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Noskar Gel, a renowned cream available both over-the-counter and by prescription, comes enclosed in a 100-gram aluminum tube. This cream, a beacon of promise, is revered as a top-tier solution for achieving impeccable skin.

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100 Grams Of Gel; 10 G Of Onion Extract (Allium Cepa), 0.028 G (5000 Iu) Heparin Sodium, 1 G Of Allantoin.

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Within the confines of Noskar Gel, a symphony of ingredients weaves the tapestry of excellence. Active components such as onion extract (Allium cepa), Heparin, and Allantoin converge, orchestrating a dance of transformation on the canvas of the skin. This symphony’s notes resonate with the power to bid farewell to scars, burns, spots, acne scars, and fissures on the skin.

Heparin sodium, an architect of improved blood circulation beneath the skin, nurtures cells, kindling rapid repair and rejuvenation. Allantoin, a gift from nature found in snails’ repertoire to mend their shells, finds its purpose as a cell regenerator and spot remover in this efficacious cream.


Noskar Gel dons a cloak of versatility, embracing a spectrum of skin dilemmas under its wing. Its prowess is most resonant in addressing the following skin quandaries:

  • Scar treatment
  • Easing of bruises, inflammation, and injuries stemming from trauma
  • Vanishing act for acne scars and the abyss of deep acne scars
  • Minimization of surgical scars’ appearance
  • A remedy for stitch marks
  • Liberation from the clutches of visually perturbing scar tissue following surgeries, burns, or accidents
  • An ally in toning, lightening the skin’s complexion
  • A warrior against Dupuytren’s contracture, a condition tethering fingers to the palm and restricting mobility
  • Relief for conditions catalyzing muscle tendons or muscles shortening post-trauma1.


The script of Noskar Gel unfurls a ritual for optimal results. As the first step, cleanse the skin, paving the way for the cream’s embrace by sweeping away dirt, makeup remnants, sebum, and impurities, thus unveiling the pores’ canvas.

A gentle massage ushers a thin layer of the cream onto the skin, harmonizing absorption and invigorating blood circulation. As the night unfolds, the cream becomes a companion, staying in place till dawn’s light. With morning’s touch, the cream yields its space, making way for a light moisturizer and preferably a sunscreen.

Side Effects

In the odyssey of skin’s transformation, the realm of side effects comes to the forefront, a testament to the sensitivity that varies from one individual to another. The texture of Noskar Gel, fashioned to renew cells through repair rather than peeling, stands poised to avoid severe allergic reactions on normal skin. However, for sensitive souls, a spectrum of sensations may manifest:

  • A tingling or burning sensation
  • Drying and cracking of the skin
  • Skin thinning2

The pages of caution turn with a reminder: those allergic to any of the cream’s components should tread carefully. Moreover, a conversation with one’s medical history is essential, a beacon of awareness against possible exacerbation of existing conditions such as psoriasis or eczema.

Role on the Face

Noskar Gel, a beacon of hope for skin’s canvas, unveils its prowess on the face. As the sun sets and the day’s burdens fade, the cream emerges as a blemish’s adversary and a skin spot’s nemesis. The ritual finds its melody—cleanse, embrace, massage, sleep, cleanse again, moisturize, and shield against the sun’s touch.

Yet, the refrain echoes once more: tread with caution if allergies lurk, and conversations with a healthcare custodian become pivotal.


In the symphony of skincare, Noskar Gel plays its role—a healer, a transformer, and a companion to many. The stage it graces offers solace to myriad skin dilemmas. Yet, as the curtain falls, the chorus of caution remains—the sensitivity that dances within, the importance of history’s dialogue, and the embrace of the medical sage.

The journey finds its closure—a tale where beauty meets prudence, a tapestry of remedies and revelations

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