Excipial Lipo Emulsiyon

In the quest for radiant and well-nourished skin, Excipial Lipo emerges as a star player. This specialized emulsion is tailored to address the challenges of dryness and moisture loss, offering the benefits of skin-softening oils. Dive into our comprehensive guide to Excipial Lipo and unveil the secret to a healthier, more vibrant complexion.

Dosage form

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%4 200Ml



Generic Name (Ingredient)

Active Substance: Each 200 Ml Emulsion Contains 8 Grams Of Urea.

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Ingredient: Urea (Carbamide)

At the heart of Excipial Lipo lies the magic ingredient, Urea, also known as Carbamide. This powerful compound, present at a concentration of 1 mg per 40 g of emulsion, is a game-changer for your skin. Its unique formula is designed to bolster your skin’s natural moisture barrier, combating dryness and loss of moisture effectively.

The Science Behind Excipial Lipo

Excipial Lipo is not just another skincare product; it’s a carefully formulated emulsion designed to rejuvenate your skin. Packed with skin-loving oils, it possesses remarkable skin-softening properties that work wonders. This emulsion’s active ingredient, Urea, penetrates deep into your skin, helping it retain moisture and regain its natural suppleness.


Using Excipial Lipo is as easy as it is effective. Simply apply the product 2-3 times a day to the affected areas. For the best results, continue this regimen for six weeks. However, if your symptoms persist or worsen during this period, don’t hesitate to consult your healthcare provider. Your skin’s health is worth every effort.

Excipial Lipo vs. Excipial Hydro: Decoding the Differences

While both Excipial Lipo and Excipial Hydro are skincare superheroes, they cater to distinct skin needs. Let’s explore the differences:

  • Excipial Lipo: Tailored to combat dryness and moisture loss, it enriches your skin’s natural moisture barrier, providing deep nourishment for a healthier appearance.
  • Excipial Hydro: This lighter gel formula is ideal for oily and combination skin types. It offers deep moisturization without the greasy feel, making it perfect for those concerned about clogged pores.

Both products are designed to provide the utmost care for your skin, and the choice between them depends on your specific skin type and needs.

Side Effects

Like any skincare product, Excipial Lipo may have side effects, although they are rare. These effects are more likely to occur in individuals hypersensitive to the product’s ingredients. Potential side effects include:

  • Itchy skin
  • Acne
  • Skin irritation
  • Skin peeling

While these side effects are uncommon, it’s essential to follow the recommended usage guidelines and consult your healthcare provider if you experience any adverse reactions or have concerns.

Suitable for All Skin Types

Excipial Lipo’s versatility shines through. While it’s primarily formulated for individuals with dry skin, those with oily skin can also benefit from its nourishing properties. It’s a testament to its gentle yet effective formula that caters to a wide range of skin types.


In conclusion, Excipial Lipo stands as a hope for those battling skin dryness and moisture loss. Its exceptional blend, featuring Urea (Carbamide), offers a revitalizing solution to support your skin’s natural moisture barrier. Whether you have dry or oily skin, its versatility ensures that everyone can enjoy its benefits


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