Notroserb Im/Iv Injection Solution Iceren Ampul

Notroserb IM/IV Injection Solution Iceren Ampul is a pharmaceutical marvel, harnessing the cognitive-enhancing prowess of Piracetam. This medication, encapsulated in each ampule, empowers individuals to optimize cognitive function. Let’s dive into the depths of its applications and benefits.

Dosage form

Pack size


1 G/5Ml 12X5Ml



Generic Name (Ingredient)

In 5 Ml Notroserb Bulb: Piracetam 1 G

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The versatility of Piracetam, the dynamic core of Notroserb, extends to a range of therapeutic applications:

1. Psycho-Organic Syndromes

Psycho-organic syndromes encompass a spectrum of conditions marked by memory impairment, attention deficits, and diminished driving ability. Piracetam has shown promise in mitigating these challenges, offering improved cognitive clarity.

2. Cortical Myoclonus

Cortical myoclonus manifests as abrupt, involuntary muscle contractions affecting one or more limbs or the torso. Piracetam plays a pivotal role in managing this condition, reducing the frequency and severity of myoclonic episodes.

3. Dizziness and Balance Disorders

Except when stemming from vasomotor or psychic origins, Piracetam demonstrates efficacy in addressing dizziness and associated balance disturbances. It aids individuals in regaining equilibrium and stability.

4. Dyslexia

In children aged 8 and older, Piracetam complements traditional approaches like speech therapy to combat dyslexia, a condition characterized by reading and writing difficulties. It promotes enhanced cognitive processing, facilitating improved language skills.

Notroserb Administration

Notroserb IM/IV Injection Solution Iceren Ampul is administered via intravenous infusion, ensuring rapid and efficient delivery of Piracetam into the bloodstream. Precise dosage and administration instructions should be strictly adhered to under the guidance of a healthcare professional.


The dosage of Piracetam varies based on the specific condition being treated:

Condition Dosage and Administration
Vertigo in Adults 2.4-4.8 grams daily in 2-3 divided doses via injection over several minutes or continuous infusion over a 24-hour period.
Cortical Myoclonus in Adults Initially, 7.2 grams daily in 2 or 3 divided doses, then increased by 4.8 grams every 3-4 days. Maximum: 24 grams daily in 2-3 divided doses.
Cognitive Impairment in Adults Dose range: 1.2-4.8 grams daily in 2-4 divided doses via injection over several minutes or continuous infusion over a 24-hour period.


Piracetam, the core component of Notroserb, presents a host of cognitive benefits:

  • Enhanced Cognitive Function: Piracetam is renowned for its ability to optimize cognitive performance without the side effects of sedation or stimulation.
  • Memory Improvement: It contributes to memory enhancement, particularly in individuals grappling with memory-related challenges.
  • Improved Attention and Focus: Piracetam enhances attention span and concentration, fostering mental clarity.


Certain precautions must be observed when considering the use of Notroserb:

  • Allergic Reactions: If you are allergic to Piracetam or any pyrrolidone derivatives or any auxiliary substances present in the medication, refrain from its use.
  • Brain Hemorrhage: Individuals with a history of brain hemorrhage should avoid using Piracetam.
  • End-Stage Kidney Disease: Notroserb is contraindicated for individuals with end-stage kidney disease.
  • Huntington’s Chorea: Avoid using Piracetam if you have Huntington’s Chorea.
  • Bleeding Risk: In cases of underlying bleeding disorders, heightened bleeding risk due to a specific disease, prior brain hemorrhage, use of anticoagulant drugs (including low-dose aspirin), or a history of severe bleeding and major surgical interventions, Piracetam should be administered with caution due to its potential to prolong bleeding time.

Mechanism of Action

Piracetam is believed to enhance cellular and vascular membrane fluidity, optimizing cellular function. It counteracts the stiffening of cell membranes associated with aging and certain medical conditions, ensuring optimal cellular performance.

Onset of Action

Piracetam exerts its effects rapidly following administration. It is hailed as the pioneering nootropic drug, engineered to enhance memory, learning, and cognitive functions with unprecedented swiftness.


Notroserb IM/IV Injection Solution Iceren Ampul (Piracetam 1g) stands as a beacon of hope for individuals grappling with cognitive challenges. However, it is imperative to approach its usage under the vigilant guidance of a healthcare professional. As with any medication, potential side effects should be closely monitored. Unlock the door to enhanced cognitive function with the aid of Piracetam and embark on a journey towards mental clarity and acumen.


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