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Chenofalk is a potent and natural bile acid that offers an effective alternative to surgical intervention for treating gallstones. This article delves into its treatment duration, availability, and potential side effects. Learn more about this remarkable medication that can assist in dissolving cholesterol-based gallstones, providing relief to patients seeking non-invasive solutions.

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250 Mg



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Each Capsule Contains 250 Mg Of Chenodeoxycholic Acid. (Capsule Dyestuff: Fdc Red 3, Tartrazine, Titanium Dioxide).

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How Chenofalk Works

enofalk operates by effectively decreasing cholesterol levels in the bile. Its role in controlling cholesterol concentration within the bloodstream is crucial for its therapeutic effect. By diminishing cholesterol levels, Chenofalk aids in dissolving gallstones that primarily consist of cholesterol, resulting in their gradual disappearance.

Treatment Duration

The treatment duration for gallstone dissolution with Chenofalk typically ranges between 3 to 18 months. During this period, the progress of the treatment is regularly evaluated through ultrasound or X-ray examinations. By monitoring the dissolution of gallstones, healthcare professionals can assess the effectiveness of the treatment and make any necessary adjustments.

Post-Treatment Considerations

Even after the disappearance of gallstones, it may be prudent to continue the drug treatment with Chenofalk to prevent their recurrence. The sustained use of the medication ensures that the dissolved gallstones do not reform, providing long-term relief and reducing the need for further medical intervention.

Other Names for Chenofalk: Chenodiol, Chenic Acid, and CDCAChenofa

lk is known by various names in the medical community. Some alternative names for Chenofalk include Chenodiol, Chenic Acid, and CDCA. These names are often used interchangeably in medical literature, research, and discussions, but they all refer to the same potent bile acid used for treating gallstones.


Chenofalk is conveniently available in capsule form, with each capsule containing 250 mg of chenodiol. This formulation ensures precise dosage administration and ease of consumption. Tramedico BV is the trusted manufacturer and supplier of Chenofalk capsules, providing a reliable source for this essential medication.

Side Effects: Temporary and Manageable

While using Chenofalk, certain side effects may arise, but most of them are temporary and do not necessitate immediate medical attention. As the body adjusts to the medication during the treatment phase, these side effects tend to diminish. Additionally, healthcare professionals can provide guidance on reducing or preventing these side effects, ensuring a smoother treatment experience.


Chenofalk, a remarkable bile acid medication, offers a non-surgical approach to treating gallstones. By reducing cholesterol levels in the bile, it aids in dissolving cholesterol-based gallstones over a period of several months. With continued treatment and monitoring, the recurrence of gallstones can be prevented effectively. it is, available in capsule form, is a reliable option for patients seeking an alternative to surgery. While temporary side effects may occur, healthcare professionals can guide patients in managing them. Embrace the potential of it and discover a natural solution to gallstone treatment.

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  1. Hannes

    im from south africa i have been diagnosed with ctx i see on a youtube video they use this chenofalk tablets how can i get this tablets

    • WikiKenko - Health Encyclopedia

      Medical Guidance Center

      Hello Hannes, this is WikiKenko.

      I’m sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Chenofalk is a medication used to treat gallstones and is available in some countries. However, we couldn’t find information about the availability of specific medications in South Africa. It would be best to consult with your doctor or a local pharmacist for information on how to obtain this medication in your country. They will be able to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information on its availability and how to obtain it.

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