Broksin Syrup

Broksin Syrup stands as a definitive remedy for the trio of congestion, cough, and airway irritation, often stemming from colds, flu, or hay fever. This medication, recognized for its efficacy, extends its therapeutic reach to address various other conditions, guided by clinical judgment. Combining the roles of a decongestant and an expectorant, Broksin Syrup orchestrates…

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Every 5 Cc; Guaifenesin 100 Mg Ephedrine Hcl 6.66 Mg

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At the heart of Broksin Syrup’s therapeutic cadence resides a tandem of constituents—guaifenesin and ephedrine hydrochloride. The former, a celebrated expectorant, unshackles mucus entrenched within the airways, thereby fostering an environment of liberation.

The latter, a venerable decongestant, embarks on a journey of constriction, tempering the expansive vessels coursing within nasal passages while curbing the inflammatory swell that daunts them.


Broksin Syrup’s healing embrace reaches far and wide, enfolding a diverse spectrum of respiratory maladies. From bronchial asthma to chronic bronchitis, from the clutches of emphysema to the realm of tracheitis, this elixir extends its care to bronchiectasis, laryngitis, whooping cough, and the throes of dry coughs. Additionally, its solace extends to those marred by the discomforts of smoking-induced irritation.

Within its containment resides a sanctuary against these tribulations, a bastion of respite for the ailing airways.


The administration of Broksin Syrup reverberates with a symphony of precision, guided by the watchful counsel of medical practitioners. The label unfolds the script of precise dosing instructions, a beacon for those embarking on this therapeutic journey. Whether imbibed with or without sustenance, the elixir’s potency remains unswayed. Yet, in homage to medical counsel, it beckons to be taken alongside a brimming glass of water.

The covenants of measurement are upheld by the vessel dedicated to dosing, an arbiter of exactitude. A missed dose encounters redemption in swift action, an immediate embrace of the absent dosage. However, this sojourn is coupled with the injunction to not double doses, ensuring the symphony of dosage remains unwaveringly composed.

Side Effects

As a pharmaceutical emissary, Broksin Syrup carries forth a chapter that mirrors the nuances of all medicinal encounters. The tableau of common side effects unfurls—nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach discomfort, headaches, the ephemeral touch of a rash, tremors, and the crescendo of an accelerated heart rate. Yet, the sanctuary of medical guidance stands poised to alleviate these echoes, should they persist or amplify.


Within the enclave of availability, Broksin Syrup finds its sanctum within Turkey. The stewardship of Tripharma İlaç Sanayi ve Tic. A.Ş. presides over this realm, offering the elixir in the embrace of 150 cc colored glass bottles—a vessel of containment and promise.


The narrative of Broksin Syrup reverberates with the solemnity of precautions—each an emblem of safeguarding and vigilance. Allergies occupy a prominent role within this dialogue, bearing witness to the patient’s proclivity for allergic reactions to any of the elixir’s constituents. The stage broadens to accommodate medical history—a chronicle of heart disease, elevated blood pressure, the dominion of liver or kidney ailments, or the expanse of asthma.

The narrative’s reach extends to encompass concurrent medications—a symphony of prescription and non-prescription entities, supplements, and the realm of herbal philtres. The final act of this script heralds the sagas of pregnancy and breastfeeding, urging dialogue with medical custodians to fathom the nexus of safety.


As the annals of Broksin Syrup unfold, the crescendo of prudence and engaged alliance resonates. Within its folds, the proclamation is fervent—a testament to adherence, a covenant to wellness’s orchestration through vigilance and sagacity. It is within this alliance that the promise of Broksin Syrup is unveiled—an ally in the fight against respiratory tribulations, a bastion of solace against the cacophony of congestion, cough, and irritation.

The conclusion emerges—a tribute to the rhythm of safety, the pursuit of well-being, and the cadence of alliance with medical counsel. In the realm of Broksin Syrup, the crescendo of wellness finds its resonance, a harmonious echo etched within each dosage, each breath, each endeavor toward safeguarding and engagement.


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