Devapen 800 I.M. Vial

Devapen 800 I.M. Vial emerges as a beacon of hope in the realm of medical intervention, dedicated to combatting grave infections fueled by penicillin-sensitive microorganisms. This formidable antibiotic hails as an injectable medication, designed to swiftly engage with the challenges posed by serious infections.

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The Equivalent Of 200, 000 Iu / Vial, 125 Mg Potassium Penicillin G And 600, 000 Iu / Vial Equivalent To 600 Mg Procain Penicillin G Contains.

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At its core, Devapen 800 I.M. Vial encapsulates a combination of elements, each contributing to its potency and efficacy. Within its formulation rests the equivalent of 200,000 IU/vial and 600,000 IU/vial, mirroring the strengths of 125 mg potassium penicillin G and 600 mg Procain penicillin G respectively.

Addressing Severe Infections

In the arena of medical treatment, the tale of Devapen 800 I.M. Vial unfolds as a beacon of assistance in dire circumstances. When the battle against grave infections takes center stage, and the adversaries are penicillin-sensitive microorganisms, this medication emerges as a tool of empowerment.

Precautions and Prerequisites

Before embarking on the Devapen 800 I.M. Vial journey, a symphony of prudence unfurls. The overture stands as the reading of instructions—an act of careful understanding. The consultation with your physician or pharmacist holds its place in this saga, a pathway for illumination in the face of uncertainties. A gentle reminder graces the canvas—Devapen 800 I.M. Vial is a guardian for personal use, a realm meant to be unshared.

Within the folds of medical treatments and hospital sojourns, communication emerges as a guiding star, its light illuminating the path towards informed choices. The boundary of the recommended dosage unfurls as a map—a map to be followed, not exceeded1.

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

In the chapters of life’s journey encompassing pregnancy, the aura of Devapen 800 I.M. Vial becomes a question mark, seeking clarity through the lens of medical guidance. An alliance between you and your physician emerges as a compass, steering the ship towards the shores of safety and informed decisions. Should the path of pregnancy intersect with Devapen 800 I.M. Vial, the call to action echoes—inform your doctor or pharmacist immediately, unfurling the tapestry of responsive care.

In the dance of breastfeeding, another query surfaces, met with the same counsel—a conversation with your physician. A melody of discernment, weaving safety with nourishment.

Side Effects

As the curtain rises on the stage of effects, a universal truth unfolds—like all medications, Devapen 800 I.M. Vial holds the potential to orchestrate a symphony of side effects. Within this realm, the compass points towards attentive reading, the echoes of physician or pharmacist consultation, and the embracing of vigilance.

As you traverse this realm, a communication channel emerges—should the tendrils of side effects touch your journey, your physician or pharmacist beckon as the guiding torchbearers.


Devapen 800 I.M. Vial takes center stage, an agent of transformation delivered through the art of injection. The choreography of administration stands as a collaboration with your physician or pharmacist, the conductors of this symphony. With precision and care, the instructions are to be followed, becoming the notes that harmonize healing.


The symphony of dosage unfurls in chapters, a story written in the language of care. For adults, the tale takes shape—0.6-3.6 g daily in 4-6 divided doses, carried by IM, slow IV injection, or infusion. In the realm of serious infections, higher doses may ascend, an acknowledgment of the gravity of the battle.

Patient Group Dosage
Adults 0.6-3.6 g daily in 4-6 divided doses
(IM, slow IV injection, or infusion)
Higher doses for serious infections may be required

The journey of IV doses greater than 1.2 g proceeds under the gaze of caution—a rate of not more than 300 mg/min, a dance of measured pace.

For children, a crescendo of variation emerges:

  • Newborn infants: 50 mg/kg daily in 2 divided doses
  • 1-4 weeks: 75 mg/kg daily in 3 divided doses
  • Over 1 month to 12 years: 100 mg/kg daily in 4 divided doses

This symphony of dosage is directed by the hands of your physician or pharmacist, their wisdom unfurling in measured steps.


As the final curtain descends on this exploration of Devapen 800 I.M. Vial, a harmonious note resounds. Within the realm of this medication resides not only a potent agent of healing but also a tapestry woven with caution and care.In the symphony of medical intervention, the dance with Devapen 800 I.M. Vial unfurls, guided by the hands of your healthcare custodians, your physicians, and pharmacists.


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