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Allergies, particularly those triggered by a broad spectrum of allergens like house dust mites, mold, and animal epithelium, can severely impact one’s quality of life. Novo-Helisen Depot, a well-established treatment option, offers a ray of hope to allergic individuals. In this comprehensive guide, we explore its benefits, composition, availability, and potential side effects. If you…

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Novo-Helisen Depot isn’t just a treatment; it’s a lifeline for those ensnared by allergies. Let’s begin by understanding its core attributes:


The impact of Novo-Helisen Depot on patients’ lives is profound. Here’s why it stands out:

  • Enhanced Quality of Life: Novo-Helisen Depot doesn’t just manage allergies; it elevates the quality of life for patients. From the very first year of treatment, clinical improvements become evident.
  • Pediatric Promise: Allergic rhinitis and asthma can be particularly challenging for children and adolescents. Novo-Helisen Depot steps in as a potent ally, significantly reducing symptoms in this vulnerable group.


At the heart of Novo-Helisen Depot lies a potent blend of natural allergens. These allergens, derived from a variety of sources, include:

  • Pollens: Common culprits in seasonal allergies.
  • House Dust Mites: A major trigger for indoor allergies.
  • Animal Epithelial Feathers: Addressing allergies induced by pets.
  • Fungi: Combatting mold-related allergies.
  • Foods: Tackling food-related allergens.


The availability of Novo-Helisen Depot in pharmacies ensures that relief is within reach.. This accessibility ensures that individuals sensitive to a wide array of allergens can consider this treatment option.

Side Effects

No medical journey is devoid of potential side effects. Novo-Helisen Depot is no exception. These side effects can range from mild local reactions to severe generalized responses, with rare cases posing a risk of fatality. It’s crucial to remember that while these side effects are potential risks, they are by no means guaranteed. Consulting a healthcare professional is essential to gauge the suitability of Novo-Helisen Depot for individual cases.

Time to Results

The journey to relief begins promptly with Novo-Helisen Depot. Patients typically witness clinical improvements within the first year of treatment. However, the exact duration can vary based on an individual’s unique response to the therapy. As always, personalized guidance from healthcare professionals is paramount.

Comparing Novo-Helisen Depot with Alternatives

Novo-Helisen Depot represents a specific type of allergen immunotherapy (AIT) designed to combat allergies holistically. It distinguishes itself by encompassing a wide range of allergens and demonstrating rapid clinical improvements.

In comparison, alternative AIT options include subcutaneous immunotherapy (SCIT) and sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT). SCIT involves the administration of allergen extracts to foster clinical tolerance to allergens that trigger symptoms in allergic individuals. SLIT, on the other hand, introduces allergens under the tongue.

While all these AIT forms have proven efficacy in managing allergies, they differ in administration methods, side effect profiles, and potentially, effectiveness. Some studies suggest that AIT might modify the course of allergic diseases by reducing the risk of developing new allergic sensitizations.

However, the choice between Novo-Helisen Depot and other allergy treatments should be a collaborative decision between patients and healthcare professionals, taking into account individual needs and circumstances.

In Conclusion

Novo-Helisen Depot emerges as a potent ally in the battle against allergies, particularly for those sensitive to a wide array of allergens. Its capacity to enhance the quality of life from the very first year of treatment is a testament to its effectiveness. However, the path to relief should always be navigated under the vigilant guidance of healthcare professionals.

Table: Navigating Novo-Helisen Depot

Aspect Details
Product Novo-Helisen Depot
Benefits Enhanced quality of life, pediatric promise
Composition Natural allergens from various sources
Availability Pharmacies
Retail Price January 10, 2023 – 6332.58 TL
Potential Side Effects Range from mild to severe, consult healthcare professionals
Time to Results Clinical improvements typically within the first year
Comparison with Alternatives SCIT and SLIT options available, choose with healthcare professional guidance

In the realm of allergy management, Novo-Helisen Depot shines as a beacon of hope. Its unique blend of allergens and swift clinical improvements make it a compelling choice. However, the decision to embark on this journey should be a well-informed one, guided by healthcare expertise


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