationale behind this hiatus might lie within the pages of Turkish resources, potentially offering insights into the underlying motivations.

A Glimpse into Availability

The intrigue surrounding the availability of Videma Eye Irrigation Kit unfurls within the scope of Turkey. However, as the pages of this tale unfold, other countries remain veiled behind a curtain of information scarcity.

Traversing the Labyrinth of Side Effects

The path of ocular well-being is adorned with cautionary beacons. The practice of eye irrigation, while harboring benefits, isn’t devoid of potential side effects. WebMD resonates with a resounding note, emphasizing the significance of seeking medical attention if symptoms emerge post-irrigation.

The symptoms encapsulate the canvas of sores in or near the eyes, the veiling of vision in a blurry shroud, the hue of redness within the ocular sphere, or the advent of pain and irritation. The tapestry of side effects broadens within the corridors of, shedding light on the potential for ophthalmic irrigation to catalyze serious side effects.

These shadows encompass the terrain of allergic reactions, such as the emergence of hives, the orchestration of breath becoming an arduous symphony, and the swelling that unfolds upon the face, lips, tongue, or throat. Amidst this spectrum, common side effects extend a gentle touch in the form of headaches or mild eye discomfort.


In the realm of Videma Eye Irrigation Kit, a journey is embarked upon, tracing the contours of ocular care. Within the Turkish expanse, this offering stands poised as a vessel of ocular rejuvenation. A hiatus in usage casts its enigmatic shadow, awaiting illumination from Turkish sources. As with any endeavor in the realm of wellness, the embrace of caution is paramount.

Side effects carve a nuanced narrative, emphasizing the importance of vigilance in the aftermath of ocular irrigation. Amidst the shadows and light, Videma Eye Irrigation Kit takes its place as a noteworthy protagonist in the pursuit of ocular well-being.


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